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Release Date 7/30/2020

Animal Companions - Advanced Options [1]


Animal Companions - Specialized Options [4]

Deep Diver, Steadfast Strider, Wildfire Scorcher, Wind Chaser

Archetypes [1]

Bright Lion

Deities [3]

Chohar, Luhar, Tlehar

Equipment [50]

Addiction Suppressant, Addiction Suppressant (Greater), Addiction Suppressant (Lesser), Addiction Suppressant (Major), Addiction Suppressant (Moderate), Alchemical Atomizer, Applereed Mutagen, Applereed Mutagen (Greater), Applereed Mutagen (Lesser), Applereed Mutagen (Moderate), Blade of the Black Soverign, Celestial Peach, Celestial Peach (Life), Celestial Peach (Rejuventation), Clockwork Recorder, Deepdread Claw, Diluted Hype, Fiendish Teleportation, High-Grade Sovereign Steel Armor, High-Grade Sovereign Steel Object, High-Grade Sovereign Steel Weapon, Honeyscent, Hype, Infernal Health, Lovers' Ink, Mountain to the Sky, Palm Crossbow, Plasma Hype, Ruby String, Sovereign Steel, Sovereign Steel Armor, Sovereign Steel Chunk, Sovereign Steel Ingot, Sovereign Steel Weapon, Standard-Grade Sovereign Steel Armor, Standard-Grade Sovereign Steel Object, Standard-Grade Sovereign Steel Weapon, Starshot Arrow, Starshot Arrow (Greater), Starshot Arrow (Lesser), Sun Orchid Poultice, Swamp Lily Quilt, Unending Youth, Vaccine, Vaccine (Greater), Vaccine (Lesser), Vaccine (Major), Vaccine (Minor), Vaccine (Moderate), Vestige Lenses

Feats [18]

Achaekek's Grip, Artokus's Fire, Azaersi's Roads, Bright Lion Dedication, Elude the Divine, Fading, Flamboyant Cruelty, Janatimo's Secret Lesson, Medical Researcher, Paragon Battle Medicine, Prayer Attack, Rescuer's Press, Shall Not Falter, Shall Not Rout, Sun's Fury, Vernai Training, Vigil's Walls Rise Anew!, Warding Light, Wish Alchemy

Lessons [1]

Lesson of the Frozen Queen

Patron Themes [1]

Baba Yaga

Spells [9]

Achaekek's Clutch, All is One, One is All, Aromatic Lure, Glacial Heart, Halcyon Infusion, Rebounding Barrier, Shall Not Falter, Shall Not Rout, Spirit Object, Sun's Fury

Traits [1]

Contract (Equipment)