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NameGroupRelease Date
Pathfinder #178: Punks in a PowderkegOutlaws of Alkenstar4/27/2022
Pathfinder #177: Burning TundraQuest for the Frozen Flame3/30/2022
Pathfinder #174: Shadows of the AncientsStrength of Thousands3/30/2022
Outlaws of Alkenstar Player's GuideOutlaws of Alkenstar3/28/2022
Pathfinder #176: Lost Mammoth ValleyQuest for the Frozen Flame2/23/2022
Pathfinder #175: Broken Tusk MoonQuest for the Frozen Flame1/26/2022
Quest for the Frozen Flame Player's GuideQuest for the Frozen Flame12/20/2021
Pathfinder #173: Doorway to the Red StarStrength of Thousands11/10/2021
Pathfinder #172: Secrets of the Temple CityStrength of Thousands10/13/2021
Pathfinder #171: Hurricane's HowlStrength of Thousands10/13/2021
Pathfinder #170: Spoken on the Song WindStrength of Thousands9/1/2021
Pathfinder #169: Kindled MagicStrength of Thousands8/5/2021
Strength of Thousands Player's GuideStrength of Thousands7/26/2021
Pathfinder #168: King of the MountainFists of the Ruby Phoenix7/7/2021
Pathfinder #167: Ready? Fight!Fists of the Ruby Phoenix7/7/2021
Pathfinder #166: Despair on Danger IslandFists of the Ruby Phoenix7/7/2021
Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Player's GuideFists of the Ruby Phoenix4/12/2021
Pathfinder #165: Eyes of Empty DeathAbomination Vaults4/7/2021
Pathfinder #164: Hands of the DevilAbomination Vaults2/24/2021
Pathfinder #163: Ruins of GauntlightAbomination Vaults1/15/2021
Abomination Vaults Player's GuideAbomination Vaults1/15/2021
Pathfinder #162: Ruins of the Radiant SiegeAgents of Edgewatch12/15/2020
Pathfinder #161: Belly of the Black WhaleAgents of Edgewatch11/15/2020
Pathfinder #160: Assault on Hunting Lodge SevenAgents of Edgewatch10/14/2020
Pathfinder #159: All or NothingAgents of Edgewatch9/15/2020
Pathfinder #158: Sixty Feet UnderAgents of Edgewatch8/26/2020
Pathfinder #157: Devil at the Dreaming PalaceAgents of Edgewatch7/30/2020
Agents of Edgewatch Player's GuideAgents of Edgewatch7/8/2020
Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse ProphetExtinction Curse6/24/2020
Pathfinder #155: Lord of the Black SandsExtinction Curse5/27/2020
Pathfinder #154: Siege of the DinosaursExtinction Curse4/29/2020
Pathfinder #153: Life's Long ShadowExtinction Curse3/26/2020
Pathfinder #152: Legacy of the Lost GodExtinction Curse2/26/2020
Pathfinder #151: The Show Must Go OnExtinction Curse1/30/2020
Extinction Curse Player's GuideExtinction Curse1/13/2020
Pathfinder #150: Broken PromisesAge of Ashes12/12/2019
Pathfinder #149: Against the Scarlet TriadAge of Ashes11/13/2019
Pathfinder #148: Fires of the Haunted CityAge of Ashes10/16/2019
Pathfinder #147: Tomorrow Must BurnAge of Ashes9/18/2019
Pathfinder #146: Cult of CindersAge of Ashes9/1/2019
Pathfinder #145: Hellknight HillAge of Ashes8/1/2019
Age of Ashes Player's GuideAge of Ashes8/1/2019