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Fleshwarp Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Fleshwarp, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAberration Kinship1FleshwarpYour mind resonates with the inscrutable thought processes that inhuman aberrations use to communicate.
PFS StandardDeepvision1FleshwarpYour vision is suited for night or the underground.
PFS StandardLiving Weapon1FleshwarpYou've learned to use part of your form as a weapon.
PFS StandardStartling Appearance (Fleshwarp)1FleshwarpYour appearance is enough to frighten without words.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Fleshwarp, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardFinned Ridges5FleshwarpThe ridges and flaps of your skin steer you through the water.
PFS StandardGaping Flesh5FleshwarpYour wound yawns open, appalling your attacker.
PFS StandardMutate Weapon5FleshwarpLiving WeaponSelect one unarmed attack you gained with Living Weapon.
PFS StandardPowerful Guts5FleshwarpYour stomach is particularly durable.
PFS StandardUncanny Awareness5FleshwarpYou have a keen sense of movement around you.
PFS StandardCaptivating Curosity9FleshwarpYou can snare the attentions of onlookers with your unique appearance.
PFS StandardCoating of Slime9FleshwarpAn acidic ooze coats your limbs.
PFS StandardEerie Compression9FleshwarpYour limbs and even your torso can collapse in on themselves, allowing you to fit through tight spaces as though you were a Small creature.
PFS StandardGripping Limbs9FleshwarpNodules, hooks, or claws on your limbs allow you to cling to surfaces with ease.
PFS StandardSlip the Grasp9Fleshwarp, FlourishYou have some feature that allows you to quickly evade effects that restrain you.
PFS StandardAugment Senses13FleshwarpYou open vestigial eyes, unfurl tympanic flaps of skin, or otherwise enhance your senses.
PFS StandardSpew Tentacles13FleshwarpYou can open your mouth to an immense size and spew forth an impossibly large field of tentacles.