General Hazards | Adventure-Specific Hazards


Source Core Rulebook pg. 520 3.0
Dungeons are rife with devious traps meant to protect the treasures within. These range from mechanical devices that shoot darts or drop heavy blocks to magic runes that explode into bursts of flame. In addition to traps, adventurers may stumble into other types of hazards, including naturally occurring environmental hazards, mysterious hauntings, and more.

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Locking Door-1Simple
Mirror Door-1Simple
Phantom Footsteps-1Simple
Shuffling Hall-1Simple
Blood-Soaked Soil0Simple
Confounding Portal0Simple
Disembodied Voices0Simple
Hidden Pit0Simple
Cold Spot1Simple
Disorienting Illusions1Simple
Hampering Web1Simple
Poisoned Lock1Simple
Reflected Desires1Simple
Shattered Window1Simple
Slamming Door1Simple
Summoning Rune1Complex
Bloodthirsty Toy2Simple
Brown Mold2Simple
Entomed Spirit2Complex
Shrinking Hall2Simple
Spear Launcher2Simple
Toppling Furniture2Simple
Web Lurker Noose2Simple
Drowning Pit3Complex
Electric Latch Rune3Simple
False Floor3Simple
Phantom Jailer3Simple
Treacherous Scree3Simple
Violent Shove3Simple
Web Lurker Deadfall3Simple
Final Words4Simple
Gravehall Trap4Complex
Sadistic Conductor4Complex
Scythe Blades4Simple
Spinning Blade Pillar4Complex
Steam Vents4Simple
Titanic Flytrap4Simple
Ectoplasmic Grasp5Simple
Entrapping Chair5Simple
Fireball Rune5Simple
Grasping Dead5Complex
Spectral Reflection5Simple
Clone Mirrors6Complex
False Step Floor6Simple
Ghostly Choir6Simple
Hallucination Powder Trap6Simple
Wheel of Misery6Complex
Eternal Flame7Complex
Pharaoh's Ward7Simple
Weight of Guilt7Simple
Confounding Betrayal8Complex
Constricting Hall8Complex
Frenetic Musician8Simple
Insistent Privacy Fence8Simple
Poisoned Dart Gallery8Complex
Yellow Mold8Simple
Bottomless Pit9Simple
Exhaling Portal9Complex
Green Slime9Simple
Spirit Cyclone9Complex
Blood Tears10Simple
Bloodthirsty Urge10Simple
Lava Flume Tubes10Complex
Perilous Flash Flood10Complex
Hammer of Forbiddance11Simple
Jealous Abjurer11Simple
Desperate Hunger12Simple
Flensing Blades12Complex
Polymorph Trap12Simple
Telekinetic Swarm Trap12Complex
Bounding Hounds13Complex
Planar Rift13Simple
Darkside Mirror14Complex
Distortion Mirror14Simple
Malevolent Mannequins14Complex
Quaking Slither14Simple
Collapsing Structure (Ebeshra)15Complex
Ghost Stampede15Complex
Plummeting Doom15Simple
Cannibalistic Echoes16Simple
Dance of Death16Complex
Frozen Moment17Simple
Grasp of the Damned17Simple
Shrouded Assailant17Complex
Sigil of Deepest Fears17Simple
Banshee's Symphony18Complex
Flood of Spirits18Simple
Storm Discharge18Simple
Siphoning Spirit19Complex
Vorpal Executioner19Simple
Crystal Pin20Simple
Glimpse Grave20Simple
Spirit Window20Simple
Second Chance21Simple
Planar Tear22Complex
Armageddon Orb23Simple