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Duskwalker Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Duskwalker, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardChance Death1Duskwalker, FortuneYour previous life ended due to sheer poor luck, struck by lightning or choking on a fish bone.
PFS StandardDeliberate Death1DuskwalkerOnce, you died because someone—murderer or monster, soldier or executioner— chose to strike you down.
PFS StandardDuskwalker Lore1DuskwalkerYou either found another duskwalker who taught you the secrets of your kind, or you managed to research your unusual heritage.
PFS StandardGhost Hunter1DuskwalkerYour connection to the Boneyard ensures that your blows strike true against spectral beings.
PFS StandardGravesight1Duskwalkerlow-light visionYou can see in the darkness as easily as a psychopomp.
PFS StandardNosoi's Mask1Duskwalkertrained in CraftingMany psychopomps wear masks when dealing with the living, and many cultures believe that seeing an unmasked psychopomp's face invites death.
PFS StandardVanth's Weapon Familiarity1DuskwalkerYou seek to emulate vanth reapers' fighting styles.
PFS StandardWilling Death1DuskwalkerOnce, you died because you valued someone else's life above your own; just as then, you protect an ally by suffering in their stead.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Duskwalker, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardLifesense5Duskwalker, Divination, DivineYou have a limited ability to sense life force, like your psychopomp forebears.
PFS StandardShoki's Argument5DuskwalkerYou feel a connection to shokis, the rambling collectors of wayward souls, and might have found old texts written by one.
PFS StandardSpirit Soother5DuskwalkerYou are attuned to the minute sounds and sensations of restless spirits.
PFS StandardVanth's Weapon Execution5DuskwalkerVanth's Weapon FamiliarityYou've trained in the finer points of dealing death.
PFS StandardWard Against Corruption5DuskwalkerYour soul is warded against the power of undeath and plague, as well as that of the evil former psychopomps known as sahkils.
PFS StandardCatrina's Presence9DuskwalkerYou've adopted the calming presence of catrinas, the festive dead..
PFS StandardDuskwalker Magic9DuskwalkerYour connection to psychopomps gives you the power to glimpse the near future and protect corpses from the ravages of undeath.
PFS StandardMorrigna's Spider Affinity9DuskwalkerMuch like morrignas, you feel an affinity for spiders.
PFS StandardSpirit Strikes9DuskwalkerYour connection to the Boneyard empowers you to bring death to all forms of life and unlife, exploiting their weaknesses.
PFS StandardCalaca's Showstopper13Duskwalker, Auditory, Divine, Enchantment, Incapacitationexpert in PerformanceYou've spent many an evening learning songs and tales featuring calacas, death's wandering minstrels.
PFS StandardResist Ruin13DuskwalkerYour duskwalker heritage allows you to extend protection against negative energy to yourself or an ally in need.
PFS StandardVanth's Weapon Expertise13DuskwalkerVanth's Weapon FamiliarityVanths themselves recognize you as an honorary reaper.
PFS StandardBoneyard's Call17DuskwalkerYou have a powerful connection to the Boneyard and its courts, granting you the ability to travel to and from the Boneyard.
PFS StandardOlethros's Decree17Duskwalker, Death, Divine, NecromancyYou have a connection to olethroses, the enigmatic psychopomps who successfully swayed the yamaraj to permit the creation of the first duskwalkers.
PFS StandardYamaraj's Grandeur17DuskwalkerYou have been granted a sliver of the power of the yamaraj, the magistrates of the dead who agreed to allow duskwalkers to exist at all.