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Rogue Feats

Every level at which you gain a Rogue feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

PFS StandardNimble Dodge1Rogue, SwashbucklerYou deftly dodge out of the way.
PFS StandardOverextending Feint1Roguetrained in DeceptionWhen you trick a foe, instead of catching them off guard, you goad them into overextending their next attack.
PFS StandardPlant Evidence1RoguePickpocketYou can put a single item you're holding of light or negligible Bulk onto a person without them noticing.
PFS StandardTrap Finder1Rogue, InvestigatorYou have an intuitive sense that alerts you to the dangers and presence of traps.
PFS StandardTumble Behind (Rogue)1RogueYou tumble under and behind your foe to catch them off guard.
PFS StandardTwin Feint1RogueYou make a dazzling series of attacks with both weapons, using the first attack to throw your foe of guard against a second attack at a different angle.
PFS StandardYou're Next1Rogue, Emotion, Fear, Mental, Swashbucklertrained in IntimidationAfter downing a foe, you menacingly remind another foe that you’re coming after them next.
PFS StandardBrutal Beating2Rogueruffian racketThe brutality of your critical hits shakes your foes’ confidence.
PFS StandardClever Gambit2Roguemastermind racketYour battle tactics are aided by your assessment of your foes' capabilities, allowing you to instantly adjust your movements to maximum advantage.
PFS StandardDistracting Feint2Roguescoundrel racketYour Feints are far more distracting than normal, drawing your foes’ attention and allowing you and your allies to take greater advantage.
PFS StandardFane's Fourberie2Rogue, Stance, Swashbuckler, UncommonStella Fane has perfected a technique for using playing cards as weapons that's one part sleight of hand and one part magic
PFS StandardMinor Magic2RogueYou’ve dabbled in a variety of tricks, gaining minor magical abilities from a particular tradition.
PFS StandardMobility2RogueYou move in a way that denies your enemies the opportunity to retaliate.
PFS StandardQuick Draw2Rogue, RangerYou draw your weapon and attack with the same motion.
PFS StandardStrong Arm2RogueWhen you Strike with a thrown weapon, the weapon's range increment increases 10 feet.
PFS StandardUnbalancing Blow2Roguethief racketInterweaving your most powerful attacks in a graceful flow, you temporarily unbalance your foes. Whenever your Strike is a critical hit and deals damage, the target is flat-footed against your attacks until the end of your next turn.
PFS StandardUnderhanded Assault2Roguetrained in StealthYou capitalize on the distraction provided by an ally.
PFS StandardBattle Assessment4Rogue, SecretWith careful observation during battle, you identify an enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.
PFS StandardDread Striker4RogueYou capitalize on your enemies’ fear to slip past their defenses.
PFS StandardHead Stomp4RogueMake an unarmed melee attack against a prone target.
PFS StandardMagical Trickster4RogueYou can sneak spells past your foes’ defenses as easily as any blade.
PFS StandardMug4RogueYou make a quick attack and rob your foe in the process.
PFS StandardPoison Weapon4Rogue, ManipulateYou apply poison to a weapon.
PFS StandardPredictable!4RogueBy observing an opponent, you can get a sense of their next move and prepare to counter or resist it.
PFS StandardReactive Pursuit4RogueYou keep pace with a retreating foe.
PFS StandardSabotage4Rogue, IncapacitationYou subtly damage others’ equipment.
PFS StandardScout's Warning4Rogue, RangerYou visually or audibly warn your allies of danger.
PFS StandardThe Harder They Fall4RogueYou make your foes fall painfully when you trip them.
PFS StandardTwin Distraction4RogueTwin FeintYour movements with two weapons are so swift and disorienting that they befuddle your opponent.
PFS StandardAnalyze Weakness6Roguesneak attack 2d6Your knowledge of a creature's physiology and understanding of tactics helps you attack with pinpoint accuracy.
PFS StandardAnticipate Ambush6Rogue, Explorationexpert in StealthUsing your extensive knowledge of ambush tactics, you keep watch for any hidden creatures or dangerous sites, moving at half your travel speed.
PFS StandardFar Throw6RogueWhen you Strike with a thrown weapon, you take only a –1 penalty for each additional range increment between you and the target, rather than a –2 penalty.
PFS StandardGang Up6RogueYou and your allies harry an opponent in concert.
PFS StandardLight Step6RogueYou aren’t bothered by tricky footing.
PFS StandardShove Down6Roguetrained in AthleticsYou leverage your weight to topple foes that you move.
PFS StandardSkirmish Strike6Rogue, Flourish, RangerYour feet and weapon move in tandem.
Slice and Swipe6Rogue, Flourish, Manipulate, UncommonSteal from your target when you successfully strike them.Agents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardStella's Stab and Snag6Rogue, Swashbuckler, Uncommonexpert in ThieveryYou dart towards your opponent, seeking to stab them and slice their purse-strings with a single movement
PFS StandardTwist the Knife6RogueAfter stabbing your opponent in a weak spot, you tear the wound open.
PFS StandardWatch Your Back6Rogue, Emotion, Fear, Mentaltrained in IntimidationYou menace the target, stoking their fears and drawing their attention.
Ambushing Knockdown8Rogue, Uncommonruffian racketYou emerge from hiding and deliver a blow that can knock an enemy sprawling to the ground.Agents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardBlind-Fight8Rogue, Fighter, Investigator, Rangermaster in PerceptionYour battle instincts make you more aware of concealed and invisible opponents.
PFS StandardBullseye8RogueYou carefully take aim before making your attack in order to avoid your foe's concealment and cover.
PFS StandardDelay Trap8RogueYou can jam the workings of a trap to delay its effects.
PFS StandardImproved Poison Weapon8RoguePoison WeaponYou deliver poisons in ways that maximize their harmful effects.
PFS StandardInspired Stratagem8Rogue, Fortune, LinguisticYou quickly advise your ally, using your earlier planning to make sure luck can't throw a wrench in the cogs of your schemes.
PFS StandardLoaner Spell8Roguetrained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or ReligionDuring your daily preparations, you can gain the assistance of an allied prepared spellcaster to prepare one spell for the day.
PFS StandardNimble Roll8Rogue, SwashbucklerNimble DodgeYou throw yourself into a roll to escape imminent danger.
PFS StandardOpportune Backstab8RogueWhen your enemy is hit by your ally, you capitalize upon the distraction.
PFS StandardPredictive Purchase (Rogue)8RogueYou somehow manage to have just the thing for the situation.
PFS StandardRicochet Stance (Rogue)8Rogue, StanceYou adopt a stance (page 150) to rebound your thrown weapons toward you.
PFS StandardSidestep8RogueYou deftly step out of the way of an attack, letting the blow continue to the creature next to you.
PFS StandardSly Striker8Roguesneak attackYour attacks deal more damage, even against creatures that aren’t flat-footed.
Subtle Shank8Rogue, Flourish, UncommonQuick DrawYou draw a concealed weapon, attack with it, and then hide it away again in one smooth motion.Agents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardTactical Entry8Roguemaster in StealthStride without triggering reactions
Deny Support10Rogue, UncommonKeep opponents from flanking when you Feint them.Agents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardEldritch Debilitations10Rogueeldritch trickster racket; Debilitating StrikeYou know how to apply debilitations that are particularly troublesome for spellcasters.
PFS StandardMethodical Debilitations10Roguemastermind racket; Debilitating StrikeYou strategically craft your debilitations to lessen or negate an enemy's tactical advantages.
PFS StandardPrecise Debilitation10Roguethief racket; Debilitating StrikeYou carefully aim and gracefully deliver your debilitations.
PFS StandardSneak Savant10Roguemaster in StealthIt is almost impossible to spot you without taking effort to look.
PFS StandardTactical Debilitations10Roguescoundrel racket; Debilitating StrikeYou learn new debilitations that grant you tactical advantages against your foes.
PFS StandardVicious Debilitations10Rogueruffian racket; Debilitating StrikeThe debilitations you dish out seriously impair your foes.
PFS StandardBloody Debilitations12RogueDebilitating Strike; trained in MedicineYour attacks slice arteries and veins.
Coordinated Distraction12Rogue, Concentrate, UncommonYou distract an opponent from the fact that one of your allies is about to attack them.Agents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardCritical Debilitations12Rogue, IncapacitationDebilitating StrikeYour debilitations are especially effective on your most powerful attacks.
PFS LimitedDeadly Poison Weapon12Rogue, UncommonImproved Poison WeaponYour poisons are devastatingly potent.Age of Ashes
PFS StandardFantastic Leap12RogueYou launch yourself through the air at a foe.
PFS StandardFelling Shot12RogueYour ranged attacks can shoot an unprepared foe right out of the air.
PFS StandardPreparation12Rogue, FlourishYou survey the battlefield, calculating the possibilities.
PFS StandardReactive Interference12RogueYou reflexively foil an enemy’s response.
PFS StandardRicochet Feint12RogueRicochet Stance (Rogue)While in Ricochet Stance, you can bounce a thrown weapon off a foe to distract them.
PFS StandardSpring from the Shadows12Rogue, FlourishLeaping out from hiding, you assail your target when they least expect it.
PFS StandardDefensive Roll14RogueDropping into a roll to disperse the force of the blow, you can partially evade a lethal attack and stay conscious.
PFS StandardInstant Opening14Rogue, ConcentrateYou distract your opponent with a few choice words or a rude gesture.
PFS StandardLeave an Opening14RogueWhen you hit hard enough, you leave an opening so your ally can jump in on the action.
PFS StandardSense the Unseen14Rogue, Investigator, RangerWhen you look for foes, you can catch even the slightest cues.
PFS StandardStay Down!14Roguemaster in AthleticsYou have ways of keeping your foes down.
PFS StandardBlank Slate16Roguelegendary in DeceptionYour deceptions confound even the most powerful mortal divinations.
PFS StandardCloud Step16Roguelegendary in AcrobaticsUsing fantastic acrobatic skill, you can walk for brief stretches across insubstantial surfaces.
PFS StandardCognitive Loophole16RogueYou can find a loophole in a mental effect to temporarily overcome it.
PFS StandardDispelling Slice16RogueYour sneak attack slices through the threads binding magic to a target.
PFS StandardPerfect Distraction16Roguelegendary in DeceptionYou use clever tactics to mislead your foes as you sneak away. You Sneak while leaving a decoy behind.
PFS StandardReconstruct the Scene16Rogue, Concentrate, InvestigatorYou spend 1 minute surveying a small location (such as a single room) to get an impression of events that occurred there in the last day.
PFS StandardSteal Spell16Rogue, MagicalLegendary Thief; Loaner SpellWhen you use Legendary Thief to steal the impossible, you can steal a prepared spell or spontaneous spell from a foe.
PFS StandardSwift Elusion16Roguelegendary in AcrobaticsAttempt an Acrobatics check against the foe's Reflex DC.
PFS StandardImplausible Infiltration18Rogue, Magical, MoveQuick Squeeze; legendary in AcrobaticsYou find tiny holes or imperfections that no one else could see and try to somehow fit yourself through them.
PFS StandardImplausible Purchase (Rogue)18RoguePredictive Purchase (Rogue)Even when impossible, you always have exactly what you need.
PFS StandardPowerful Sneak18RogueYou have learned to exploit your enemies’ lowered defenses.
PFS StandardTrickster's Ace18Rogue, Concentrate, InvestigatorYou have a contingency in your back pocket for desperate situations.
PFS LimitedEnduring Debilitation20Rogue, UncommonDebilitating StrikeYour debilitations last for 1 minute.Age of Ashes
PFS StandardHidden Paragon20Roguelegendary in StealthWhen you put your mind to slipping out of sight, you disappear completely.
PFS StandardImpossible Striker20RogueSly StrikerYour attacks are swift and deadly beyond explanation.
PFS StandardReactive Distraction20Rogue, Concentrate, ManipulatePerfect Distraction; legendary in DeceptionYou reactively switch with your decoy to foil your foe.
PFS LimitedSteal Essence20Rogue, Uncommonlegendary in Thievery, master in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or ReligionBeing in the presence of the aeon orbs as they deteriorated has taught you how to siphon energy, and you do so with the required magic item.Extinction Curse