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Armor Property Runes

Source Core Rulebook pg. 582 2.0
Property runes add special abilities to armor or a weapon in addition to the item’s fundamental runes. If a suit of armor or a weapon has multiple etchings of the same rune, only the highest-level one applies. You can upgrade a property rune to a higher-level type of that rune in the same way you would upgrade a fundamental rune.

Rune abilities that must be activated follow the rules for activating magic items on page 532.

Click here for the full rules on Armor Property Runes.

NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
SlickPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation545 gp
ShadowPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation555 gp
GlameredPFS StandardCommonIllusion, Magical5140 gp
ReadyPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Magical6200 gp
Energy-ResistantPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical8420 gp
Slick (Greater)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation8450 gp
InvisibilityPFS StandardCommonIllusion, Magical8500 gp
Sinister KnightPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Illusion, Magical8500 gp
Shadow (Greater)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation9650 gp
Invisibility (Greater)PFS StandardCommonIllusion, Magical101000 gp
Ready (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEvocation, Magical111200 gp
Energy-Resistant (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical121650 gp
FortificationPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical122000 gp
WingedPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation132500 gp
Rock-BracedPFS LimitedRareAbjuration, Dwarf, Magical, Saggorak133000 gpAge of Ashes
SoaringPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical143750 gp
AntimagicPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Magical156500 gp
Slick (Major)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation169000 gp
EtherealPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Magical1713500 gp
Shadow (Major)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation1714000 gp
Fortification (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical1824000 gp
Winged (Greater)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation1935000 gp