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Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 120
Drugs offer short-term benefits with harmful side effects and long-term consequences. These short-term benefits, such as euphoria, draw many to drugs, but addiction keeps users hooked long after their first dose. A character can voluntarily fail their initial save against a drug, but for each dose they consume, they must attempt a saving throw against addiction, a disease that represents cravings and withdrawal. Addiction is unique to each drug, so a character can be affected by multiple instances of addiction at once.

Certain drugs alter how addiction works for that drug, adding the virulent trait to the addiction, limiting the maximum stage a character can reach, or adding additional stages beyond those listed in the base affliction.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Alcohol CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison1 cpL
Bloodeye Coffee CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison5 spL
Flayleaf CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Inhaled, Poison1 gpL
Refined PeshPFS RestrictedCommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Inhaled, Poison12 gpL
Grolna UncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison13 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Blood Sap CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison14 gpL
Shiver CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison310 gpL
Dreamtime Tea CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison413 gpL
Zerk CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Injury, Poison420 gpL
Diluted HypePFS RestrictedUncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison520 gpL
Elven Absinthe CommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison525 gpL
Cytillesh UncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison530 gpL
Scour UncommonAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Inhaled, Poison880 gpL
HypePFS RestrictedRareAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested8100 gpL
Plasma HypePFS RestrictedRareAlchemical, Consumable, Drug, Ingested, Poison12400 gpL