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PFS StandardNephilim (Versatile Heritage)

Uncommon Nephilim 
Source Player Core pg. 78
PFS Note All Pathfinder agents have access this heritage. The nephilim trait is interchangeable with either the aasimar or tiefling trait and vice versa, but aasimar characters may not treat that trait as interchangeable with the tiefling trait (or vice versa).

Nephilim are influenced by the divine magic of the Outer Sphere, often with fiendish or celestial features.

Countless legends tell of mortal dealings with immortal beings, and of the children born from those encounters. These children, known as planar scions, are mortals who inherit the supernatural essence of another plane, which manifests through their distinctive physical features and otherworldly powers. This section presents rules for nephilim, planar scions who can trace their extraplanar heritage back to celestials, fiends, monitors, and other entities who often become involved in the religious affairs of mortals.

A faithful priest of Erastil is visited by an angel in his youth, and many years later he fathers a child with the head of an elk and a birthmark shaped like Erastil's religious symbol, a bow and arrow. A powerful sorceress prevents an incursion from the Outer Rifts, but a sliver of demonic power infuses the child she carries, who is born with fangs and a pair of tiny horns. A planar caravan travels the Multiverse until its ranks are filled with children who possess devilish hooves and angelic halos. These children, known as nephilim, possess the ambition and capacity for growth and change inherent in their mortal forebears, while also possessing some portion of the power and appearance of an immortal entity or entities whose energies influenced their bloodline.

Nephilim are difficult to categorize by nature. Some possess both demonic and angelic traits, while others possess abilities that defy the neat categories of scholars. Many nephilim do have traits that strongly point to their lineage, though. Nephilim who carry the power of archons, sometimes known as lawbringers, may display golden eyes or flaming auras, while nephilim descended from devils, known as hellspawn, may have red skin and hooved feet.

While the term nephilim broadly describes these individuals, some cultures use the name empyrean or cambion to refer to nephilim with celestial influence or fiendish influence respectively. Other nephilim sometimes earn the names of aphorite or ganzi, though this entry only focuses on empyreans and cambions.

If you want a character who is supernaturally infused with the power of the Outer Planes, whose appearance is striking and notable, and whose personal connections might extend beyond the bounds of the Universe, you should play a nephilim.

You Might...

  • Have a strong sense of self-confidence due to the power or influence of your extraplanar heritage.
  • Lean into or rebel against your perceived extraplanar nature, embracing angelic goodness or twisting demonic rage towards better ends.
  • Find that building relationships with others is difficult, but treasure those who value you for who, and not what, you are.

Others Probably...

  • Assume you've faced numerous challenges or gained unfair advantages due to your heritage.
  • Mistake you for an agent of a holy or unholy organization.
  • Think you have associations with powerful extraplanar creatures, potentially trying to bargain with you for power of their own.

Versatile Heritage

PFS StandardNephilim

Source Player Core pg. 78
Ancestry Page Nephilim
Your nature is influenced by celestials, fiends, or monitors. This manifests as a combination of features that belie your heritage, such as golden eyes, a halo, horns, or a tail. You gain the nephilim trait, in addition to the traits from your ancestry. You gain low-light vision, or you gain darkvision if your ancestry already has low-light vision. You can choose from nephilim feats and feats from your ancestry whenever you gain an ancestry feat.