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Swashbuckler Feats

Every level at which you gain a Swashbuckler feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

PFS StandardBuckler Expertise1SwashbucklerYou've learned a flexible way to position your buckler to provide more protection.
PFS StandardDisarming Flair1SwashbucklerIt's harder for your foes to regain their grip when you knock their weapon partially out of their hands.
PFS StandardDueling Parry (Swashbuckler)1SwashbucklerYou can parry attacks against you with your weapon.
PFS StandardFlying Blade1Swashbucklerprecise strikeYou've learned to apply your flashy techniques to thrown weapons as easily as melee attacks.
PFS StandardFocused Fascination1SwashbucklerFascinating PerformanceWhen you use Fascinating Performance in a combat encounter, you need only a success, rather than a critical success, to fascinate your target.
PFS StandardGoading Feint1Swashbucklertrained in DeceptionWhen you trick a foe, you can goad them into overextending their next attack.
PFS StandardNimble Dodge1Swashbuckler, RogueYou deftly dodge out of the way.
PFS StandardOne for All1Swashbuckler, Auditory, Concentrate, Emotion, Linguistic, Mentaltrained in DiplomacyWith precisely the right words of encouragement, you bolster an ally's efforts.
PFS StandardYou're Next1Swashbuckler, Emotion, Fear, Mental, Roguetrained in IntimidationAfter downing a foe, you menacingly remind another foe that you’re coming after them next.
PFS StandardAfter You2SwashbucklerYou allow your foes to make the first move in a show of incredible confidence.
PFS StandardAntagonize2SwashbucklerYour taunts and threats earn your foes ire.
PFS StandardCharmed Life2SwashbucklerCharisma 14When danger calls, you have a strange knack for coming out on top.
PFS StandardFane's Fourberie2Swashbuckler, Rogue, Stance, UncommonStella Fane has perfected a technique for using playing cards as weapons that's one part sleight of hand and one part magic
PFS StandardFinishing Follow-Through2SwashbucklerFinishing a foe maintains your swagger.
PFS StandardTumble Behind (Swashbuckler)2SwashbucklerYour tumbling catches your foe off guard.
PFS StandardUnbalancing Finisher2Swashbuckler, FinisherYou attack with a flashy assault that leaves your target off balance.
PFS StandardFlamboyant Athlete4Swashbucklerexpert in AthleticsYour panache allows you to perform incredible feats: climbing, swimming, and leaping far beyond your normal capacity.
PFS StandardGuardian's Deflection (Swashbuckler)4SwashbucklerYou use your weapon to deflect the attack against your ally, granting a +2 circumstance bonus to their AC against the triggering attack.
PFS StandardImpaling Finisher4Swashbuckler, FinisherYou stab two foes with a single thrust or bash them together with one punch.
PFS StandardLeading Dance4Swashbuckler, Movetrained in PerformanceYou sweep your foe into your dance.
PFS StandardSwaggering Initiative4SwashbucklerYou swagger readily into any fight—even an ambush.
PFS StandardTwin Parry4Swashbuckler, Fighter, RangerYou use your two weapons to parry attacks.
PFS StandardAgile Maneuvers6Swashbucklerexpert in AthleticsYour easily maneuver against your foes.
PFS StandardAttack of Opportunity6Swashbuckler, Barbarian, ChampionYou swat a foe that leaves an opening.
PFS StandardCombination Finisher6SwashbucklerYou combine a series of attacks with a powerful finishing blow.
PFS StandardPrecise Finisher6SwashbucklerConfident FinisherEven when your foe avoids your Confident Finisher, you can still hit a vital spot.
PFS StandardStella's Stab and Snag6Swashbuckler, Rogue, Uncommonexpert in ThieveryYou dart towards your opponent, seeking to stab them and slice their purse-strings with a single movement
PFS StandardVexing Tumble6SwashbucklerYou tumble around your foes, expertly avoiding their reactions.
PFS StandardBleeding Finisher8Swashbuckler, FinisherYour blow inflicts profuse bleeding.
PFS StandardDual Finisher8Swashbuckler, FinisherYou split your attacks.
PFS StandardFlamboyant Cruelty8Swashbuckler, RareYou love to kick your enemies when they're down, and you look fabulous when you do.
PFS StandardNimble Roll8Swashbuckler, RogueNimble DodgeYou throw yourself into a roll to escape imminent danger.
PFS StandardStunning Finisher8Swashbuckler, FinisherYou attempt a dizzying blow.
PFS StandardVivacious Bravado8SwashbucklerYour ego swells, granting you a temporary reprieve from your pain.
PFS StandardBuckler Dance10Swashbuckler, StanceYou spin your buckler defensively toward every attack.
PFS StandardDerring-Do10Swashbuckler, FortuneWhen you compound panache with even more derring-do, it somehow tends to work out.
PFS StandardDueling Dance (Swashbuckler)10Swashbuckler, StanceDueling Parry (Swashbuckler)Using your free hand as pivot and balance, you both attack and defend with your weapon.
PFS StandardReflexive Riposte10SwashbucklerOpportune RiposteYou can riposte almost without a thought.
PFS StandardTargeting Finisher10Swashbuckler, FinisherYour attack harms and hinders your foe.
PFS StandardCheat Death12SwashbucklerSomehow you always escape the reaper by a hair's breadth.
PFS StandardMobile Finisher12Swashbuckler, FinisherYou attack in motion.
PFS StandardFlamboyant Leap14SwashbucklerFlamboyant Athlete; master in AthleticsYou stylishly leap and deliver a powerful finisher.
PFS StandardImpossible Riposte14SwashbucklerOpportune RiposteYour ripostes can deflect attacks back at their source.
PFS StandardPerfect Finisher14Swashbuckler, Finisher, FortuneYou focus your panache into an impeccable assault.
PFS StandardTwinned Defense (Swashbuckler)14Swashbuckler, StanceTwin ParryYou're always ready to use your off-hand weapon to interfere with attacks against you.
PFS StandardDeadly Grace16SwashbucklerYour graceful attacks are especially powerful.
PFS StandardFelicitous Riposte16Swashbuckler, FortuneYou take advantage of your foe's openings with uncanny odds.
PFS StandardIncredible Luck18Swashbuckler, FortuneCharmed LifeYou always seem to bounce back from the worst.
PFS StandardLethal Finisher18Swashbuckler, Death, Finisherprecise strike 6d6You stab your foe in a vital organ, possibly killing them outright.
PFS StandardParry and Riposte18SwashbucklerOpportune RiposteYour parries and finishers allow you to riposte with the slightest provocation.
PFS StandardInexhaustible Countermoves20SwashbucklerYou can react whenever a foe leaves a gap in their defenses.
PFS StandardPanache Paragon20SwashbucklerYou find opportunities to perform stylish feats in the moments between others' heartbeats and eye blinks.