List of Ancestries

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Dwarf Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Dwarf, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAvenge in Glory1Dwarf, UncommonYou honor your ally’s life, gaining temporary Hit Points equal to your level for 1 minute.
PFS StandardClan's Edge1Dwarftrained in clan daggersBy moving your clan dagger with rapid precision, you can protect yourself more effectively.
PFS StandardDwarven Lore1DwarfYou eagerly absorbed the old stories and traditions of your ancestors, your gods, and your people.
PFS StandardDwarven Weapon Familiarity1DwarfYour kin have instilled in you an affinity for hard-hitting weapons, and you prefer these to more elegant arms.
PFS StandardForge-Day's Rest1Dwarf, UncommonYour unusual rest cycle allows you to recover faster.
PFS StandardRock Runner1DwarfYour innate connection to stone makes you adept at moving across uneven surfaces.
PFS StandardStonecunning1DwarfYou have a knack for noticing even small inconsistencies and craftsmanship techniques in the stonework around you.
PFS StandardSurface Culture1Dwarf, UncommonYour interactions with other cultures on the surface have not only taught you about many other ancestries, but have also helped you realize the value of your own.
PFS StandardUnburdened Iron1DwarfYou’ve learned techniques first devised by your ancestors during their ancient wars, allowing you to comfortably wear massive suits of armor.
PFS StandardVengeful Hatred1DwarfYou heart aches for vengeance against those who have wronged your people.
PFS StandardBoulder Roll5DwarfRock RunnerYour dwarven build allows you to push foes around, just like a mighty boulder.
PFS StandardClan Protector5DwarfYour clan dagger can protect your allies as easily as yourself.
PFS StandardDwarven Weapon Cunning5DwarfDwarven Weapon FamiliarityYou’ve learned cunning techniques to get the best effects out of your dwarven weapons.
PFS StandardProtective Sheath5DwarfClan’s EdgeWhen you lash out with your clan dagger, you keep its sheath close at hand.
PFS StandardTomb-Watcher's Glare5Dwarf, Divinedeath warden dwarf heritageWhen you critically hit an undead creature, or an undead creature critically fails a saving throw against one of your abilities, you drive your divine wrath home in your enemy’s heart.
PFS StandardBattleforger9Dwarfmaster in CraftingYou can sharpen weapons, polish armor, and apply special techniques to temporarily gain better effects from your armaments.
PFS StandardEnergy Blessed9Dwarfelemental heart dwarf heritageEnergy runs through your blood more powerfully.
PFS StandardHeroes' Call9DwarfThe songs of ancient heroes echo through your mind and quicken your pulse, especially in dire straits.
PFS StandardKneel for No God9Dwarfancient-blooded dwarf heritageYour ancestors’ defiance of magic and your people’s strictly egalitarian mindset mean that certain forms of magic have little effect on you.
PFS StandardMountain's Stoutness9DwarfYour hardiness lets you withstand more punishment than most before going down.
PFS StandardStonewalker9DwarfYou have a deep reverence for and connection to stone.
PFS StandardDwarven Weapon Expertise13DwarfDwarven Weapon FamiliarityYour dwarven affinity blends with your training, granting you great skill with dwarven weapons.