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Adventuring Gear

Source Core Rulebook pg. 287 2.0
These items follow special rules or require more detail.

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PFS StandardHolly and Mistletoe
PFS StandardCandle1 cp
PFS StandardChalk1 cp
PFS StandardEarplugs1 cp
PFS StandardMug1 cp
PFS StandardOil1 cp
PFS StandardPiton1 cp
PFS StandardSack1 cpL
PFS StandardTen-Foot Pole1 cp1
PFS StandardTorch1 cpL
PFS StandardBedroll2 cpL
PFS StandardSoap2 cp
PFS StandardLadder3 cp3
PFS StandardFlint and Steel5 cp
PFS StandardWaterskin5 cpL
PFS StandardSignal Whistle8 cp
PFS StandardBackpack1 sp
PFS StandardBasic Crafter's Book1 spL
PFS StandardClothing (Explorer's)1 spL
PFS StandardClothing (Ordinary)1 sp
PFS StandardDisguise Kit (Replacement Cosmetics)1 spL
PFS StandardGrappling Hook1 spL
PFS StandardHammer1 spL
PFS StandardReligious Symbol (Wooden)1 spL
PFS StandardShield Sconce1 sp
PFS StandardWriting Set (Extra Ink and Paper)1 spL
PFS StandardGrappling Arrow2 spL
PFS StandardGrappling Bolt2 spL
PFS StandardLock (Poor)2 sp
PFS StandardMerchant's Scale2 spL
PFS StandardSaddlebags2 sp
PFS StandardCaltrops3 spL
PFS StandardManacles (Poor)3 sp
PFS StandardThieves' Tools (Replacement Picks)3 spL
PFS StandardClothing (Winter)4 spL
PFS StandardRations4 sp (1 week)L
PFS StandardTool (Short)4 spL
PFS StandardClimbing Kit5 sp1
PFS StandardCrowbar5 spL
PFS StandardDueling Cape5 spL
PFS StandardMaterial Component Pouch5 spL
PFS StandardParrying Scabbard5 spL
PFS StandardPlaying Cards5 sp
PFS StandardRope5 sp (50 ft.)L
PFS LimitedRuler5 sp
PFS StandardChest6 sp2
PFS StandardLantern (Hooded)7 spL
PFS StandardFishing Tackle8 sp1
PFS StandardMusical Instrument (Handheld)8 sp1
PFS StandardTent (Pup)8 spL
PFS StandardBrass Ear1 gp
PFS StandardCompass1 gp
PFS StandardCookware1 gp2
PFS StandardDepth Gauge1 gpL
PFS StandardFormula Book (Blank)1 gpL
Harrow Carrying Case1 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Harrow Deck (Simple)1 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardLantern (Bull's-Eye)1 gp1
PFS StandardMarked Playing Cards1 gp
PFS StandardMirror1 gp
PFS StandardNet1 gp1
PFS StandardReligious Text1 gpL
PFS StandardRubbing Set1 gp1
PFS StandardSpellbook (Blank)1 gpL
PFS StandardTool (Long)1 gp1
PFS StandardWax Key Blank1 gp
PFS StandardWriting Set1 gpL
PFS StandardAdventurer's Pack1 gp, 5 sp1
PFS StandardArmored Skirt2 gp1
PFS StandardClothing (Fine)2 gpL
PFS StandardDisguise Kit2 gpL
PFS StandardJellyfish Lamp2 gpL
PFS StandardMusical Instrument (Heavy)2 gp16
PFS StandardReligious Symbol (Silver)2 gpL
PFS StandardRepair Kit2 gp1
PFS StandardAlchemist's Tools3 gp1
PFS StandardComealong3 gp1
PFS StandardHourglass3 gpL
PFS StandardThieves' Tools3 gpL
PFS StandardArtisan's Tools4 gp2
PFS StandardChain4 gp1
PFS StandardTack4 gp1
PFS StandardAlchemist's Lab5 gp6
PFS StandardBuoyancy Vest5 gp1
PFS StandardFamiliar Satchel5 gp1
PFS StandardGlass Cutter5 gpL
PFS StandardHealer's Tools5 gp1
PFS StandardSnare Kit5 gp2
PFS StandardSwim Fins5 gpL
PFS StandardTent (Four-Person)5 gp1
PFS StandardWater Purifier5 gpL
Harrow Mat8 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardFalse Manacles10 gp
Harrow Deck (Common)10 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardSnowshoes10 gp1
Harrow Deck (Fine)11 gp (+)LAgents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardClockwork Dial20 gp
PFS StandardSpyglass20 gpL
PFS StandardMagnifying Glass40 gp
PFS StandardLock (Simple)12 gp
PFS StandardManacles (Simple)13 gp
PFS StandardReplacement Filter (Level 1)13 gp
PFS LimitedWaterproof Journal15 gp1
PFS LimitedCommunication Bangle110 gp
PFS StandardLovers' Ink25 gpL
PFS LimitedWrit of Authenticity25 gp
PFS StandardBook of Translation (Standard)225 gpL
PFS StandardPeriscope225 gpL
PFS LimitedAstrolabe (Standard)230 gpL
PFS LimitedSturdy Satchel230 gp1
PFS StandardTent (Pavilion)240 gp12
PFS StandardDisguise Kit (Elite Cosmetics)35 spL
PFS StandardThieves' Tools (Infiltrator Picks)33 gpL
PFS StandardPathfinder Chronicle36 gpL
PFS StandardScholarly Journal36 gpL
PFS StandardSurvey Map310 gpL
PFS StandardLock (Average)315 gp
PFS StandardCompass (Lensatic)320 gp
PFS StandardCrowbar (Levered)320 gpL
PFS StandardFishing Tackle (Professional)320 gp1
PFS StandardManacles (Average)320 gp
PFS StandardConcealed Sheath325 gp
PFS StandardDetective's Kit325 gp1
PFS StandardRepair Kit (Superb)325 gp1
Fingerprinting Kit330 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Handcuffs (Average)330 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardScholarly Journal (Compendium)330 gpL
PFS StandardClimbing Kit (Extreme)340 gp1
PFS StandardDisguise Kit (Elite)340 gpL
PFS LimitedCartographer's Kit342 gp1
PFS StandardArtisan's Tools (Sterling)350 gp2
PFS LimitedAstrolabe (Mariner's)350 gpL
PFS StandardHealer's Tools (Expanded)350 gp1
PFS StandardMusical Instrument (Virtuoso Handheld)350 gp1
PFS StandardSurvey Map (Atlas)350 gpL
PFS StandardThieves' Tools (Infiltrator)350 gpL
PFS StandardAlchemist's Lab (Expanded)355 gp6
PFS StandardClothing (High-Fashion Fine)355 gpL
PFS StandardSnare Kit (Specialist)355 gp2
PFS StandardPalm Crossbow360 gpL
PFS StandardMusical Instrument (Virtuoso Heavy)3100 gp16
PFS StandardConcealable Picks410 gpL
PFS StandardConcealable Thieves' Tools480 gpL
PFS StandardSpyglass (Fine)480 gpL
PFS StandardReplacement Filter (level 5)525 gp
PFS StandardBook of Translation (Advanced)5125 gpL
PFS StandardClockwork Recorder6250 gpL
PFS StandardLock (Good)9200 gp
PFS StandardManacles (Good)9250 gp
Handcuffs (Good)9350 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
PFS StandardReplacement Filter (Level 10)10155 gp
PFS StandardLock (Superior)174,500 gp
PFS StandardManacles (Superior)175,000 gp
Handcuffs (Superior)176,000 gpLAgents of Edgewatch