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Adventuring Gear

Source Core Rulebook pg. 287 2.0
These items follow special rules or require more detail.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Holly and MistletoePFS StandardCommon
CandlePFS StandardCommon1 cp
ChalkPFS StandardCommon1 cp
EarplugsPFS StandardCommon1 cp
MugPFS StandardCommon1 cp
OilPFS StandardCommon1 cp
PitonPFS StandardCommon1 cp
SackPFS StandardCommon1 cpL
Ten-Foot PolePFS StandardCommon1 cp1
TorchPFS StandardCommon1 cpL
BedrollPFS StandardCommon2 cpL
SoapPFS StandardCommon2 cp
LadderPFS StandardCommon3 cp3
Flint and SteelPFS StandardCommon5 cp
WaterskinPFS StandardCommon5 cpL
Signal WhistlePFS StandardCommon8 cp
BackpackPFS StandardCommon1 sp
Basic Crafter's BookPFS StandardCommon1 spL
Clothing (Explorer's)PFS StandardCommon1 spL
Clothing (Ordinary)PFS StandardCommon1 sp
Disguise Kit (Replacement Cosmetics)PFS StandardCommon1 spL
Grappling HookPFS StandardCommon1 spL
HammerPFS StandardCommon1 spL
Religious Symbol (Wooden)PFS StandardCommon1 spL
Shield SconcePFS StandardUncommon1 sp
Writing Set (Extra Ink and Paper)PFS StandardCommon1 spL
Grappling ArrowPFS StandardUncommon2 spL
Grappling BoltPFS StandardUncommon2 spL
Lock (Poor)PFS StandardCommon2 sp
Merchant's ScalePFS StandardCommon2 spL
SaddlebagsPFS StandardCommon2 sp
CaltropsPFS StandardCommon3 spL
Manacles (Poor)PFS StandardCommon3 sp
Thieves' Tools (Replacement Picks)PFS StandardCommon3 spL
Clothing (Winter)PFS StandardCommon4 spL
RationsPFS StandardCommon4 spL
Tool (Short)PFS StandardCommon4 spL
Climbing KitPFS StandardCommon5 sp1
CrowbarPFS StandardCommon5 spL
Dueling CapePFS StandardCommon5 spL
Material Component PouchPFS StandardCommon5 spL
Parrying ScabbardPFS StandardCommon5 spL
Playing CardsPFS StandardCommon5 sp
RopePFS StandardCommon5 spL
RulerPFS LimitedCommon5 sp
ChestPFS StandardCommon6 sp2
Lantern (Hooded)PFS StandardCommon7 spL
Fishing TacklePFS StandardCommon8 sp1
Musical Instrument (Handheld)PFS StandardCommon8 sp1
Tent (Pup)PFS StandardCommon8 spL
Brass EarPFS StandardCommon1 gp
CompassPFS StandardCommon1 gp
CookwarePFS StandardCommon1 gp2
Depth GaugePFS StandardUncommon1 gpL
Formula Book (Blank)PFS StandardCommon1 gpL
Harrow Carrying Case Common1 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Harrow Deck (Simple) Common1 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Lantern (Bull's-Eye)PFS StandardCommon1 gp1
Marked Playing CardsPFS StandardCommon1 gp
MirrorPFS StandardCommon1 gp
NetPFS StandardCommon1 gp1
Religious TextPFS StandardCommon1 gpL
Rubbing SetPFS StandardUncommon1 gp1
Shootist Bandolier Uncommon1 gpAbomination Vaults
Spellbook (Blank)PFS StandardCommon1 gpL
Tool (Long)PFS StandardCommon1 gp1
Wax Key BlankPFS StandardUncommon1 gp
Writing SetPFS StandardCommon1 gpL
Adventurer's PackPFS StandardCommon1 gp, 5 sp1
Armored SkirtPFS StandardCommon2 gp1
Clothing (Fine)PFS StandardCommon2 gpL
Disguise KitPFS StandardCommon2 gpL
Jellyfish LampPFS StandardCommon2 gpL
Musical Instrument (Heavy)PFS StandardCommon2 gp16
Religious Symbol (Silver)PFS StandardCommon2 gpL
Repair KitPFS StandardCommon2 gp1
Alchemist's ToolsPFS StandardCommon3 gp1
ComealongPFS StandardUncommon3 gp1
HourglassPFS StandardCommon3 gpL
Thieves' ToolsPFS StandardCommon3 gpL
Artisan's ToolsPFS StandardCommon4 gp2
ChainPFS StandardCommon4 gp1
TackPFS StandardCommon4 gp1
Alchemist's LabPFS StandardCommon5 gp6
Buoyancy VestPFS StandardCommon5 gp1
Familiar SatchelPFS StandardUncommon5 gp1
Glass CutterPFS StandardUncommon5 gpL
Healer's ToolsPFS StandardCommon5 gp1
Snare KitPFS StandardCommon5 gp2
Swim FinsPFS StandardCommon5 gpL
Tent (Four-Person)PFS StandardCommon5 gp1
Water PurifierPFS StandardUncommon5 gpL
Harrow Mat Common8 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
False ManaclesPFS StandardUncommon10 gp
Harrow Deck (Common) Common10 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
SnowshoesPFS StandardCommon10 gp1
Harrow Deck (Fine) Common11 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Clockwork DialPFS StandardUncommon20 gp
SpyglassPFS StandardCommon20 gpL
Magnifying GlassPFS StandardCommon40 gp
Lock (Simple)PFS StandardCommon12 gp
Manacles (Simple)PFS StandardCommon13 gp
Replacement Filter (Level 1)PFS StandardUncommon13 gp
Waterproof JournalPFS LimitedUncommon15 gp1
Communication BanglePFS LimitedUncommon110 gp
Writ of AuthenticityPFS LimitedUncommon25 gp
Book of Translation (Standard)PFS StandardUncommon225 gpL
PeriscopePFS StandardCommon225 gpL
Astrolabe (Standard)PFS LimitedUncommon230 gpL
Sturdy SatchelPFS LimitedUncommon230 gp1
Tent (Pavilion)PFS StandardCommon240 gp12
Disguise Kit (Elite Cosmetics)PFS StandardCommon35 spL
Thieves' Tools (Infiltrator Picks)PFS StandardCommon33 gpL
Pathfinder ChroniclePFS StandardUncommon36 gpL
Scholarly JournalPFS StandardUncommon36 gpL
Survey MapPFS StandardUncommon310 gpL
Lock (Average)PFS StandardCommon315 gp
Compass (Lensatic)PFS StandardCommon320 gp
Crowbar (Levered)PFS StandardCommon320 gpL
Fishing Tackle (Professional)PFS StandardCommon320 gp1
Manacles (Average)PFS StandardCommon320 gp
Concealed SheathPFS StandardCommon325 gp
Detective's KitPFS StandardCommon325 gp1
Repair Kit (Superb)PFS StandardCommon325 gp1
Fingerprinting Kit Uncommon330 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Handcuffs (Average) Uncommon330 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Scholarly Journal (Compendium)PFS StandardUncommon330 gpL
Climbing Kit (Extreme)PFS StandardCommon340 gp1
Disguise Kit (Elite)PFS StandardCommon340 gpL
Cartographer's KitPFS LimitedUncommon342 gp1
Artisan's Tools (Sterling)PFS StandardCommon350 gp2
Astrolabe (Mariner's)PFS LimitedUncommon350 gpL
Healer's Tools (Expanded)PFS StandardCommon350 gp1
Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Handheld)PFS StandardCommon350 gp1
Survey Map (Atlas)PFS StandardUncommon350 gpL
Thieves' Tools (Infiltrator)PFS StandardCommon350 gpL
Alchemist's Lab (Expanded)PFS StandardCommon355 gp6
Clothing (High-Fashion Fine)PFS StandardCommon355 gpL
Snare Kit (Specialist)PFS StandardCommon355 gp2
Palm CrossbowPFS StandardRare360 gpL
Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Heavy)PFS StandardCommon3100 gp16
Concealable PicksPFS StandardCommon410 gpL
Concealable Thieves' ToolsPFS StandardCommon480 gpL
Spyglass (Fine)PFS StandardCommon480 gpL
Replacement Filter (Level 5)PFS StandardUncommon525 gp
Book of Translation (Advanced)PFS StandardUncommon5125 gpL
Clockwork RecorderPFS StandardRare6250 gpL
Lock (Good)PFS StandardCommon9200 gp
Manacles (Good)PFS StandardCommon9250 gp
Handcuffs (Good) Uncommon9350 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Replacement Filter (Level 10)PFS StandardUncommon10155 gp
Lock (Superior)PFS StandardCommon174500 gp
Manacles (Superior)PFS StandardCommon175000 gp
Handcuffs (Superior) Uncommon176000 gpLAgents of Edgewatch