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Adventuring Gear

Source Core Rulebook pg. 287
These items follow special rules or require more detail.

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Holly and Mistletoe
Bedroll1 cpL
Candle1 cp
Chalk1 cp
Mug1 cp
Oil1 cp
Piton1 cp
Sack1 cpL
Sheath1 cp
Ten-Foot Pole1 cp1
Torch1 cpL
Soap2 cp
Ladder3 cp3
Belt Pouch4 cp
Flint and Steel5 cp
Vial5 cp
Waterskin5 cpL
Signal Whistle8 cp
Backpack1 sp
Bandolier1 sp
Basic Crafter's Book1 spL
Clothing (Explorer's)1 spL
Clothing (Ordinary)1 sp
Disguise Kit (Replacement Cosmetics)1 sp
Grappling Hook1 spL
Hammer1 spL
Religious Symbol (Wooden)1 spL
Satchel1 sp
Scroll Case1 sp
Writing Set (Extra Ink and Paper)1 sp
Lock (Poor)2 sp
Merchant's Scale2 spL
Saddlebags2 sp
Caltrops3 spL
Manacles (Poor)3 sp
Thieves' Tools (Replacement Picks)3 sp
Clothing (Winter)4 spL
Rations4 sp ((1 week))L
Tool (Short)4 spL
Climbing Kit5 sp1
Crowbar5 spL
Material Component Pouch5 spL
Rope5 spL
Chest6 sp2
Adventurer's Pack7 sp1
Lantern (Hooded)7 spL
Fishing Tackle8 sp1
Musical Instrument (Handheld)8 sp1
Tent (Pup)8 spL
Compass1 gpL
Cookware1 gp2
Formula Book (Blank)1 gpL
Lantern (Bull's-Eye)1 gp1
Mirror1 gp
Religious Text1 gpL
Spellbook (Blank)1 gpL
Tool (Long)1 gp1
Writing Set1 gpL
Armored Skirt2 gp1
Clothing (Fine)2 gpL
Disguise Kit2 gpL
Jellyfish Lamp2 gpL
Musical Instrument (Heavy)2 gp16
Religious Symbol (Silver)2 gpL
Repair Kit2 gp1
Alchemist's Tools3 gp1
Hourglass3 gpL
Thieves' Tools3 gpL
Artisan's Tools4 gp2
Chain4 gp1
Tack4 gp1
Alchemist's Lab5 gp6
Healer's Tools5 gp1
Snare Kit5 gp2
Swim Fins5 gpL
Tent (Four-Person)5 gp1
Spyglass20 gpL
Magnifying Glass40 gp
Lock (Simple)12 gp
Manacles (Simple)13 gp
Tent (Pavilion)240 gp12
Disguise Kit (Elite Cosmetics)35 sp
Thieves' Tools (Infiltrator Picks)33 gp
Pathfinder Chronicle36 gpL
Scholarly Journal36 gpL
Survey Map310 gpL
Lock (Average)315 gp
Compass (Lensatic)320 gpL
Crowbar (Levered)320 gpL
Fishing Tackle (Professional)320 gp1
Manacles (Average)320 gp
Repair Kit (Superb)325 gp1
Scholarly Journal (Compendium)330 gpL
Climbing Kit (Extreme)340 gp1
Disguise Kit (Elite)340 gpL
Artisan's Tools (Sterling)350 gp2
Healer's Tools (Expanded)350 gp1
Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Handheld)350 gp1
Survey Map (Atlas)350 gpL
Thieves' Tools (Infiltrator)350 gpL
Alchemist's Lab (Expanded)355 gp6
Clothing (High-Fashion Fine)355 gpL
Snare Kit (Specialist)355 gp2
Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Heavy)3100 gp16
Spyglass (Fine)480 gpL
Lock (Good)9200 gp
Manacles (Good)9250 gp
Bountiful Cauldron9680 gp2
Lock (Superior)174,500 gp
Manacles (Superior)175,000 gp