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Gnome Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Gnome, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAnimal Accomplice1GnomeYou build a rapport with an animal, which becomes magically bonded to you.
PFS StandardBurrow Elocutionist1GnomeYou recognize the chittering of ground creatures as its own peculiar language.
PFS StandardEmpathetic Plea1Gnome, Auditory, Emotion, Mental, Visualtrained in DiplomacyThe way you cringe or use those puppydog eyes you've been practicing elicits an empathetic response in the attacker.
PFS StandardFey Fellowship1GnomeYour enhanced fey connection affords you a warmer reception from creatures of the First World.
PFS StandardFirst World Magic1GnomeYour connection to the First World grants you a primal innate spell, much like those of the fey.
PFS StandardGnome Obsession1GnomeYou might have a flighty nature, but when a topic captures your attention, you dive into it headfirst.
PFS StandardGnome Polyglot1GnomeYour extensive travels, curiosity, and love of learning help you to learn languages quickly.
PFS StandardGnome Weapon Familiarity1GnomeYou favor unusual weapons tied to your people, such as blades with curved and peculiar shapes.
PFS StandardGrim Insight1GnomeUmbral Gnome heritageOthers’ attempts to scare you often grant you insights about your would-be bullies that you can then exploit.
PFS StandardIllusion Sense1GnomeYour ancestors spent their days cloaked and cradled in illusions, and as a result, sensing illusion magic is second nature to you.
PFS StandardInventive Offensive1Gnometrained in CraftingYou can jury-rig your weapons to perform in unexpected ways.
PFS StandardLife-Giving Magic1GnomeThe upwelling of innate magic refreshes your body.
PFS StandardNatural Performer1GnomeEntertainment comes naturally to you.
PFS StandardRazzle-Dazzle1GnomeYou've spent considerable time practicing the manipulation of light, weaponizing your blade's reflection or bolstering the luminosity of magical displays to unconventional heights.
PFS StandardTheoretical Acumen1GnomeYou study a creature’s form and behavior to hypothesize likely means of overcoming its strengths.
PFS StandardUnexpected Shift1GnomeYour supernatural connection sometimes causes you to phase from reality when under threat, disappearing for split seconds before reappearing—often surprising you as much as your enemies.
PFS StandardVibrant Display1GnomeChameleon Gnome heritageWhereas most gnomes’ coloration is static or changes slowly, you can cause your hair, eye, and skin color to scintillate in brief and disorienting bursts.
PFS StandardAnimal Elocutionist5GnomeBurrow ElocutionistYou hear animal sounds as conversations instead of unintelligent noise, and can respond in turn.
PFS StandardEclectic Obsession5GnomeGnome ObsessionYour desire for stimulation has led you from one pursuit to another and granted you a smattering of expertise with myriad crafts and professions.
PFS StandardEnergized Font5Gnomefocus pool, at least one innate spell from a gnome heritage or ancestry feat that shares a tradition with at least one of your focus spellsThe magic within you provides increased energy you can use to focus.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Gnome, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardGnome Weapon Innovator5GnomeGnome Weapon FamiliarityYou produce outstanding results when wielding unusual weapons.
PFS StandardIntuitive Illusions5GnomeIllusion SenseIllusion magic comes to you so naturally that you can effortlessly sustain your magical ruses.
PFS StandardNatural Illusionist5GnomeIllusion SenseBy drawing upon the First World’s magic, you can siphon a portion of that malleable world to create a convincing illusion.
PFS StandardProject Persona5Gnome, Concentrate, Illusion, Primal, VisualWhere others etch their armor to serve as a conduit for their imaginations, your vivid mind and bold personality allow you to project a more fitting persona over your lackluster armor.
PFS StandardCautious Curiosity9Gnomeat least one arcane or occult innate spell gained from a gnome heritage or gnome ancestry featYou've learned a few magical techniques for getting yourself both into and out of trouble unnoticed.
PFS StandardFirst World Adept9Gnomeat least one primal innate spellOver time your fey magic has grown stronger.
PFS StandardFortutious Shift9GnomeUnexpected ShiftYou have grown more comfortable with your penchant for supernatural disappearance.
PFS StandardLife Leap9Gnome, Move, Necromancy, TeleportationYou phase through a space that a living creature occupies in a flash, spontaneously appearing on the opposite side of it in a vibrant display of colorful light.
PFS StandardVivacious Conduit9GnomeYour connection to the First World has grown, and its positive energy flows into you rapidly.
PFS StandardGnome Weapon Expertise13GnomeGnome Weapon FamiliarityYour gnome affinity blends with your class training, granting you great skill with gnome weapons.
PFS StandardInstinctive Obfuscation13Gnome, Illusion, Visualat least one arcane or occult innate spell gained from a gnome heritage or gnome ancestry featThe magic within you manifests as a natural reaction to threats.
PFS StandardHomeward Bound17GnomeThe connection between you and the First World resonates within your body stronger than it does for most gnomes, allowing you to cross the threshold between the Material Plane and the First World.