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Source Core Rulebook pg. 565
A talisman is a special, single-use item you affix to your armor, a weapon, or elsewhere, allowing you to activate the talisman later for a special benefit. For more on talismans, see page 565.

Click here for the full rules on Talismans.

PFS StandardOwlbear Claw13 gp
PFS StandardPotency Crystal14 gp
PFS StandardWolf Fang14 gp
PFS StandardHunter's Bane26 gp
PFS StandardJade Cat26 gp
PFS StandardMonkey Pin26 gp
PFS StandardBronze Bull Pendant27 gp
PFS StandardCrying Angel Pendant27 gp
PFS StandardEffervescent Ampoule27 gp
PFS StandardMesmerizing Opal27 gp
PFS StandardOnyx Panther27 gp
PFS StandardSavior Spike27 gp
PFS StandardFeather Step Stone38 gp
PFS StandardSnapleaf39 gp
PFS StandardDragon Turtle Scale413 gp
PFS StandardFortifying Pebble413 gp
PFS StandardBloodseeker Beak420 gp
PFS StandardFear Gem420 gp
PFS StandardSneaky Key522 gp
PFS StandardShark Tooth Charm523 gp
PFS StandardBeckoning Cat Amulet 526 gp
PFS StandardEmerald Grasshopper530 gp
PFS StandardTiger Menuki530 gp
PFS StandardIron Cube650 gp
PFS StandardGrim Trophy755 gp
PFS StandardMurderer's Knot766 gp
PFS StandardSwift Block Cabochon770 gp
PFS StandardGallows Tooth8100 gp
PFS StandardJade Bauble8100 gp
PFS StandardVanishing Coin10160 gp
PFS StandardIron Medallion10175 gp
PFS StandardMummified Bat10175 gp
PFS StandardLucky Rabbit's Foot10175 gp
PFS StandardFade Band12320 gp
PFS StandardEye of Apprehension12400 gp
PFS StandardIron Equalizer12400 gp
PFS StandardMending Lattice13525 gp
PFS RestrictedGrinning Pugwampi14700 gp
PFS StandardViper's Fang14850 gp
PFS StandardDazing Coil14900 gp
PFS StandardIron Cudgel14900 gp
PFS StandardFlame Navette161,800 gp
PFS StandardGhost Dust161,800 gp
PFS StandardDispelling Sliver172,400 gp