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Source Core Rulebook pg. 565 2.0
A talisman is a special, single-use item you affix to your armor, a weapon, or elsewhere, allowing you to activate the talisman later for a special benefit. For more on talismans, see page 565.

Click here for the full rules on Talismans.

NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Emergency DisguisePFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman13 gp
Owlbear ClawPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman13 gp
Potency CrystalPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman14 gp
Wolf FangPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman14 gp
Slippery Ribbon UncommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation112 gpThe Slithering
Hunter's BanePFS StandardCommonConsumable, Divination, Magical, Talisman26 gp
Jade CatPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman26 gp
Monkey PinPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation26 gp
Bronze Bull PendantPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman27 gp
Crying Angel PendantPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Divine, Necromancy, Talisman27 gp
Effervescent AmpoulePFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation27 gp
Mesmerizing OpalPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Enchantment, Magical, Talisman27 gp
Onyx PantherPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation27 gp
Savior SpikePFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Consumable, Force, Magical, Talisman27 gp
Feather Step StonePFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation38 gp
SnapleafPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Illusion, Magical, Talisman39 gp
Dragon Turtle ScalePFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation413 gp
Fortifying PebblePFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman413 gp
Bloodseeker BeakPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Necromancy, Talisman420 gp
Fear GemPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Enchantment, Fear, Magical, Mental, Talisman420 gp
Sneaky KeyPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman522 gp
Shark Tooth CharmPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman523 gp
Beckoning Cat AmuletPFS LimitedUncommonConsumable, Divination, Fortune, Magical, Talisman526 gpExtinction Curse
Emerald GrasshopperPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation530 gp
Oily Button UncommonConjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman530 gpThe Slithering
Tiger MenukiPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation530 gp
Iron CubePFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman650 gp
Grim TrophyPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Enchantment, Magical, Talisman755 gp
Whisper Briolette UncommonConsumable, Divination, Magical, Mental, Talisman755 gpAgents of Edgewatch
Putrescent Glob UncommonConjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman765 gpThe Slithering
Murderer's KnotPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman766 gp
Swift Block CabochonPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman770 gp
Gallows ToothPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Divination, Magical, Talisman8100 gp
Jade BaublePFS StandardCommonConsumable, Enchantment, Magical, Mental, Talisman8100 gp
Basilisk EyePFS StandardCommonConsumable, Magical, Talisman, Transmutation, Visual9150 gp
Vanishing CoinPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Illusion, Magical, Talisman10160 gp
Iron MedallionPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman10175 gp
Lucky Rabbit's FootPFS StandardUncommonConsumable, Divination, Fortune, Magical, Talisman10175 gp
Mummified BatPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Divination, Magical, Talisman10175 gp
Fade BandPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Illusion, Magical, Talisman12320 gp
Balisse FeatherPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Divine, Evocation, Magical, Talisman12400 gp
Eye of ApprehensionPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Divination, Fortune, Talisman12400 gp
Iron EqualizerPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman12400 gp
Mending LatticePFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman13525 gp
Grinning PugwampiPFS LimitedUncommonConsumable, Enchantment, Magical, Misfortune, Talisman14700 gpAge of Ashes
Viper's FangPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman14850 gp
Dazing CoilPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Enchantment, Magical, Talisman14900 gp
Iron CudgelPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Evocation, Magical, Talisman14900 gp
Flame NavettePFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman161800 gp
Ghost DustPFS StandardCommonConsumable, Illusion, Occult, Talisman161800 gp
Dispelling SliverPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman172400 gp
Celestial HairPFS LimitedRareAbjuration, Consumable, Magical, Talisman2012500 gpExtinction Curse