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Fighter Feats

Every level at which you gain a Fighter feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

PFS StandardCombat Assessment1FighterYou make a telegraphed attack to learn about your foe.
PFS StandardDouble Slice1FighterYou lash out at your foe with both weapons.
PFS StandardEverstand Stance1Fighter, Champion, Stance, UncommonYou brace your shield with both hands, enhancing its potential for both offense and defense.
PFS StandardExacting Strike1Fighter, PressYou make a controlled attack, fully accounting for your momentum.
PFS StandardPoint-Blank Shot1Fighter, Open, StanceYou take aim to pick off nearby enemies quickly.
PFS StandardPower Attack1Fighter, FlourishYou unleash a particularly powerful attack that clobbers your foe but leaves you a bit unsteady.
PFS StandardReactive Shield1FighterYou can snap your shield into place just as you would take a blow, avoiding the hit at the last second.
PFS StandardSnagging Strike1FighterYou combine an attack with quick grappling moves to throw an enemy off balance as long as it stays in your reach.
PFS StandardSudden Charge1Fighter, Barbarian, Flourish, OpenWith a quick sprint, you dash up to your foe and swing.
PFS StandardAggressive Block2FighterYou push back as you block the attack, knocking your foe away or off balance.
PFS StandardAssisting Shot2Fighter, PressWith a quick shot, you interfere with a foe in combat.
PFS StandardBrutish Shove2Fighter, PressThrowing your weight behind your attack, you hit you opponent hard enough to make it stumble back.
PFS StandardCombat Grab2Fighter, PressYou swipe at your opponent and grab at them.
PFS StandardDragging Strike2Fighter, PressYou aim your weapon to snag a foe's armor, clothing, or flesh to pull them closer.
PFS StandardDueling Parry (Fighter)2FighterYou can parry attacks against you with your one-handed weapon.
PFS StandardIntimidating Strike2Fighter, Emotion, Fear, MentalYour blow not only wounds creatures but also shatters their confidence.
PFS StandardLunge2FighterExtending your body to its limits, you attack an enemy that would normally be beyond your reach.
PFS StandardRebounding Toss2Fighter, FlourishYou bounce your weapon off one foe to strike another.
PFS StandardBarreling Charge4Fighter, Barbarian, Flourishtrained in AthleticsYou rush forward, moving enemies aside to reach your foe.
PFS StandardDouble Shot4Fighter, FlourishYou shoot twice in blindingly fast succession.
PFS StandardDual-Handed Assault4Fighter, FlourishYou snap your free hand over to grip your weapon just long enough to add momentum and deliver a more powerful blow to your opponent.
PFS StandardEverstand Strike4Fighter, Champion, Press, UncommonEverstand StanceYour follow-up blow leaves you an opening to set your shield.
PFS StandardFarabellus Flip4Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Uncommontrained in medium armor; trained in AcrobaticsSurprisingly agile even in a breastplate and carrying a full rucksack, Marcos Farabellus developed this evasive maneuver during one of his many adventures
PFS StandardKnockdown4Fighter, Flourishtrained in AthleticsYou make an attack to knock a foe off balance, then follow up immediately with a sweep to topple them.
PFS StandardParting Shot4FighterYou jump back and fire a quick shot that catches your opponent off guard.
PFS StandardPowerful Shove4FighterAggressive Block or Brutish ShoveYou can push larger foes around with your attack.
PFS StandardQuick Reversal4Fighter, Flourish, PressYou turn your foes’ flanking against them with a quick reverse.
PFS StandardShielded Stride4FighterWhen your shield is up, your enemies’ blows can’t touch you.
PFS StandardSwipe4Fighter, Barbarian, FlourishYou make a wide, arcing swing.
PFS StandardTwin Parry4Fighter, Ranger, SwashbucklerYou use your two weapons to parry attacks.
PFS StandardAdvanced Weapon Training6FighterYou’ve studied the art of wielding an advanced weapon.
PFS StandardAdvantageous Assault6Fighter, PressWhen an enemy’s movement is compromised, you deliver a more deadly blow.
PFS StandardDazing Blow6Fighter, PressYou pummel a held foe, hoping to stagger them.
PFS StandardDisarming Stance6Fighter, Stancetrained in AthleticsYou adopt a fencing stance that improves your control over your weapon.
PFS StandardFurious Focus6FighterPower AttackYou’ve learned to maintain your balance even when swinging furiously.
PFS StandardGuardian's Deflection (Fighter)6FighterYou use your weapon to deflect the attack against your ally.
PFS StandardReflexive Shield6FighterYou can use your shield to fend off the worst of area effects and other damage.
PFS StandardRevealing Stab6FighterYou drive your piercing weapon into an imperceptible foe, revealing its location to your allies.
PFS StandardRicochet Stance (Fighter)6Fighter, StanceYou adopt a stance designed to rebound your thrown weapons back toward you.
PFS StandardShatter Defenses6Fighter, PressYour offense exploits your enemy’s fear. Make a melee Strike against a frightened creature.
PFS StandardShield Warden6Fighter, Champion[Champion] divine ally (shield); tenets of good; [Fighter] Shield BlockYou use your shield to protect your allies as well as yourself.
PFS StandardTriple Shot6FighterDouble ShotYou can quickly fire multiple shots with greater control.
PFS StandardBlind-Fight8Fighter, Investigator, Ranger, Roguemaster in PerceptionYour battle instincts make you more aware of concealed and invisible opponents.
PFS StandardDisorienting Opening8FighterAttack of OpportunityYou use your foes' openings to expose even greater weaknesses.
PFS StandardDueling Riposte8FighterDueling Parry (Fighter)You riposte against your flailing enemy.
PFS StandardFelling Strike8FighterYour attack can ground an airborne foe.
PFS StandardImpassable Wall Stance8Fighter, Champion, UncommonAttack of OpportunityYou refuse to let foes past your guard.
PFS StandardIncredible Aim8Fighter, ConcentrateBy spending a moment to focus, you can ensure your attack strikes true.
PFS StandardMobile Shot Stance8Fighter, StanceYour shots become nimble and deadly.
PFS StandardPositioning Assault8Fighter, FlourishWith punishing blows, you force your opponent into position.
PFS StandardQuick Shield Block8FighterShield Block; Reactive ShieldYou can bring your shield into place with hardly a thought.
PFS StandardResounding Bravery8FighterbraveryEven your fears serve as fuel for your fighting spirit.
PFS StandardSudden Leap8Fighter, BarbarianYou swing at a foe while mid-leap.
PFS StandardAgile Grace10FighterYour graceful moves with agile weapons are beyond compare.
PFS StandardCertain Strike10Fighter, PressEven when you don’t hit squarely, you can still score a glancing blow.
PFS StandardCombat Reflexes10FighterYou are particularly swift at punishing foes who leave you openings.
PFS StandardCut from the Air10FighterYou can knock aside ranged attacks.
PFS StandardDebilitating Shot10Fighter, FlourishAiming for a weak point, you impede your foe with a precise shot.
PFS StandardDisarming Twist10Fighter, Presstrained in AthleticsAfter your initial attack redirects your foe’s defenses, your follow-up wrests their weapon from their grasp.
PFS StandardDisruptive Stance10Fighter, StanceThe slightest distraction can provoke your wrath, and you’re prepared to foil enemies’ actions.
PFS StandardFearsome Brute10FighterFear makes your foes weak and more vulnerable to your attacks.
PFS StandardImproved Knockdown10FighterKnockdownYou can dash your foe to the ground with a single blow.
PFS StandardMirror Shield10FighterYou reflect the spell back against the triggering opponent.
PFS StandardOverpowering Charge10Fighter, BarbarianBarreling ChargeYou trample your foes as you charge past them.
PFS StandardTwin Riposte10Fighter, RangerA clever parry with one weapon leaves your opponent open to an attack with the other weapon.
PFS StandardBrutal Finish12Fighter, PressYour final blow can make an impact even if it rebounds off a foe’s defenses.
PFS StandardDueling Dance (Fighter)12Fighter, StanceDueling Parry (Fighter)Using your free hand as pivot and balance, you both attack and defend with your weapon.
PFS StandardFlinging Shove12FighterAggressive Block or Brutish ShoveYour opponets go even farther when push them around.
PFS StandardImproved Dueling Riposte12FighterDueling RiposteYour weapon whirls and darts, striking foes whenever the opportunity presents itself.
PFS StandardIncredible Ricochet12Fighter, Concentrate, PressIncredible AimAfter your first shot singles out your opponent's position, you direct another that ricochets around obstacles and strikes unerringly.
PFS StandardLunging Stance12Fighter, Stanceattack of opportunity; LungeYour body coiled to strike, you can lash out at distant enemies.
PFS StandardParagon's Guard12Fighter, StanceOnce you’ve had a moment to set your stance, you always have your shield ready without a thought.
PFS StandardSpring Attack12Fighter, PressSpringing away from one foe, you Strike at another.
PFS StandardDesperate Finisher14FighterYou throw everything into one last press.
PFS StandardDetermination14Fighter, ConcentrateYour training allows you to shrug off your foes’ spells and conditions when the need is dire.
PFS StandardGuiding Finish14Fighter, PressUsing your weapon as a lever, you force your opponent to end up right where you want them.
PFS StandardGuiding Riposte14FighterDueling RiposteBy shifting your weight and angling your weapon, you guide your opponent to a more favorable position.
PFS StandardImproved Twin Riposte (Fighter)14FighterTwin RiposteYour weapons are a blur, blocking and biting at your foes.
PFS StandardStance Savant (Fighter)14FighterWhen there’s imminent danger, you drop into a stance with a mere thought.
PFS StandardTwo-Weapon Flurry14Fighter, Flourish, PressYou lash out with both your weapons in a sudden frenzy.
PFS StandardWhirlwind Strike14Fighter, Barbarian, Flourish, OpenYou attack all nearby adversaries.
PFS StandardGraceful Poise16Fighter, StanceDouble SliceWith the right positioning, your off-hand weapon can strike like a scorpion’s stinger.
PFS StandardImproved Reflexive Shield16FighterReflexive ShieldYour shield can help save nearby allies.
PFS StandardMultishot Stance16Fighter, StanceTriple ShotYou lock yourself in a stable position so you can fire swiftly and accurately.
PFS StandardOverwhelming Blow16FighterYou throw your weight into a powerful attack that leaves you vulnerable.
PFS StandardTwinned Defense (Fighter)16Fighter, StanceTwin ParryYou’re always ready to use your off-hand weapon to interfere with attacks against you.
PFS StandardImpossible Volley18Fighter, Flourish, Open, RangerYou fire a volley at all foes in an area.
PFS StandardSavage Critical18FighterThe wounds you inflict are grievous.
PFS StandardSmash from the Air18FighterCut from the AirYour expertise enables you to knock away spells.
PFS StandardBoundless Reprisals20FighterWith a sixth sense for the flow of combat, you can quickly react to any situation as required.
PFS LimitedReflecting Riposte20Fighter, UncommonDueling Riposte, Mirror Shield, or Twin RiposteYou attempt to counteract the triggering spell using powerful magical techniques observed in the Kortos Mounts.Extinction Curse
PFS StandardUltimate Flexibility20Fighterimproved flexibilityYour experience keeps you on your toes, making you adaptable to even the most dangerous challenges.
PFS StandardWeapon Supremacy20FighterYour skill with weapons lets you attack swiftly at all times.