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Source Core Rulebook pg. 561 2.0
Oils are magical gels, ointments, pastes, or salves that are typically applied to an object and are used up in the process. They have the oil trait. Applying an oil usually takes two hands: one to hold the jar containing the oil, and another to extract the oil and apply it. You can only apply an oil to an item or creature within your reach. Because the process is so thorough, it is usually impossible to apply an oil to an unwilling target or an item in the possession of an unwilling target unless that target is paralyzed, petrified, or unconscious.

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PFS StandardNectar of Purification13 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Unlife (Minor)14 gpL
PFS StandardShielding Salve14 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Weightlessness26 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Potency27 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Mending39 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Unlife (Lesser)312 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Revelation525 gpL
PFS StandardSalve of Slipperiness525 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Weightlessness (Greater)636 gpL
PFS StandardSalve of Antiparalysis640 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Unlife (Moderate)650 gpL
PFS LimitedSaints' Balm770 gpExtinction Curse
PFS StandardOil of Object Animation885 gp
PFS StandardAligned Oil9140 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Repulsion11175 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Keen Edges11250 gpL
PFS StandardSalve of Antiparalysis (Greater)12325 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Animation12330 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Unlife (Greater)12400 gpL
PFS StandardObfuscation Oil151,200 gpL
PFS StandardOil of Object Animation (Greater)161,400 gp
PFS StandardOil of Unlife (Major)185,000 gpL
PFS StandardAntimagic Oil2013,000 gpL