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Held Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 572
These items need to be held to use them. Weapons, wands, and staves follow special rules and have their own sections.

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Everburning Torch115 gpL
Pathfinder's Coin230 gp
Wondrous Figurine (Onyx Dog)234 gp
Thurible of Revelation (Lesser)355 gp
Maestro's Instrument (Lesser)360 gp
Bag of Holding (Type I)475 gp
Skeleton Key5125 gp
Holy Prayer Beads5160 gp
Traveler's Any-Tool6200 gp1
Insistent Door Knocker6225 gp1
Horn of Fog6230 gp1
Primeval Mistletoe6230 gp
Chime of Opening6235 gpL
Bag of Holding (Type II)7300 gp
Bottled Air7320 gpL
Decanter of Endless Water7320 gpL
Wondrous Figurine (Jade Serpent)7340 gp
Dragon's Eye Charm7360 gpL
Rod of Wonder8465 gpL
Cursed Dreamstone9L
Immovable Rod9600 gp1
Triton's Conch9640 gpL
Dreamstone9700 gpL
Horn of Blasting9700 gpL
Maestro's Instrument (Moderate)10900 gp
Thurible of Revelation (Moderate)10900 gp
Wondrous Figurine (Golden Lions)10900 gp
Bag of Holding (Type III)111,200 gp
Greater Insistent Door Knocker111,250 gp1
Skeleton Key (Greater)111,250 gp
Holy Prayer Beads (Greater)111,400 gp
Lich Phylactery121,600 gp
Marvelous Medicines121,800 gp
Broom of Flying121,900 gp1
Bag of Holding (Type IV)132,400 gp
Wondrous Figurine (Marble Elephant)132,700 gp
Crystal Ball (Clear Quartz)143,800 gp
Primeval Mistletoe (Greater)143,900 gp
Rod of Negation144,300 gp1
Demilich Eye Gem153,000 gp (can't be crafted)
Wondrous Figurine (Obsidian Steed)156,000 gp
Crystal Ball (Selenite)157,000 gp
Crystal Ball (Moonstone)167,500 gp
Guiding Chisel1610,000 gp1
Crystal Ball (Peridot)1712,500 gp
Major Insistent Door Knocker1713,500 gp1
Maestro's Instrument (Greater1819,000 gp
Marvelous Medicines (Greater)1819,000 gp
Thurible of Revelation (Greater)1819,000 gp
Possibility Tome1822,000 gp2
Crystal Ball (Obsidian)1932,000 gp