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Held Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 572 2.0
These items need to be held to use them. Weapons, wands, and staves follow special rules and have their own sections.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Predictable Silver PiecePFS StandardCommonDivination, Magical13 gp
Ganjay BookPFS StandardUncommonMagical, Transmutation110 gpL
Everburning TorchPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Light, Magical115 gpL
Bottomless SteinPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Magical225 gpL
Pathfinder's CoinPFS StandardUncommonIllusion, Magical230 gp
Pyrite RatPFS LimitedCommonConjuration, Magical232 gpL
Wondrous Figurine (Onyx Dog)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical234 gpL
Rope of Climbing (Lesser)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation345 gpL
Abadar's Flawless ScalePFS StandardUncommonDivination, Magical350 gp1
Bullhook  UncommonEnchantment, Magical355 gp1Extinction Curse
Thurible of Revelation (Lesser)PFS StandardCommonDivination, Divine355 gp1
Maestro's Instrument (Lesser)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Magical360 gp1
Bag of Holding (Type I)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Extradimensional, Magical475 gp1
Mortar of Hidden MeaningPFS StandardCommonDivination, Magical475 gpL
Sealing Chest (Lesser)PFS LimitedUncommonAbjuration, Magical475 gpL
Arcane Scroll Case of SimplicityPFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation4100 gp
Divine Scroll Case of SimplicityPFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation4100 gp
Occult Scroll Case of SimplicityPFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation4100 gp
Primal Scroll Case of SimplicityPFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation4100 gp
Recording Rod (Reusable) UncommonConsumable, Divination, Magical, Scrying560 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Floorbell UncommonAbjuration, Magical5120 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Rope of Climbing (Moderate)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation5125 gpL
Skeleton KeyPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation5125 gp
Wondrous Figurine (Candy Constrictor)PFS LimitedCommonConjuration, Magical5140 gpLExtinction Curse
Folding Drums UncommonMagical, Transmutation5160 gpAbomination Vaults
Holy Prayer BeadsPFS StandardUncommonDivine, Healing, Necromancy, Positive5160 gp
Traveler's Any-ToolPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation6200 gp1
Insistent Door KnockerPFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical6225 gp1
Horn of FogPFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical, Water6230 gp1
Primeval MistletoePFS StandardCommonPrimal, Transmutation6230 gp
Chime of OpeningPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Magical6235 gpL
Lantern of Empty Light RareEnchantment, Magical6240 gp1Abomination Vaults
Bag of Holding (Type II)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Extradimensional, Magical7300 gp1
Rope of Climbing (Greater)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation7300 gpL
Sealing Chest (Moderate)PFS LimitedUncommonAbjuration, Magical7300 gpL
Bottled AirPFS StandardCommonAir, Conjuration, Magical7320 gpL
Decanter of Endless WaterPFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical, Water7320 gpL
Wondrous Figurine (Jade Serpent)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical7340 gpL
Wondrous Figurine (Rubber Bear)PFS LimitedCommonConjuration, Magical7350 gpLExtinction Curse
Dragon's Eye CharmPFS LimitedUncommonDivination, Magical7360 gpLAge of Ashes
Rod of WonderPFS StandardRareChaotic, Evocation, Magical8465 gpL
Deafening Music Box UncommonAuditory, Evocation, Magical8500 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Cursed DreamstonePFS LimitedUncommonEnchantment, Magical9LAge of Ashes
Earthsight BoxPFS LimitedUncommonDivination, Magical, Scrying9575 gpL
Dreadsmoke ThuriblePFS StandardUncommonMagical, Necromancy9600 gp1
Immovable RodPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation9600 gp1
Shoony ShovelPFS LimitedRareEarth, Magical9600 gp2Extinction Curse
Triton's ConchPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation9640 gpL
Chain of the Stilled Spirit UncommonMagical, Necromancy9650 gp2Agents of Edgewatch
Inspiring SpotlightPFS LimitedUncommonEnchantment, Light, Magical9650 gp3Extinction Curse
DreamstonePFS LimitedUncommonEnchantment, Magical9700 gpLAge of Ashes
Horn of BlastingPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Sonic9700 gpL
Urn of AshesPFS StandardCommonMagical, Necromancy, Negative9700 gp
Golem StylusPFS LimitedUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation10850 gpLExtinction Curse
Grail of Twisted DesiresPFS LimitedUniqueConjuration, Illusion, Magical10850 gpLExtinction Curse
Maestro's Instrument (Moderate)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Magical10900 gp1
Thurible of Revelation (Moderate)PFS StandardCommonDivination, Divine10900 gp1
Wondrous Figurine (Golden Lions)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical10900 gpL
Singing Bowl of the Versatile StancePFS StandardUncommonEnchantment, Magical111175 gpL
Bag of Holding (Type III)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Extradimensional, Magical111200 gp1
Quill of PassagePFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Magical111200 gp
Insistent Door Knocker (Greater)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical111250 gp1
Sealing Chest (Greater)PFS LimitedUncommonAbjuration, Magical111250 gpL
Skeleton Key (Greater)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation111250 gp
Holy Prayer Beads (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonDivine, Healing, Necromancy, Positive111400 gp
Lich PhylacteryPFS RestrictedRareArcane, Necromancy, Negative121600 gp
Marvelous MedicinesPFS StandardCommonMagical, Necromancy121800 gp1
Broom of FlyingPFS StandardCommonMagical, Transmutation121900 gp1
Bullhook (Greater) PFS LimitedUncommonEnchantment, Magical121900 gp1Extinction Curse
Bag of Holding (Type IV)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Extradimensional, Magical132400 gp1
Slates of Distant LettersPFS StandardCommonDivination, Magical132450 gpL
Wondrous Figurine (Marble Elephant)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical132700 gpL
Sealing Chest (Major)PFS LimitedUncommonAbjuration, Magical143750 gpL
Crystal Ball (Clear Quartz)PFS StandardUncommonDivination, Magical, Scrying143800 gpL
Primeval Mistletoe (Greater)PFS StandardCommonPrimal, Transmutation143900 gp
Rod of NegationPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Magical144300 gp1
Demilich Eye GemPFS RestrictedRareArcane153000 gp
Wondrous Figurine (Obsidian Steed)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical156000 gpL
Crystal Ball (Selenite)PFS StandardUncommonDivination, Magical, Scrying157000 gpL
Crystal Ball (Moonstone)PFS StandardUncommonDivination, Magical, Scrying167500 gpL
Guiding ChiselPFS LimitedUniqueConjuration, Elf, Magical1610000 gp1Age of Ashes
Crystal Ball (Peridot)PFS StandardUncommonDivination, Magical, Scrying1712500 gpL
Cauldron of Nightmares RareIllusion, Invested, Magical1713000 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Insistent Door Knocker (Major)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Magical1713500 gp1
Maestro's Instrument (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Magical1819000 gp1
Marvelous Medicines (Greater)PFS StandardCommonMagical, Necromancy1819000 gp1
Thurible of Revelation (Greater)PFS StandardCommonDivination, Divine1819000 gp1
Possibility TomePFS StandardCommonDivination, Magical1822000 gp2
Crystal Ball (Obsidian)PFS StandardUncommonDivination, Magical, Scrying1932000 gpL
Planar RibbonPFS LimitedUniqueConjuration, Occult2060000 gpLExtinction Curse
Rod of CancellationPFS StandardRareAbjuration, Magical2075000 gp1