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Barbarian Feats

Every level at which you gain a Barbarian feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

Acute Vision1BarbarianYour sense improve when you are raging.
Moment of Clarity1Barbarian, Concentrate, RageYou push back your rage for a moment in order to think clearly.
Raging Intimidation1BarbarianYour fury fills your foes with fear.
Raging Thrower1BarbarianThrown weapons become especially deadly in your fury.
Sudden Charge1Barbarian, Fighter, Flourish, OpenWith a quick sprint, you dash up to your foe and swing.
Acute Scent2BarbarianAcute Vision or darkvisionWhen you Rage, your sense of smell improves.
Furious Finish2Barbarian, RageDesperate to finish the fight, you pour all your rage into one final blow.
No Escape2Barbarian, RageYou keep pace with a retreating foe.
Second Wind2BarbarianYou can enter a second rage, but afterward you need to catch your breath.
Shake it Off2Barbarian, Concentrate, RageYou concentrate on your rage, overcoming fear and fighting back sickness.
Fast Movement4BarbarianYour rage is a frenzy of rapid movements.
Raging Athlete4Barbarianexpert in AthleticsPhysical obstacles can’t hold back your fury.
Swipe4Barbarian, Fighter, FlourishYou make a wide, arcing swing.
Wounded Rage4BarbarianYou roar in pain, awakening the rage within you.
Animal Skin6Barbarian, Instinct, Morph, Primal, Transmutationanimal instinctYour proficiency in unarmored defense increases to expert.
Attack of Opportunity6Barbarian, ChampionYou swat a foe that leaves an opening.
Brutal Bully6Barbarianexpert in AthleticsYou push your foes around and leave bruises.
Cleave6Barbarian, RageYou swing clear through one foe and into another.
Dragon's Rage Breath6Barbarian, Arcane, Concentrate, Evocation, Instinct, Ragedragon instinctYou exhale powerful draconic energy.
Giant's Stature6Barbarian, Instinct, Polymorph, Primal, Rage, Transmutationgiant instinctYou grow to incredible size.
Spirits' Interference6Barbarian, Divine, Instinct, Necromancy, Ragespirit instinctYou call forth protective spirits to ward off ranged attacks.
Animal Rage8Barbarian, Concentrate, Instinct, Polymorph, Primal, Rage, Transmutationanimal instinctYou transform into your animal.
Furious Bully8Barbarianmaster in AthleticsYou bully foes across the battlefield.
Renewed Vigor8Barbarian, Concentrate, RageYou pause to recover your raging vigor.
Share Rage8Barbarian, Auditory, Rage, VisualYou stoke an ally’s fury.
Sudden Leap8Barbarian, FighterYou swing at a foe while mid-leap.
Thrash8Barbarian, RageYou thrash the grabbed foe around.
Come and Get Me10Barbarian, Concentrate, RageYou open yourself to attacks so you can respond in turn.
Furious Sprint10Barbarian, RageYou rush forward.
Great Cleave10Barbarian, RageCleaveYour fury carries your weapon through multiple foes.
Knockback10Barbarian, RageThe weight of your swing drives your enemy back.
Terrifying Howl10Barbarian, Auditory, RageIntimidating GlareYou unleash a terrifying howl.
Dragon's Rage Wings12Barbarian, Instinct, Morph, Primal, Rage, Transmutationdragon instinctYou sprout dragon wings from your back.
Furious Grab12Barbarian, RageYou grab your foe while it’s distracted by your attack.
Predator's Pounce12Barbarian, Flourish, Instinct, Open, Rageanimal instinctYou close the distance to your prey in a blur.
Spirit's Wrath12Barbarian, Attack, Concentrate, Instinct, Ragespirit instinctYou call forth an ephemeral apparition.
Titan's Stature12Barbarian, Instinct, Polymorph, Transmutationgiant instinct, Giant’s StatureYou grow to even greater size.
Awesome Blow14Barbarian, Concentrate, RageKnockbackYour attacks are so powerful, they can flatten your opponents.
Giant's Lunge14Barbarian, Concentrate, Instinct, Ragegiant instinctYou extend your body and prepare to attack foes outside your normal reach.
Vengeful Strike14Barbarian, RageCome and Get MeWhen struck by an enemy, you respond in turn.
Whirlwind Strike14Barbarian, Fighter, Flourish, OpenYou attack all nearby adversaries.
Collateral Thrash16Barbarian, RageThrashWhen you Thrash a grabbed foe, you smack that foe into another nearby.
Dragon Transformation16Barbarian, Concentrate, Instinct, Polymorph, Primal, Rage, Transmutationdragon instinct, Dragon’s Rage WingsYou transform into a ferocious large dragon.
Reckless Abandon16Barbarian, RageYour blood boils when you take a beating, and you throw caution to the wind to finish the fight.
Brutal Critical18BarbarianYour critical hits are particularly devastating.
Perfect Clarity18Barbarian, Concentrate, Fortune, RageYou burn out all of your rage to ensure that your attack lands and your mind remains free.
Vicious Evisceration18Barbarian, RageYou make a vicious attack that maims your enemy.
Contagious Rage20Barbarian, Auditory, Rage, VisualShare RageYou can drive your allies into a frenzy, granting them incredible benefits.
Invulnerable Juggernaut20Barbarian, UncommonGain resistance to all damage.
Quaking Stomp20Barbarian, Manipulate, RageYou stomp the ground with such force that it creates a minor earthquake.