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Source Core Rulebook pg. 294 2.0
The services listed on Table 6–14 describe expenditures for common services and consumables.

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PFS StandardBeverages (Mug of Ale)1 cpL
PFS StandardMeal (Poor)1 cpL
PFS StandardToll1 cp
PFS StandardBeverages (Pot of Coffee or Tea)2 cpL
PFS StandardStabling2 cp (per day)
PFS StandardLodging (Floor Space)3 cp (per day)
PFS StandardMeal (Square)3 cpL
PFS StandardBeverages (Bottle of Wine)1 spL
PFS StandardLodging (Bed)1 sp (per day)
PFS StandardBeverages (Keg of Ale)2 sp2
PFS StandardLodging (Private Room)8 sp (per day)
PFS StandardBeverages (Bottle of Fine Wine)1 gpL
PFS StandardMeal (Fine Dining)1 gpL
PFS StandardLodging (Extravagant Suite)10 gp (per day)