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Other Worn Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 604 2.0
These are a wide variety of items you wear. Armor appears in its own section on page 555, and apex items that can increase ability scores are on page 603.

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NamePFS LegalityRarityTraitsLevelPriceBulkSpoilers?
Aeon Stone (Dull Gray)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation19 gp
Ring of Discretion UncommonIllusion, Invested, Magical, Visual115 gpAgents of Edgewatch
Necklace of KnivesPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical225 gp
WayfinderPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Invested, Magical228 gp
Archaic WayfinderPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Magical230 gp
Brooch of ShieldingPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical230 gp
Hand of the MagePFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical230 gpL
Hat of DisguisePFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical230 gp
Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+1)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation235 gp
Everyneed PackPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical320 gp
Skinsaw Mask UncommonDivination, Divine, Evil, Invested, Magical330 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Manacles of PersuasionPFS StandardUncommonMagical, Necromancy, Nonlethal345 gp1
Aeon Stone (Dusty Rose Prism)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation350 gp
Doubling RingsPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical350 gp
Fashionable WayfinderPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical350 gp
Hag Eye RareDivination, Invested, Occult, Scrying350 gp
Hat of the MagiPFS StandardCommonArcane, Conjuration, Invested350 gp
Persona MaskPFS StandardCommonFortune, Illusion, Invested, Magical350 gp
Bracers of Missile DeflectionPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical352 gpL
Golden Legion EpauletPFS LimitedUncommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical355 gpL
Channel Protection AmuletPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical356 gp
Bracelet of DashingPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation358 gpL
Aeon Stone (Pearly White Spindle)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation360 gp
Coyote CloakPFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical360 gp
Crafter's EyepiecePFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation360 gp
Dancing ScarfPFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical, Visual360 gp
Pendant of the OccultPFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Occult360 gp
Secret-Keeper's Mask (Blackfingers) RareDivination, Enchantment, Invested, Magical360 gp
Secret-Keeper's Mask (Reaper of Reputation) RareDivination, Enchantment, Invested, Magical360 gp
Tracker's GogglesPFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical360 gp
Ventriloquist's RingPFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical360 gp
Healer's GlovesPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Necromancy480 gpL
Hunter's ArrowheadPFS LimitedRareEnchantment, Invested, Magical480 gpAge of Ashes
Hunter's Brooch UniqueDivine, Invested, Positive, Transmutation480 gpLAbomination Vaults
Lifting BeltPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation480 gpL
Wayfinder of RescuePFS LimitedUncommonEvocation, Invested, Magical480 gp
Aeon Stone (Azure Briolette)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation485 gp
Belt of Good HealthPFS LimitedCommonInvested, Magical, Necromancy485 gpL
Demon MaskPFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical485 gpL
Talisman Cord (Lesser)PFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical485 gp
Cloak of ReputePFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical490 gp1
Alchemist GogglesPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation4100 gp
Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+1 Striking)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation4100 gp
Shining WayfinderPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Divination, Evocation, Invested, Magical4100 gp
Sleeves of StoragePFS StandardCommonConjuration, Extradimensional, Invested, Magical4100 gpL
Necklace of Fireballs IPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical544 gp
Diplomat's BadgePFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical5125 gp
Aeon Stone (Agate Ellipsoid)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation5130 gp
Spectacles of UnderstandingPFS StandardUncommonDivination, Invested, Magical5130 gp
Boots of ElvenkindPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation5145 gpL
Corpseward Pendant UncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical5150 gpAgents of Edgewatch
Goggles of NightPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation5150 gp
Secret-Keeper's Mask (Gray Master) RareDivination, Enchantment, Invested, Magical5150 gp
Sun WheelPFS LimitedRareAbjuration, Invested, Magical5150 gpTroubles in Otari
Vanishing WayfinderPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Illusion, Invested, Magical5150 gp
Bort's BlessingPFS LimitedRareDivination, Invested5160 gpThe Fall of Plaguestone
Merchant's GuilePFS LimitedUncommonEnchantment, Invested5160 gpThe Fall of Plaguestone
Ring of Minor ArcanaPFS LimitedUncommonArcane, Evocation, Invested5160 gpThe Fall of Plaguestone
Ring of the Weary TravelerPFS LimitedUncommonInvested, Transmutation5160 gpThe Fall of Plaguestone
Stalwart's RingPFS LimitedUncommonInvested, Necromancy5160 gpThe Fall of Plaguestone
Warrior's Training RingPFS LimitedUncommonDivination, Invested5160 gpThe Fall of Plaguestone
Snowshoes of the Long TrekPFS StandardUncommonMagical, Transmutation5550 gp
Bi-Resonant WayfinderPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Illusion, Invested, Magical6200 gp
Choker of ElocutionPFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical6200 gpL
Chronicler WayfinderPFS LimitedUncommonEvocation, Invested, Magical6200 gp
Pathfinder's PouchPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Extradimensional, Invested, Magical6200 gpL
Bellflower ToolbeltPFS LimitedRareInvested, Magical, Transmutation6220 gp1Age of Ashes
Ring of the RamPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Force, Invested, Magical6220 gp
Aeon Stone (Western Star)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation6225 gp
Aeon Stone (Gold Nodule)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation6230 gp
Clandestine CloakPFS StandardUncommonIllusion, Invested, Magical6230 gpL
Vaultbreaker's Harness UncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation6230 gp1Agents of Edgewatch
Ring of Energy ResistancePFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical6245 gp
Secret-Keeper's Mask (Father Skinsaw) RareDivination, Enchantment, Invested, Magical6250 gp
Everyneed Pack (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical7100 gp
Necklace of Fireballs IIPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical7115 gp
Unmemorable MantlePFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical7300 gp1
Aeon Stone (Clear Spindle)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation7325 gp
Ethersight Ring UncommonDivination, Invested, Magical, Revelation7325 gpAgents of Edgewatch
Ring of SustenancePFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical7325 gp
Slippers of Spider ClimbingPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation7325 gpL
Boots of BoundingPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation7340 gpL
Gloves of StoringPFS StandardUncommonExtradimensional, Invested, Magical, Transmutation7340 gp
Hat of Disguise (Greater)PFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical7340 gp
Aeon Stone (Tourmaline Sphere)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation7350 gp
Cloak of ElvenkindPFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical7360 gpL
Ring of Wizardry (Type I)PFS StandardUncommonArcane, Divination, Invested7360 gp
Drover's Band RareEnchantment, Incapacitation, Invested, Magical7675 gpLAbomination Vaults
Bracers of Armor IPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical8450 gpL
Cordelia's Construct KeyPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical, Transmutation8450 gp
Swarmeater's Clasp UncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical8460 gpAgents of Edgewatch
Lover's GlovesPFS StandardCommonEmotion, Enchantment, Invested, Magical, Mental8500 gp
Moonstone DiademPFS StandardRareDivination, Invested, Magical8500 gpLExtinction Curse
Necklace of Fireballs IIIPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical9300 gp
Elemental Wayfinder (Earth)PFS StandardUncommonEarth, Evocation, Invested, Magical9600 gp
HeartstonePFS RestrictedCommonAbjuration, Invested, Occult9600 gp
Sleeves of Storage (Greater)PFS StandardCommonConjuration, Extradimensional, Invested, Magical9600 gpL
Armbands of AthleticismPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation9645 gpL
Belt of the Five KingsPFS StandardUncommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical9650 gpL
Bracers of Missile Deflection (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical9650 gpL
Coyote Cloak (Greater)PFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical9650 gp
Dancing Scarf (Greater)PFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical, Visual9650 gp
Diviner's Nose ChainPFS StandardUncommonDivination, Magical9650 gp
Elemental Wayfinder (Air)PFS StandardUncommonAir, Evocation, Invested, Magical9650 gp
Hat of the Magi (Greater)PFS StandardCommonArcane, Conjuration, Invested9650 gp
Pendant of the Occult (Greater)PFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Occult9650 gp
Persona Mask (Greater)PFS StandardCommonFortune, Illusion, Invested, Magical9650 gp
Tracker's Goggles (Greater)PFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical9660 gp
Ventriloquist's Ring (Greater)PFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical9670 gp
Knapsack of HalflingkindPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Extradimensional, Healing, Invested, Magical9675 gpL
Phylactery of FaithfulnessPFS StandardCommonDivination, Divine, Invested9680 gpL
Elemental Wayfinder (Fire)PFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Fire, Invested, Magical9700 gp
Eyes of the EaglePFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation9700 gp
Healer's Gloves (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Necromancy9700 gpL
Mask of the BansheePFS StandardCommonAuditory, Invested, Magical, Necromancy, Negative9700 gp
Messenger's RingPFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical9700 gp
Stole of CivilityPFS StandardUncommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical9700 gpLExtinction Curse
Cloak of Repute (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical91300 gp1
Unmemorable Mantle (Greater)PFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical91300 gp1
Aluum Charm UncommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical10Age of Ashes
Miter of CommunionPFS StandardUncommonDivination, Invested, Magical10800 gpL
Choker of Elocution (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical10850 gpL
Ring of LiesPFS StandardUncommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical10850 gp
Talisman CordPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical10850 gp
Winged BootsPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation10850 gpL
Aeon Stone (Pearlescent Pyramid)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation10900 gp
Clandestine Cloak (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonIllusion, Invested, Magical10900 gpL
Daredevil BootsPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical10900 gpL
Demon Mask (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical10900 gpL
Elemental Wayfinder (Water)PFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Invested, Magical, Water10900 gp
Razmiri WayfinderPFS LimitedUncommonIllusion, Magical, Necromancy10900 gp
Ring of CounterspellsPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical10925 gp
Fire-Jump RingPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Fire, Invested, Magical, Teleportation10940 gp
Cloak of the BatPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation10950 gpL
Ring of Energy Resistance (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical10975 gp
Cape of the MountebankPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical10980 gpL
Druid's VestmentsPFS StandardCommonFocused, Invested, Primal, Transmutation101000 gpL
Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+2 Striking)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation101000 gp
Ring of Wizardry (Type II)PFS StandardUncommonArcane, Divination, Invested101000 gp
Necklace of Fireballs IVPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical11700 gp
Cassock of DevotionPFS StandardCommonDivination, Divine, Focused, Invested111150 gpL
Ring of Maniacal DevicesPFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical111175 gp
Crafter's Eyepiece (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation111200 gp
Envisioning MaskPFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical, Mental111200 gp
Spectacles of Understanding (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonDivination, Invested, Magical111200 gp
Boots of Elvenkind (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation111250 gpL
Goggles of Night (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation111250 gp
Gorget of the Primal RoarPFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical111250 gpL
Doubling Rings (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical111300 gp
Alchemist Goggles (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation111400 gp
Cloak of Elvenkind (Greater)PFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical121750 gpL
Cordelia's Construct Key (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical, Transmutation121750 gp
Hummingbird WayfinderPFS StandardUncommonEvocation, Invested, Magical, Transmutation121750 gp
Ring of ClimbingPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation121750 gp
Ring of SwimmingPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation121750 gp
Ring of Stoneshifting UncommonConjuration, Earth, Invested, Magical, Teleportation121800 gpLExtinction Curse
Aeon Stone (Pink Rhomboid)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation121900 gp
Aeon Stone (Black Pearl)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation122000 gp
Berserker's CloakPFS StandardCommonInvested, Primal, Transmutation122000 gp1
Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+2 Greater Striking)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation122000 gp
Ring of Wizardry (Type III)PFS StandardUncommonArcane, Divination, Invested122000 gp
Necklace of Fireballs VPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical131600 gp
Aeon Stone (Pale Lavender Ellipsoid)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation132200 gp
Blightburn Ward UncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical132300 gpExtinction Curse
Eye of FortunePFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical132700 gp
Ring of the Ram (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEvocation, Force, Invested, Magical132700 gp
Homeward WayfinderPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Evocation, Invested, Magical, Teleportation132750 gp
Knapsack of Halflingkind (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Extradimensional, Healing, Invested, Magical132850 gpL
Boots of SpeedPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation133000 gpL
Hellfire BootsPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Fire, Invested, Magical133000 gp1
Bracers of Armor IIPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical144000 gpL
Pactmaster's GracePFS LimitedUncommonDivination, Invested, Magical144000 gpAge of Ashes
Boots of Bounding (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation144250 gpL
Ring of Energy Resistance (Major)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical144400 gp
Ring of Wizardry (Type IV)PFS StandardUncommonArcane, Divination, Invested144500 gp
Necklace of Fireballs VIPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical154200 gp
Heedless Spurs RareAbjuration, Magical155200 gpLExtinction Curse
Dragonscale AmuletPFS LimitedRareEnchantment, Invested, Magical155800 gpAge of Ashes
Earthglide CloakPFS StandardCommonEarth, Invested, Magical, Transmutation156500 gp
Robe of the ArchmagiPFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Arcane, Invested156500 gp1
Talisman Cord (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical168500 gp
Miogimo's Mask UniqueInvested, Magical, Necromancy169500 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Aeon Stone (Orange Prism)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation169750 gp
Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+3 Greater Striking)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1610000 gp
Necklace of Fireballs VIIPFS StandardCommonEvocation, Invested, Magical179600 gp
Armbands of Athleticism (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1713000 gpL
Cloak of the Bat (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1713000 gpL
Clockwork Helm RareClockwork, Invested, Magical1713000 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Phylactery of Faithfulness (Greater)PFS StandardCommonDivination, Divine, Invested1713000 gpL
Robe of EyesPFS StandardUncommonDivination, Invested, Magical1713000 gp1
Messenger's Ring (Greater)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical1713500 gp
Daredevil Boots (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical1714000 gpL
Voyager's PackPFS StandardUncommonConjuration, Invested, Magical1714800 gp
Alchemist Goggles (Major)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1715000 gp
Dread BlindfoldPFS StandardCommonEmotion, Enchantment, Fear, Invested, Magical, Mental1715000 gp
Cloak of Repute (Major)PFS StandardCommonEnchantment, Invested, Magical1721750 gp1
Unmemorable Mantle (Major)PFS StandardCommonIllusion, Invested, Magical1721750 gp1
Ring of Maniacal Devices (Greater)PFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical184250 gp
Inexplicable ApparatusPFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1819000 gp2
Clockwork Cloak UncommonClockwork, Invested, Magical1820000 gpLAgents of Edgewatch
Goggles of Night (Major)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1820000 gp
Aeon Stone (Lavender and Green Ellipsoid)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1930000 gp
Robe of the Archmagi (Greater)PFS StandardUncommonAbjuration, Arcane, Invested1932000 gp1
Mask of the Banshee (Greater)PFS StandardCommonAuditory, Invested, Magical, Necromancy, Negative1935000 gp
Locket of Sealed NightmaresPFS LimitedRareIllusion, Invested, Magical1936000 gpExtinction Curse
Aeon Stone (Pale Orange Rhomboid)PFS StandardUncommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1940000 gp
Berserker's Cloak (Greater)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Primal, Transmutation1940000 gp1
Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+3 Major Striking)PFS StandardCommonInvested, Magical, Transmutation1940000 gp
Third EyePFS StandardCommonDivination, Invested, Magical1940000 gp
Ring of Recalcitrant Wishes RareDivination, Invested, Magical2010000 gpAgents of Edgewatch
Bracers of Armor IIIPFS StandardCommonAbjuration, Invested, Magical2060000 gpL
Whisper of the First LiePFS StandardRareEnchantment, Invested, Magical2060000 gp
Ring of Spell TurningPFS StandardRareAbjuration, Invested, Magical2067000 gp