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Halfling Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As a Halfling, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAdroit Manipulation1Halfling, UncommonYou’ve fiddled with knots, locks, and blacksmith’s puzzles since you were a child to give your hands something to do.
PFS StandardDistracting Shadows1HalflingYou have learned to remain hidden by using larger folk as a distraction to avoid drawing attention to yourself.
PFS StandardFolksy Patter1HalflingYou are adept at disguising coded messages as folksy idioms.
PFS StandardHalfling Lore1HalflingYou’ve dutifully learned important skills passed down through generations of halfling tradition.
PFS StandardHalfling Luck1Halfling, FortuneYour happy-go-lucky nature makes it seem like misfortune avoids you.
PFS StandardHalfling Weapon Familiarity1HalflingYou favor traditional halfling weapons, so you’ve learned how to use them more effectively.
PFS StandardInnocuous1HalflingHalflings have been unobtrusive assistants of larger folk for untold ages, and your people count on this assumption of innocence.
PFS StandardIntuitive Cooperation1Halfling, UncommonYou are accustomed to working alongside others, relying on each other to get by.
PFS StandardPrairie Rider1HalflingYou grew up riding your clan's shaggy ponies and riding dogs.
PFS StandardSure Feet1HalflingWhether keeping your balance or scrambling up a tricky climb, your hairy, calloused feet easily find purchase.
PFS StandardTitan Slinger1HalflingYou have learned how to use your sling to fell enormous creatures.
PFS StandardUnassuming Dedication1Halfling, UncommonYour family instilled the values of care and patience into you from a young age.
PFS StandardUnfettered Halfling1HalflingYou were forced into service as a laborer, but you’ve since escaped and have trained to ensure you’ll never be caught again.
PFS StandardWatchful Halfling1HalflingYour communal lifestyle causes you to pay close attention to the people around you.
PFS StandardCultural Adaptability5HalflingDuring your adventures, you’ve honed your ability to adapt to the culture of the predominant ancestry around you.
PFS StandardEasily Dismissed5Halfling, UncommonYou are practiced at blending into the background of the streets and halls of larger folk to ensure that you are overlooked.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Halfling, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardHalfling Ingenuity5HalflingHalfling LuckWhile your willingness to dig into a task you know little about might get you into trouble, your incredible luck often saves you from danger.
PFS StandardHalfling Weapon Trickster5HalflingHalfling Weapon FamiliarityYou are particularly adept at fighting with your people’s favored weapons.
PFS StandardShared Luck (Halfling)5HalflingHalfling LuckYou are evidence that it’s lucky to travel with a halfling.
PFS StandardStep Lively5HalflingYou are an expert at avoiding the lumbering footsteps of larger creatures.
PFS StandardCunning Climber9HalflingWhether you are climbing a ship’s rigging, a jungle tree, or a clock tower, you have an uncanny knack for finding footholds and handholds where larger creatures can’t.
PFS StandardDance Underfoot9HalflingStep LivelyYou dart under the legs of your enemies in combat.
PFS StandardFade Away9HalflingEasily DismissedYour ability to blend into the background allows you to fade away entirely or appear innocuous even to magical effects.
PFS StandardGuiding Luck9HalflingHalfling LuckYour luck guides you to look the right way and aim your blows unerringly.
PFS StandardHelpful Halfling9HalflingWhen you aid a friend with a task, you find many ways to help and avoid interfering.
PFS StandardIrrepressible9HalflingYou are easily able to ward off attempts to play on your fears and emotions.
PFS StandardUnhampered Passage9HalflingYou won't allow others to restrain you.
PFS StandardCeaseless Shadows13HalflingDistracting ShadowsYou excel at going unnoticed, especially among a crowd.
PFS StandardCobble Dancer13HalflingYou know how to take advantage of foes thrown off-balance by unstable flooring, loose cobblestones, or similar impediments.
PFS StandardHalfling Weapon Expertise13HalflingHalfling Weapon FamiliarityYour halfling affinity blends with your class training, granting you great skill with halfling weapons.
PFS StandardIncredible Luck (Halfling)13HalflingHalfling LuckEven other halflings consider you to be particularly lucky.
PFS StandardToppling Dance13HalflingDance UnderfootWhile sharing a creature's space using Dance Underfoot, your weapons and unarmed attacks gain the trip trait, but only against the creature whose space you share.
PFS StandardShadow Self17Halflinglegendary in StealthWith a powerful talent for misdirection, you slip from your adversaries' notice so thoroughly you appear to be somewhere else.