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Base Weapons

Source Core Rulebook pg. 278
Most characters in Pathfinder carry weapons, ranging from mighty warhammers to graceful bows to even simple clubs. Full details on how you calculate the bonuses, modifiers, and penalties for attack rolls and damage rolls are given in Chapter 9 on page 446, but they’re summarized here, followed by the rules for weapons and dozens of weapon choices.

Melee Weapons

NameCategoryPriceDamageBulkHandsGroupWeapon Traits
FistUnarmed1d4 B1BrawlingAgile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed
Clan DaggerSimple2 gp1d4 PL1KnifeAgile, Dwarf, Parry, Uncommon, Versatile B
ClubSimple01d6 B11ClubThrown 10 ft.
DaggerSimple2 sp1d4 PL1KnifeAgile, Finesse, Thrown 10 ft., Versatile S
GauntletSimple2 sp1d4 BL1BrawlingAgile, Free-Hand
KatarSimple3 sp1d4 PL1KnifeAgile, Deadly d6, Monk, Uncommon
Light MaceSimple4 sp1d4 BL1ClubAgile, Finesse, Shove
LongspearSimple5 sp1d8 P22SpearReach
MaceSimple1 gp1d6 B11ClubShove
MorningstarSimple1 gp1d6 B11ClubVersatile P
SickleSimple2 sp1d4 SL1KnifeAgile, Finesse, Trip
SpearSimple1 sp1d6 P11SpearThrown 20 ft.
Spiked GauntletSimple3 sp1d4 PL1BrawlingAgile, Free-Hand
StaffSimple01d4 B11ClubTwo-Hand d8
Bastard SwordMartial4 gp1d8 S11SwordTwo-Hand d12
Battle AxeMartial1 sp1d8 S11AxeSweep
Bo StaffMartial2 sp1d8 B22ClubMonk, Parry, Reach, Trip
DogslicerMartial1 sp1d6 SL1SwordAgile, Backstabber, Finesse, Goblin, Uncommon
Elven Curve BladeMartial4 gp1d8 S22SwordElf, Finesse, Forceful, Uncommon
FalchionMartial3 gp1d10 S22SwordForceful, Sweep
FauchardMartial1 gp, 4 sp1d8 S22PolearmDeadly d8, Reach 10 ft., Sweep, Trip
Filcher's ForkMartial1 gp1d4 PL1SpearAgile, Backstabber, Deadly d6, Finesse, Halfling, Thrown 20 ft., Uncommon
FlailMartial1 gp1d6 B11FlailDisarm, Sweep, Trip
GlaiveMartial2 gp1d8 S22PolearmDeadly d8, Forceful, Reach
Gnome Hooked HammerMartial2 gp1d6 B11HammerGnome, Trip, Two-Hand d10, Uncommon, Versatile P
GreataxeMartial1 gp1d12 S22AxeSweep
GreatclubMartial1 gp1d10 B22ClubBackswing, Shove
GreatpickMartial2 gp1d10 P22PickFatal d12
GreatswordMartial2 gp1d12 S22SwordVersatile P
GuisarmeMartial2 gp1d10 S22PolearmReach, Trip
HalberdMartial2 gp1d10 P22PolearmReach, Versatile S
HatchetMartial4 sp1d6 SL1AxeAgile, Sweep, Thrown  10 ft.
HorsechopperMartial9 sp1d8 S22PolearmGoblin, Reach, Trip, Uncommon, Versatile P
KamaMartial1 gp1d6 SL1KnifeAgile, Monk, Trip, Uncommon
KatanaMartial2 gp1d6 S11SwordDeadly d8, Two-Hand d10, Uncommon, Versatile P
KukriMartial6 sp1d6 SL1KnifeAgile, Finesse, Trip, Uncommon
LanceMartial1 gp1d8 P22SpearDeadly d8, Jousting d6, Reach
Light HammerMartial3 sp1d6 BL1HammerAgile, Thrown 20 ft.
Light PickMartial4 sp1d4 PL1PickAgile, Fatal d8
LongswordMartial1 gp1d8 S11SwordVersatile P
Main-gaucheMartial5 sp1d4 PL1KnifeAgile, Disarm, Finesse, Parry, Versatile S
MaulMartial3 gp1d12 B22HammerShove
NunchakuMartial2 sp1d6 BL1ClubBackswing, Disarm, Finesse, Monk, Uncommon
Orc Knuckle DaggerMartial7 sp1d6 PL1KnifeAgile, Disarm, Orc, Uncommon
PickMartial7 sp1d6 P11PickFatal d10
RanseurMartial2 gp1d10 P22PolearmDisarm, Reach
RapierMartial2 gp1d6 P11SwordDeadly d8, Disarm, Finesse
SaiMartial6 sp1d4 PL1KnifeAgile, Disarm, Finesse, Monk, Uncommon, Versatile B
SapMartial1 sp1d6 BL1ClubAgile, Nonlethal
ScimitarMartial1 gp1d6 S11SwordForceful, Sweep
ScourgeMartial1 sp1d4 S11FlailAgile, Disarm, Finesse, Nonlethal, Sweep
ScytheMartial2 gp1d10 S22PolearmDeadly d10, Trip
Shield BashMartial1d4 B1Shield
Shield BossMartial5 sp1d6 B1ShieldAttached to Shield
Shield SpikesMartial5 sp1d6 P1ShieldAttached to Shield
ShortswordMartial9 sp1d6 PL1SwordAgile, Finesse, Versatile S
Spiked ChainMartial3 gp1d8 S12FlailDisarm, Finesse, Trip, Uncommon
StarknifeMartial2 gp1d4 PL1KnifeAgile, Deadly d6, Finesse, Thrown 20 ft., Versatile S
Temple SwordMartial2 gp1d8 S11SwordMonk, Trip, Uncommon
TridentMartial1 gp1d8 P11SpearThrown 20 ft.
War FlailMartial2 gp1d10 B22FlailDisarm, Sweep, Trip
WarhammerMartial1 gp1d8 B11HammerShove
WhipMartial1 sp1d4 S11FlailDisarm, Finesse, Nonlethal, Reach, Trip
AklysAdvanced5 gp1d6 B11ClubRanged Trip, Tethered, Thrown 20 feet, Trip, Uncommon
Aldori Dueling SwordAdvanced20 gp1d8 S11SwordFinesse, Uncommon, Versatile P
Dwarven War AxeAdvanced3 gp1d8 S21AxeDwarf, Sweep, Two-Hand d12, Uncommon
Gnome FlickmaceAdvanced3 gp1d8 B21FlailGnome, Reach, Uncommon
Ogre HookAdvanced1 gp1d10 P22PickDeadly 1d10, Trip, Uncommon
Orc NecksplitterAdvanced2 gp1d8 S11AxeForceful, Orc, Sweep, Uncommon
Sawtooth SaberAdvanced5 gp1d6 SL1SwordAgile, Finesse, Twin, Uncommon

Ranged Weapons

NameCategoryPriceDamageRangeReloadBulkHandsGroupWeapon Traits
BlowgunSimple1 sp1 P20 ft.1L1DartAgile, Nonlethal
CrossbowSimple3 gp1d8 P120 ft.112Bow
DartSimple1 cp1d4 P20 ft.L1DartAgile, Thrown
Hand CrossbowSimple3 gp1d6 P60 ft.1L1Bow
Heavy CrossbowSimple4 gp1d10 P120 ft.222Bow
JavelinSimple1 sp1d6 P30 ft.L1DartThrown
SlingSimple01d6 B50 ft.1L1SlingPropulsive
Alchemical BombMartialVaries20 ft.L1Bomb
Composite LongbowMartial20 gp1d8 P100 ft.021+BowDeadly d10, Propulsive, Volley 30 ft.
Composite ShortbowMartial14 gp1d6 P60 ft.011+BowDeadly d10, Propulsive
Halfling Sling StaffMartial5 gp1d10 B80 ft.112SlingHalfling, Propulsive, Uncommon
LongbowMartial6 gp1d8 P100 ft.021+BowDeadly d10, Volley 30 ft.
ShortbowMartial3 gp1d6 P60 ft.011+BowDeadly d10
ShurikenMartial1 cp1d4 P20 ft.01DartAgile, Monk, Thrown, Uncommon
ArrowsAmmunition1 sp (price for 10)LBow
Blowgun DartsAmmunition5 cp (price for 10)LDart
BoltsAmmunition1 sp (price for 10)LBow
Sling BulletsAmmunition1 cp (price for 10)LSling