General Hazards | Adventure-Specific Hazards


Source Core Rulebook pg. 520 2.0
Dungeons are rife with devious traps meant to protect the treasures within. These range from mechanical devices that shoot darts or drop heavy blocks to magic runes that explode into bursts of flame. In addition to traps, adventurers may stumble into other types of hazards, including naturally occurring environmental hazards, mysterious hauntings, and more.

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Town Hall Fire1Complex
Spiked Doorframe4Simple
Gloomglow Mushrooms5Simple
Barzillai's Hounds6Complex
Black Powder Bomb6Simple
Dahak's Skull6Complex
Dragon Pillar6Complex
Phantom Bells6Complex
Vision of Dahak8Complex
Quarry Sluiceway9Complex
Ash Web10Simple
Trapped Lathe10Complex
Tree of Dreadful Dreams10Complex
Wrath of the Destroyer10Complex
Lifeleech Crystal Patch11Simple
Broken Rebus Attack12Complex
Dahak's Shell12Simple
Wailing Crystals13Complex
Wronged Monk's Wrath13Simple
Air Rift14Complex
Quaking Footfalls14Simple
Sand Whirlwind14Complex
Collapsing Structure15Complex
Acidic Needle Launcher16Complex
Echoes of Betrayal16Complex
Floating Flamethrower16Complex
Freezing Floor Tiles16Complex
Caustic Vapor17Simple
Endless Elven Aging17Complex
Luminous Ward18Simple
Swatting Tail18Simple
Damurdiel's Vengeance19Complex
Dimensional Darkside Mirror19Complex
Mental Scream Trap19Simple
Seismic Spears Trap19Simple
Lesser Dragonstorm20Complex
Mogaru's Breath21Simple