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PFS StandardCelestial PeachItem 17+

Source Legends pg. 48
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activate Single ActionSingle Action Interact
Among Hao Jin's most precious treasures are three living plants, the last surviving celestial peach trees taken from the mountains of Chu Ye. One of the trees grows pearls in place of flowers, but the other two bear fruit that is far more valuable. Eating one of these small red peaches can heal even the most grievous of injuries.

PFS StandardCelestial Peach (Rejuventation)Item 17

Source Legends pg. 48
Price 3,000 gp
Bulk L
You gain the effects of 7th-level neutralize poison, regenerate, remove curse, and remove disease spells. The peach has a counteract modifier of +27.

PFS StandardCelestial Peach (Life)Item 20

Source Legends pg. 48
Price 73,000 gp
Bulk L
When you place the peach into the mouth of an intact corpse that died within the last year, it casts a 10th-level raise dead on the corpse.