Source Core Rulebook pg. 633 4.0
Something with the magical trait is imbued with magical energies not tied to a specific tradition of magic. A magical item radiates a magic aura infused with its dominant school of magic.

Some items or effects are closely tied to a particular tradition of magic. In these cases, the item has the arcane, divine, occult, or primal trait instead of the magical trait. Any of these traits indicate that the item is magical.


Amulet's Abeyance, Dispelling Bullet, Drink from the Chalice, Dueling Counter, Energy Shot, Fling Magic, Implement's Interruption, Intensify Vulnerability, Mirror's Reflection, Psychic Defense, Recall Ammunition, Ring Bell, Visions of Sin


Boastful Prince's Scourge, Boatman's Toll, Consummate Liar, Coward's Roots, Curse of Biting Swarms, Curse of Nightmares, Curse of Petulant Whispers, Curse of Potent Poison, Curse of Slumber, Curse of the Ravenous, Curse of the Rotting Heart, Droskar's Gloom, Enforced Hospitality, Forbidding Knowledge, Grave Curse, Lamashtu's Bloom, Lord's Arrogance, Oath of the Flesh, Rage of the Excommunicant, Reviled of Nature, Reviling Earth, Sellsword's Folly, Sinful Tongue, Slayer's Haunt, Spirit Anchor, Swarming Words, Theft of Thought, Thief's Burden, Thief's Retribution, Unending Thirst, Unraveling Skin, Wizard's Ward


Abadar's Flawless Scale, Acrobat's Staff, Adaptive Cogwheel, Admirer's Bouquet, Admonishing Band, Aeon Stone, Alchemist Goggles, Alchemist's Damper, Alluring Scarf, Aluum Charm, Amaranthine Pavise, Amphibious Chair, Anarchic, Ancestral Echoing, Anchor Spear, Anchoring, Animal Staff, Anklets of Alacrity, Ankylostar, Anointing Oil, Antimagic, Antimagic Oil, Antivenom Potion, Antler Arrow, Apotropaic Fulu, Arboreal's Revenge, Archivist's Gaze, Arctic Vigor, Armbands of Athleticism, Armor of the Holy Warrior, Armor Potency, Arrow-Catching Shield, Auspicious Scepter, Awakened Metal Shot, Axe of the Dwarven Lords, Axiomatic, Backfire Mantle, Bag of Cats, Bag of Devouring, Bag of Holding, Bag of Weasels, Balisse Feather, Bane, Banner of the Restful, Barbed Vest, Barding Saddle, Barricade Stone, Basilisk Eye, Beacon Shot, Beckoning Cat Amulet, Bellflower Toolbelt, Belt of Good Health, Belt of Regeneration, Belt of the Five Kings, Bestiary of Metamorphosis, Big Rock Bullet, Binding Coil, Bitter, Blade of Four Energies, Blade of the Black Sovereign, Blade of the Rabbit Prince, Blast Foot, Blast Lance, Blast Suit, Blazons of Shared Power, Blessed Ampoule, Blessed Tattoo, Blightburn Ward, Blindpepper Bolt, Bloodbane, Bloodletting Kukri, Bloodseeker Beak, Bloodthirsty, Bomber's Saddle, Bonmuan Swapping Stone, Book of Lingering Blaze, Book of Lost Days, Boots of Bounding, Boots of Dancing, Boots of Elvenkind, Boots of Speed, Bottled Air, Bottled Screams, Bottomless Purse, Bottomless Stein, Bountiful Cauldron, Bracelet of Dashing, Bracers of Armor, Bracers of Missile Deflection, Brain Cylinder, Breastplate of Command, Breath Blaster, Briar, Brilliant, Brilliant Rapier, Bronze Bull Pendant, Brooch of Inspiration, Brooch of Shielding, Broom of Flying, Bubbling Scale, Bullhook, Burr Shield, Busine of Divine Reinforcement, Buzzsaw Axe, Calamity Glass, Called (Accessory Rune), Called (Weapon Rune), Camp Shroud, Campaign Stable, Candle of Revealing, Candle of Truth, Candlecap, Cantrip Deck, Cape of the Mountebank, Cape of the Open Sky, Carrion Cask, Caterwaul Sling, Cauldron of Nightmares, Celestial Hair, Celestial Peach, Celestial Peachwood Sword, Chain of the Stilled Spirit, Channel Protection Amulet, Chatterer of Follies, Chime of Opening, Chimera Thread, Choker of Elocution, Cinderclaw Gauntlet, Circlet of Persuasion, Clandestine Cloak, Climbing Bolt, Cloak of Elvenkind, Cloak of Feline Rest, Cloak of Immolation, Cloak of Repute, Cloak of the Bat, Clockwork Cloak, Clockwork Helm, Clockwork Rejuvenator, Codebreaker's Parchment, Codex of Unimpeded Sight, Coin of Comfort, Collar of the Eternal Bond, Communication Pendants, Compass of Transpositional Awareness, Conducting, Conflagration Club, Conrasu Coin, Containment Contraption, Conundrum Spectacles, Cooperative Blade, Cordelia's Construct Key, Corpse Compass, Corpsecaller Round, Corpseward Pendant, Corrosive, Corrosive Ammunition, Coyote Cloak, Crafter's Eyepiece, Cresset of Grisly Interrogation, Crimson Brand, Crown of Insight, Crown of the Companion, Crown of the Fire Eater, Crown of the Kobold King, Crushing, Cryolite Eye, Crystal Ball, Cube of Force, Cube of Nex, Cunning, Cursebreak Bulwark, Cursed Dreamstone, Curtain Call Cloak, Dagger of Eternal Sleep, Dagger of Venom, Dancing, Dancing Scarf, Daredevil Boots, Darkvision Scope, Dazing Coil, Dazzling Rosary, Deafening Music Box, Deathdrinking, Deathless, Deathless Light, Decanter of Endless Water, Deck of Illusions, Deck of Many Things, Deck of Mischief, Deepdread Claw, Defiled Costa, Deflecting Branch, Demolishing, Demon Mask, Detect Anathema Fulu, Detector Stone, Deteriorating Dust, Devil's Luck, Devil's Trident, Diadem of Intellect, Dimensional Knot, Dinosaur Boots, Diplomat's Badge, Disintegration Bolt, Dispelling Sliver, Dispersing Bullet, Disrupting, Diviner's Nose Chain, Djezet Dose, Doctrine of Blissful Eternity, Dog-Bone Knife, Doubling Rings, Dragon Rune Bracelet, Dragon Turtle Scale, Dragonbone Arrowhead, Dragonfly Potion, Dragonplate, Dragon's Breath, Dragon's Breath Potion, Dragon's Eye Charm, Dragonscale Amulet, Dragonslayer's Shield, Drake Rifle, Drazmorg's Staff of All-Sight, Dread, Dread Blindfold, Dreadsmoke Thurible, Dreaming Round, Dreamstone, Drover's Band, Drum of Upheaval, Duelist's Beacon, Dupe's Gold Nugget, Dust of Appearance, Dust of Corpse Animation, Dust of Disappearance, Dwarven Thrower, Dweomerweave Robe, Earthglide Cloak, Earthsight Box, Ebon Marionette, Eclipse, Effervescent Ampoule, Effervescent Decoction, Electric Eelskin, Elemental Gem, Ember Dust, Emberheart, Emerald Grasshopper, Emergency Disguise, Empathic Cords, Encompassing Lockpick, Endless Grimoire, Energized Cartridge, Energizing, Energy Robe, Energy-Absorbing, Energy-Resistant, Enfilading Arrow, Enhanced Hearing Aid, Enveloping Light, Envisioning Mask, Erraticannon, Ethereal, Ethersight Ring, Everburning Torch, Everyneed Pack, Exploding Shield, Exploration Lens, Explorer's Yurt, Explosive Ammunition, Extending, Extraction Cauldron, Eye of Enlightenment, Eye of Fortune, Eye of the Unseen, Eyes of the Eagle, Fade Band, Fairy Bullet, Familiar Tattoo, Fanged, Fear Gem, Fearsome, Feast of Hungry Ghosts, Feather Step Stone, Feather Token, Fiendish Teleportation, Fighter's Fork, Final Rest, Fire-Jump Ring, Firestarter Pellets, Five-Feather Wreath, Flame Navette, Flame Tongue, Flaming, Flaming Star, Flask of Fellowship, Flaying Knife, Floating Shield, Floorbell, Folding Boat, Folding Drums, Follypops, Force Shield, Force Tiles, Forge Warden, Forgotten Shell, Fortification, Fortifying Pebble, Four-Ways Dogslicer, Freezing Ammunition, Frog Chair, Frost, Frost Brand, Fulminating Spear, Fulu of Fire Suppression, Fulu of Flood Suppression, Fulu of the Drunken Monkey, Fulu of the Stoic Ox, Fulus of Concealment, Fungal Armor, Gallows Tooth, Galvanic Mortal Coil, Gamepiece Chariot, Ganjay Book, Garrote Bolt, Gauntlight, Gearblade, Gecko Potion, Ghastly Cauldron, Ghost Ammunition, Ghost Oil, Ghost Touch, Ghostbane Fulu, Ghostly Portal Paint, Ghostshot Wrapping, Ghoul Hide, Giant-Killing, Gift of the Poisoned Heart, Gingerbread House, Glaive of the Artist, Glamered, Glamorous Buckler, Glasses of Sociability, Gloaming Arc, Gloaming Shard, Gloom Blade, Glorious Plate, Gloves of Carelessness, Gloves of Storing, Gluttonous Spear, Goblin-Eye Orb, Godsbreath Bow, Goggles of Night, Golden Blade of Mzali, Golden Branding Iron, Golden Chrysalis, Golden Goose, Golden Legion Epaulet, Golden Rod Memento, Golden Silencer, Golden Spur, Golden-Cased Bullet, Golem Stylus, Gorget of the Primal Roar, Gourd Home, Goz Mask, Grail of Twisted Desires, Grasp of Droskar, Grave Token, Green Wyrmling Breath Potion, Grievous, Grim Sandglass, Grim Trophy, Grimoire of Unknown Necessities, Grinning Pugwampi, Grisly Scythe, Growth Gun, Guardian Shield, Guiding Cajon Drum, Guiding Chisel, Gunner's Bandolier, Gyroscopic Stabilizer, Habu's Cudgel, Halcyon Heart, Hand of the Mage, Hand-Hewed Face, Handwraps of Mighty Blows, Hardened Harrow Deck, Harmonic Hauberk, Harpoon Bolt, Hat of Disguise, Hat of Many Minds, Hauling, Headband of Inspired Wisdom, Headbands of Translocation, Healer's Gel, Healer's Gloves, Healing Potion, Heartripper Blade, Heedless Spurs, Hellfire Boots, Herd Mask, Hex Blaster, Holy, Hooked, Hopeful, Horn of Fog, Horn of the Aoyin, Horn of the Sun Aurochs, Horned Hand Rests, Horns of Naraga, Hunter's Arrowhead, Hunter's Bane, Hunter's Bow, Hunter's Hagbook, Hyldarf's Fang, Icy Disposition, Immaculate Holsters, Immolation Clan Pistol, Immovable Arm, Immovable Rod, Immovable Tripod, Impactful, Impenetrable Scale, Implacable, Impulse Control, In the Shadows of Toil, Incense of Distilled Death, Indestructible Shield, Indomitable Keepsake, Inexplicable Apparatus, Infernal Health, Infiltrator's Accessory, Insistent Door Knocker, Inspiring Spotlight, Instant Fortress, Instructions for Lasting Agony, Invisibility, Invisibility Potion, Invisible Chain Shirt, Invisible Net, Iris of the Sky, Iron Cube, Iron Cudgel, Iron Equalizer, Iron Medallion, Ivory Baton, Ixamè's Eye, Jack's Tattered Cape, Jade Bauble, Jade Cat, Jahan Waystone, Jar of Shifting Sands, Javelin of Lightning, Jawbreaker Shield, Jerkin of Liberation, Juxtaposition Ammunition, Keen, Key to the Stomach, Keymaking Tools, Kin-Warding, Knapsack of Halflingkind, Knight Captain's Lance, Kraken's Guard, Lady's Knife, Lady's Spiral, Lantern of Empty Light, Lawbringer's Lasso, Leopard's Armor, Lesser Cube of Nex, Liar's Gun, Librarian's Baton, Life's Last Breath, Lifting Belt, Lini's Leafstick, Lion Badge, Lion Claw, Lion's Shield, Liquid Gold, Little Love, Locket of Sealed Nightmares, Lodestone Pellet, Lost Ember, Lover's Gloves, Lover's Knot, Luck Blade, Lucky Draw Bandolier, Lucky Kitchen Witch, Lucky Rabbit's Foot, Mad Mammoth's Juke, Maestro's Chair, Maestro's Instrument, Magic Armor, Magic Wand, Magic Weapon, Magical Hearing Aid, Magical Lock Fulu, Magnetite Scope, Magnifying Glass of Elucidation, Magnifying Scope, Mail of Luck, Malleable Clay, Mammoth Bow, Manacles of Persuasion, Man-Feller, Marvelous Calliope, Marvelous Medicines, Mask of Allure, Mask of Mercy, Mask of the Banshee, Mask of the Cursed Eye, Matchmaker Fulu, Mattock of the Titans, Medusa Armor, Medusa's Scream, Memory Guitar, Memory Palace, Mending Lattice, Mentalist's Staff, Merciful Charm, Mercurial Mantle, Mesmerizing Opal, Messenger's Ring, Meteor Shot, Metronomic Hammer, Metuak's Pendant, Midday Lantern, Minotaur Chair, Miogimo's Mask, Mirror of Sleeping Vigil, Mirror of Sorshen, Mirror Robe, Misdirecting Haversack, Mistranslator's Draft, Miter of Communion, Monkey Pin, Monkey's Paw, Moonlit Chain, Moonstone Diadem, Mortar of Hidden Meaning, Mountain to the Sky, Mountebank's Passage, Mudlily, Mummified Bat, Murderer's Knot, Mutagenic Renovator, Necklace of Fireballs, Necklace of Knives, Necklace of Strangulation, Necrobinding Serum, Nectar of Purification, Nethysian Bulwark, Nightmare Cudgel, North Wind's Night Verse, Nosoi Charm, Noxious Incense, Noxious Jerkin, Numerian Steel Breastplate, Oath of the Devoted, Oathbow, Obfuscation Oil, Oculus of Abaddon, Oil of Animation, Oil of Keen Edges, Oil of Mending, Oil of Object Animation, Oil of Potency, Oil of Repulsion, Oil of Revelation, Oil of Unlife, Oil of Weightlessness, Oily Button, Old Tillimaquin, Onyx Panther, Open Mind, Orb of Dragonkind, Orchestral Brooch, Ouroboros Flail, Ovinrbaane, Owlbear Claw, Pacifying, Pact of Blood-Taking, Pact-Bound Pistol, Pactmaster's Grace, Paired, Palanquin of Night, Palette of Masterstrokes, Panacea, Parchment of Secrets, Pathfinder's Coin, Pathfinder's Pouch, Peacemaker, Peachwood Talisman, Penetrating Ammunition, Perfect Droplet, Persistent Lodestone, Persona Mask, Petrification Cannon, Phantom Shroud, Philosopher's Extractor, Phoenix Fighting Fan, Phoenix Flask, Phoenix Necklace, Pillow Shield, Pistol of Wonder, Plate Armor of the Deep, Pocket Gala, Pocket Stage, Poisoner's Staff, Poisonous Cloak, Poisonous Dagger, Portable Gaming Hall, Possibility Tome, Potency Crystal, Potion of Annulment, Potion of Disguise, Potion of Expeditious Retreat, Potion of Flying, Potion of Grounding, Potion of Leaping, Potion of Minute Echoes, Potion of Quickness, Potion of Resistance, Potion of Retaliation, Potion of Shared Life, Potion of Shared Memories, Potion of Stable Form, Potion of Swimming, Potion of Tongues, Potion of Undetectability, Potion of Water Breathing, Predictable Silver Piece, Presentable, Primordial Flame, Prismatic Plate, Private Workshop, Psychic Brigandine, Psychopomp Mask, Putrescent Glob, Pyrite Rat, Queasy Lantern, Quick Runner's Shirt, Quick Wig, Quill of Passage, Rampart Shield, Rat-Catcher Trident, Ration Tonic, Reading Ring, Ready, Reaper's Grasp, Reaper's Lancet, Rebound Fulu, Rebounding Breastplate, Recording Rod, Redeemer's Pistol, Reducer Round, Reflecting Shield, Reflexive Tattoo, Reforging Shield, Resilient, Resonating Ammunition, Restful Sleep Fulu, Restful Tent, Retribution Axe, Retrieval Prism, Returning, Rhino Hide, Rhino Hide Brooch, Rhino Shot, Rhinoceros Mask, Rhythm Bone, Ridill, Right of Retribution, Ring of Bestial Friendship, Ring of Climbing, Ring of Counterspells, Ring of Discretion, Ring of Energy Resistance, Ring of Lies, Ring of Maniacal Devices, Ring of Recalcitrant Wishes, Ring of Sneering Charity, Ring of Spell Turning, Ring of Stoneshifting, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Swimming, Ring of the Ram, Ring of the Tiger, Ring of Torag, Ring of Truth, Ringmaster's Staff, Robe of Eyes, Rock-Braced, Rod of Cancellation, Rod of Negation, Rod of Wonder, Rope of Climbing, Rose of Loves Lost, Rowan Rifle, Runescribed Disk, Runestone, Sage's Lash, Saints' Balm, Salve of Antiparalysis, Salve of Slipperiness, Sampling Ammunition, Sandstorm Top, Sarkorian God-Caller Garb, Savior Spike, Scarab Cuirass, Scope of Limning, Scope of Truth, Screech Shooter, Scroll, Scroll Case of Simplicity, Scrollstaff, Sealing Chest, Secret-Keeper's Mask, Seeking Bracelets, Self-Emptying Pocket, Serrating, Serum of Sex Shift, Server's Stew, Shade Hat, Shadow, Shadow Ash, Shadow Manse, Shadow Signet, Shadowed Scale, the Jungle Secret, Shadow's Heart, Shapespeak Mask, Shard of the Third Seal, Shark Tooth Charm, Shield of the Unified Legion, Shielding Salve, Shifter Prosthesis, Shifting, Shimmering Dust, Shining Ammunition, Shining Shield, Shock, Shockguard Coil, Shoony Shovel, Shortbread Spy, Shrieking Skull, Shrinking Potion, Silencing Ammunition, Silencing Shot, Silent Bell, Silent Heart, Silhouette Cloak, Silkspinner's Shield, Silver Tripod, Singing Bowl of the Versatile Stance, Singing Muse, Singing Shortbow, Singularity Ammunition, Sinister Knight, Skeletal Claw, Skeleton Key, Skinsaw Mask, Skittering Mask, Skull Bomb, Sky Hammer, Sky Serpent Bolt, Sky-Piercing Bow, Skyrider Sword, Slates of Distant Letters, Sleep Arrow, Sleeves of Storage, Slick, Slime Whip, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Slippery Ribbon, Smogger, Smoking Sword, Snagging, Snapleaf, Sneaky Key, Sniper's Bead, Snowshoes of the Long Trek, Soaring, Society Portrait, Soft-Landing, Songbird's Brush, Sonic Tuning Mace, Soothing Scents, Soul Chain, Soulspeaker, South Wind's Scorch Song, Spangled Rider's Suit, Sparkblade, Spear of the Destroyer's Flame, Specialist's Ring, Spectacles of Understanding, Spectral Opera Glasses, Speed, Spell-Bastion, Spellbook of Redundant Enchantment, Spellcutter, Spellender, Spellguard Blade, Spellguard Shield, Spell-Storing, Spellstrike Ammunition, Sphere of Annihilation, Spider Chair, Spider Gun, Spike Launcher, Spined Shield, Spiral Athame, Spirit-Sealing Fulu, Spiritsight Crossbow, Spiritsight Ring, Splendid Floodlight, Spore Sap, Staff of Abjuration, Staff of Conjuration, Staff of Divination, Staff of Enchantment, Staff of Evocation, Staff of Final Rest, Staff of Fire, Staff of Healing, Staff of Illumination, Staff of Illusion, Staff of Impossible Visions, Staff of Nature's Cunning, Staff of Nature's Vengeance, Staff of Necromancy, Staff of Power, Staff of Providence, Staff of Sieges, Staff of the Black Desert, Staff of the Desert Winds, Staff of the Dreamlands, Staff of the Magi, Staff of Transmutation, Staff-Storing Shield, Stag's Helm, Stampede Medallion, Stanching, Star Chart Tattoo, Starless Scope, Starshot Arrow, Stepping Stone Shot, Stole of Civility, Stone Bullet, Stone Circle, Stone of Unrivaled Skill, Stone of Weight, Stoneraiser Javelin, Stonethroat Ammunition, Storm Arrow, Storm Chair, Storm Flash, Storm Hammer, Stormbreaker Fulu, Stormfeather, Storyteller's Opus, Striking, Sturdy Shield, Summoning Handscroll, Sun Wheel, Sunflower Censer, Sure-Step Crampons, Swarmeater's Clasp, Swift Block Cabochon, Swiftmount Saddle, Swirling Sand, Tablet of Chained Souls, Taleteller's Ring, Talisman Cord, Talisman of the Sphere, Tentacle Cannon, Terrifying Ammunition, Third Eye, Thoughtwhip Claw, Thousand-Blade Thesis, Thrice-Fried Mudwings, Thunder Helm, Thunderbird Tuft, Thundering, Tidal Fishhook, Tiger Menuki, Time Shield Potion, Titan's Grasp, Tlil Mask, Topology Protoplasm, Torag's Silver Anvil, Tornado Trompo, Tracker's Goggles, Tracking Fulu, Transposition Ammunition, Traveler's Any-Tool, Trinity Geode, Tripline Arrow, Triton's Conch, True Name Amulet, Truesight Potion, Trustworthy Round, Truth Potion, Tusk and Fang Chain, Twilight Lantern, Twining Staff, Tyrant's Writ, Umbraex Eye, Umbral Wings, Undead Compendium, Undead Scourge, Underwater Firing Mechanism, Unending Youth, Unholy, Unmemorable Mantle, Unsullied Blood, Urn of Ashes, Vampiric Scythe, Vanishing Coin, Vapor Sphere, Vaultbreaker's Harness, Vengeful Arm, Venomed Tongue, Venomous Cure Fulu, Ventriloquist's Ring, Verdant Staff, Vial of the Immortal Wellspring, Victory Plate, Vine Arrow, Vine of Roses, Viper Arrow, Viper's Fang, Void Mirror, Vorpal, Voyager's Pack, Vultures Wing, Walking Cauldron, Wand of Caustic Effluence, Wand of Continuation, Wand of Crackling Lightning, Wand of Fey Flames, Wand of Hopeless Night, Wand of Manifold Missiles, Wand of Noisome Acid, Wand of Overflowing Life, Wand of Slaying, Wand of Smoldering Fireballs, Wand of Spiritual Warfare, Wand of Teeming Ghosts, Wand of the Snowfields, Wand of the Spider, Wand of Thundering Echoes, Wand of Widening, Warcaller's Chime, Warding Tablets, Warding Tattoo, Wardrobe Stone, Waterproofing Wax, Wayfinder, Weapon Potency, Whip of Compliance, Whisper Briolette, Whisper of the First Lie, Whistle of Calling, Wig of Holding, Wind-Catcher, Winder's Ring, Wine of the Blood, Winged, Winged Boots, Wizard's Tower, Wolf Fang, Wondrous Figurine, Wordreaper, Wounding, Wovenwood Shield, Wraithweave Patch, Wyrm Drinker


Arrow of Death, Beast Gunner Dedication, Blasting Beams, Bone Spikes, Call Gun, Consume Energy, Controlled Bullet, Crimson Shroud, Distant Wandering, Drain Vitality, Eerie Flicker, Eldritch Archer Dedication, Enchanting Arrow, Enervating Wail, Fulminating Shot, Ghostly Grasp, Gift of the Hoard, High-Speed Regeneration, Implausible Infiltration, Implement's Assault, Jelly Body, Magic Arrow, Mind Shards, Miraculous Flight, Narrative Conduit, Phase Arrow, Phase Bullet, Precious Arrow, Propulsive Leap, Rule of Three, Seeker Arrow, Siphon Life, Steal Spell, Storming Breath, Tectonic Stomp, Titan Swing, Walk on the Wind


Acid Strongbox Trap, Air Rift, Armageddon Orb, Auto-Turret, Axiomatic Polymorph Trap, Banshee's Symphony, Bottomless Pit, Breath of Despair, Broken Rebus Attack, Brooding Fvalthahalia, Button Mash, Buzzing Latch Rune, Call of the Void, Castigate the Faithless, Choking Tethers, Clone Mirrors, Color Spray Trap, Compression Tunnel, Confounding Portal, Constricting Hall, Convergence Lattice, Crush the Uninvited, Dahak's Shell, Dahak's Skull, Darkside Mirror, Deathly Dream, Death's Slumber Ward, Dimensional Darkside Mirror, Disorienting Illusions, Distortion Mirror, Dragon Pillar, Dragonstorm, Dread Aura, Eldritch Echoes, Electric Latch Rune, Electrified Gate, Electrified Water Ward, Endless Elven Aging, Exhaling Portal, Explosive Crystal Spheres, False Floor, False Step Floor, Fireball Rune, Floating Flamethrower, Freezing Floor Tiles, Frozen Moment, Glyph of Warding, Glyph of Warding, Glyph of Warding, Gravehall Trap, Gremlin Horde, Hallowed Wheel, Hammer of Forbiddance, Imperious Darkside Mirror, Keystone Repulsion, Krooth Summoning Rune, Lesser Dragonstorm, Life-Draining Thunder, Lifeleech Crystal Patch, Locking Alarm, Lodestone Trap, Luminous Ward, Mana Whorl, Masks of Aroden's Guises, Maze of Mirrors, Memory Hole, Mental Assault, Mental Scream Trap, Mirror Door, Mukradi Summoning Runes, Night's Breath Trap, Nyrissa's Tempest, Orb Blast Trap, Paradox Engine, Paranoia Well, Pendulum Pit, Phantasmagoric Fog Trap, Pharaoh's Ward, Planar Eviction Trap, Planar Rift, Poisoned Secret Door Trap, Polymorph Trap, Praise of Yog-Sothoth, Psychic Wave, Punishing Altar, Reflected Desires, Second Chance, Seismic Spears Trap, Serpent Ward, Shadow Heart, Shadow Lash, Shattering Rune, Sigil of Deepest Fears, Skewering Hall, Soul Draining Cage, Soul Stasis, Soul-Draining Spirit Collectors, Spider Summoning Rune, Spiral Seal, Spiraling Comets, Stabbing Sentinels, Stinger Ward Trap, Stygian Fires, Summoning Rune, Summoning Rune, Telekinetic Swarm Trap, Teleport Trap, Test of Endurance, Thalassophobic Pool, The Cleansing Hall, The Putrid Rise, Thief's Trap, Time Rift, Toxic Furnace, Tree of Dreadful Dreams, Unfinished Portalrender, Unstable Fiendfire Cage, Urgathoa's Ire, Vision of Dahak, Wailing Crystals, Wheel of Misery, Witch-Priests' Curse, Wrath of the Destroyer

Item Curses

Arrow Attracting, Arsonous, Backbiting, Bloodbiter, Degenerating, Dependent, Dreary, Erratic Transposing, Grandstanding, Overdramatic, Raucous, Ravenous, Staining, Withering


Bunta, Cauldron of Flying, Sand Racer