Source Core Rulebook pg. 635 4.0
This rarity indicates that a rules element is very difficult to find in the game world. A rare feat, spell, item or the like is available to players only if the GM decides to include it in the game, typically through discovery during play. Creatures with this trait are rare. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creatures is increased by 5.


Craft Disharmonic Instrument, Deconstruct, Grow, Harvest Heartsliver, Learn Name


Anadi, Android, Automaton, Beastkin, Conrasu, Fleshwarp, Ghoran, Goloma, Kashrishi, Poppet, Reflection, Shisk, Shoony, Skeleton, Sprite, Strix, Vishkanya


Aiudara Seeker, Amnesiac, Anti-Magical, Astrological Augur, Awful Scab, Beast Blessed, Blessed, Bookish Providence, Borderlands Pioneer, Brevic Noble, Brevic Outcast, Child of the Twin Village, Chosen One, Crown of Chaos, Cursed, Dauntless, Discarded Duplicate, Doomcaller, Dreams of Vengeance, Eclipseborn, Empty Whispers, Energy Scarred, Feral Child, Feybound, Friendly Darkmoon Kobold, Genie-Blessed, Hammered by Fate, Haunted, Hermean Heritor, Hookclaw Digger, Issian Patriot, Keys to Destiny, Legendary Parents, Local Brigand, Lost Loved One, Magical Experiment, Mechanical Symbiosis, Mystic Tutor, Nocturnal Navigator, Otherworldly Mission, Reborn Soul, Relentless Dedication, Returned, Revenant, Rostlander, Royalty, Ruby Phoenix Fanatic, Saved by Clockwork, Scion of Slayers, Seer of the Dead, Sense of Belonging, Shielded Fortune, Sign Bound, Song of the Deep, Starless One, Sun Dancer, Surge Investigator, Sword Scion, Tall-Tale, Tech-Reliant, Tide Watcher, Time Traveler, Tomb Born, Total Power, Touched by Dahak, Tyrant Witness, Wanderlust, Willing Host, Wished Alive, Wishes for Riches, Writ in the Stars


Boastful Prince's Scourge, Enforced Hospitality, Forbidding Knowledge, Rage of the Excommunicant, Sinful Tongue, Swarming Words, Thief's Burden, Unraveling Skin


Abysium, Abysium Armor, Abysium Powder, Abysium Shield, Abysium Weapon, Achaekek's Kiss, Addlebrain, Admirer's Bouquet, Alchemical Atomizer, Alchemist's Flamethrower, Ambrosia of Undying Hope, Ancestral Echoing, Animate Dreamer, Antimagic Oil, Appetizing Flavor Snare, Applereed Mutagen, Arboreal Staff, Arboreal's Revenge, Armor of the Holy Warrior, Azure Lily Pollen, Bag of Devouring, Bag of Weasels, Baleblood Draft, Barbed Vest, Bargainer's Instrument, Bellflower Toolbelt, Bellicose Dagger, Blackfinger Blight, Blade of the Rabbit Prince, Bleachguard Doll, Boastful Hunter, Boots of Dancing, Bort's Blessing, Bottled Omen, Bottomless Purse, Bower Fruit, Brain Cylinder, Broken Tusk Pendant, Cape of the Open Sky, Cauldron of Nightmares, Celestial Hair, Celestial Peach, Celestial Peachwood Sword, Chronomancer Staff, Clinging Ooze Snare, Cloak of Gnawing Leaves, Cloak of Immolation, Clockwork Heels, Clockwork Helm, Clockwork Recorder, Clockwork Rejuvenator, Cloning Potion, Codex of Destruction and Renewal, Communication Pendants, Compass of Transpositional Awareness, Condensed Mana, Corruption Cassock, Cresset of Grisly Interrogation, Crushing Coils, Cryolite Eye, Cube of Force, Cursed Dreamstone, Dawnflower Beads, Death Coil, Deathdrinking, Deck of Many Things, Deepdread Claw, Defiled Costa, Demilich Eye Gem, Demolishing, Desiccating Scepter, Devil's Luck, Djezet, Djezet Armor, Djezet Dose, Djezet Shield, Djezet Weapon, Draconic Toxin Bottle, Draft of Stellar Radiance, Dragonscale Amulet, Drover's Band, Duchy Defender, Elder Seed, Elder Sign, Electrocable, Electromuscular Stimulator, Empathic Cords, Energy-Absorbing, Erraticannon, Expulsion Snare, Faerie Queen's Bower, Feyfoul, Fiddle of the Maestro, Fiendish Teleportation, Final Blade, Fire-Douse Snare, Forgefather's Seal, Forgotten Shell, Forgotten Signet, Fungal Armor, Gaffe Glasses, Galvanic Mortal Coil, Galvasphere, Gamepiece Chariot, Gearblade, Gelid Shard, Genius Diadem, Giant-Killing, Gift of the Poisoned Heart, Glorious Plate, Gloves of Carelessness, Godsbreath Bow, Golden Blade of Mzali, Golden Rod Memento, Gourd Home, Grasp of Droskar, Grease Snare, Grisantian Pelt, Grisantian Pelt Armor, Grisly Scythe, Guardian Aluum Charm, Hag Eye, Halcyon Heart, Hand-Hewed Face, Hardened Harrow Deck, Hat of Disagreeable Disguise, Heartblood Ring, Heartripper Blade, Heckling Tools, Heedless Spurs, Honeyscent, Hooked, Horn of the Aoyin, Horn of the Sun Aurochs, Hunter's Arrowhead, Hype, Ice Forge, Ichthyosis Mutagen, Icy Disposition, Immolation Clan Pistol, Indestructible Shield, Infernal Health, Inquisitive Quill, Inubrix, Inubrix Armor, Inubrix Shield, Inubrix Weapon, Ivory Baton, Ixamè's Eye, Jack's Tattered Cape, Jahan Waystone, Key to the Stomach, Kindled Tome, Lantern of Empty Light, Librarian's Baton, Lich Soul Cage, Light Writer, Little Love, Locket of Sealed Nightmares, Lost Ember, Lovers' Ink, Luck Blade, Luckless Dice, Mad Mammoth's Juke, Majordomo Torc, Martyr's Shield, Medusa Armor, Mindrender Baton, Mind-Swap Potion, Monkey's Paw, Moonstone Diadem, Mother Maw, Necklace of Strangulation, Necrobinding Serum, Net Launcher, Nexian Sealing Blade, Nightmare Salt, Noqual, Noqual Armor, Noqual Shield, Noqual Weapon, Nosoi Charm, Noxious Jerkin, Numerian Steel Breastplate, Oath of the Devoted, Oculus of Abaddon, Orb of Dragonkind, Orichalcum, Orichalcum Armor, Orichalcum Shield, Orichalcum Weapon, Ouroboros Buckles, Pact of Blood-Taking, Pact-Bound Pistol, Palette of Masterstrokes, Palm Crossbow, Panacea Fruit, Passage Pane, Pathfinder's Mentor, Perfected Robes, Periscopic Viewfinder, Phantom Piano, Philosopher's Extractor, Phoenix Cinder, Phoenix Fighting Fan, Phoenix Necklace, Piercing Whistle Snare, Pistol of Wonder, Plasma Hype, Poisonous Cloak, Potion of Annulment, Powered Full Plate, Printing Press, Purloining Cloak, Pyronite, Rebirth Potion, Recovery Bladder, Redpitch Bomb, Red-Rib Gill Mask, Reforging Shield, Right of Retribution, Ring of Ravenousness, Ring of Recalcitrant Wishes, Ring of Spell Turning, Ring of Torag, Ring of Truth, Rock-Braced, Rod of Cancellation, Rod of Razors, Rod of Wonder, Ruby String, Rusting Snare, Sambuca, Sandstorm Top, Scale of Igroon, Secret-Keeper's Mask, Self-Emptying Pocket, Shadow Ash, Shadow Manse, Shadow's Heart, Shared-Pain Sankeit, Shockguard Coil, Shoony Shovel, Shot of the First Vault, Shrieking Key, Siccatite, Siccatite Armor, Siccatite Shield, Siccatite Weapon, Singing Sword, Sisterstone, Sisterstone Armor, Sisterstone Weapon, Sky Hammer, Sky-Piercing Bow, Sloughing Toxin, Sluggish Bracelet, Songbird's Brush, Soul Cage, Soul Chain, Soulspark Candle, Soulspeaker, Sovereign Steel, Sovereign Steel Armor, Sovereign Steel Weapon, Spectacles of Piercing Sight, Speed, Sphere of Annihilation, Spirit Snare, Spirit-Singer, Spurned Lute, Staff of Power, Staff of the Magi, Stag's Helm, Stalk Goggles, Star Chart Tattoo, Starfaring Cloak, Starshot Arrow, Starsong Nectar, Steam Winch, Steamflight Pack, Stone of Unrivaled Skill, Stone of Weight, Storm Chair, Succubus Kiss, Sun Orchid Elixir, Sun Orchid Poultice, Sun Wheel, Sunflower Censer, Sunken Pistol, Swamp Lily Quilt, Swirling Sand, Talisman of the Sphere, Tallowheart Mass, Tattletale Orb, Telekinetic Converter, The Whispering Reeds, Thoughtwhip Claw, Thrasher Tail, Tidal Fishhook, Tiger's Claw, Toolkit of Bronze Whispers, Toshigami Blossom, Tripline Arrow, True Name Amulet, Umbraex Eye, Unending Youth, Unfathomable Stargazer, Vat-Grown Brain, Vestige Lenses, Vial of the Immortal Wellspring, Violet Ray, Void Fragment, Vorpal, Wand of Caustic Effluence, Warpglass, Warpglass Weapon, Whisper of the First Lie, Wind-up Wings, Wine of the Blood, Witchwyrd Beacon, Wraithweave Patch, Wrestler's Armbands


Achaekek's Grip, Ambush Tactics, Artokus's Fire, Awakened Power, Axuma's Awakening, Axuma's Vigor, Azaersi's Roads, Basic Spellcasting, Blasting Beams, Bodysnatcher, Bone Spikes, Breath of Hungry Death, Cannibalize Magic, Cantrip Casting, Chronoskimmer Dedication, Clockwork Reanimator Dedication, Consume Energy, Crystal Keeper Dedication, Cunning Trickster Mask, Curse Maelstrom Dedication, Defy Fey, Devil's Eye, Distant Wandering, Dormant Eruption, Drain Emotion, Echo of the Fallen, Eerie Flicker, Efficient Explorer, Eldritch Calm, Elysium's Cadence, Emancipator's Mask, Enervating Wail, Entourage, Expert Spellcasting, Fading, Fey Ascension, Fey Influence, Fey Life, Fey Tracker, Fey Transcendence, Flamboyant Cruelty, For Love, For Lightning, Ghost Dedication, Ghostly Grasp (Deviant), Ghoul Dedication, Giant Hunter, Giant Slayer, Gift of the Hoard, Glamour, Glass Skin, Grand Dance, Grand Medic's Mask, Graveshift, Greater Awakened Power, Greenwatch Initiate, Greenwatch Veteran, Greenwatcher, Hamstringing Strike, High-Speed Regeneration, Janatimo's Lessons, Jelly Body, Ka Stone Ritual, Lich Dedication, Lingering Chill, Living Vessel Dedication, Masquerade of Seasons Stance, Master Spellcasting, Medical Researcher, Mummy Dedication, Pactbound Dedication, Paragon Battle Medicine, Petrified Skin, Pirouette, Propulsive Leap, Protective Spirit Mask, Psychic Duelist Dedication, Quick Setup, Rain of Embers Stance, Rejuvenation, Rescuer's Press, Reveal Machinations, Reveal True Name, Roll with It (Ranger), Runelord Dedication, Sacral Lord, Say that Again!, Scion of Domora Dedication, Secret Eater, Shall Not Falter, Shall Not Rout, Silver's Refrain, Sink and Swim, Siphon Life, Sky Master Mask, Stalking Feline Mask, Storming Breath, Storyteller's Mask, Tectonic Stomp, That's Not Natural!, The Harder They Fall (Ranger), Thick Hide Mask, Tireless Guide's Mask, Titan Swing, Too Angry to Die, Triumphant Boast, Unseen Passage, Vampire Dedication, Vernai Training, Vigilant Mask, Vigil's Walls Rise Anew!, Walk on the Wind, Wellspring Mage Dedication, Wish Alchemy, Wrath of the First Ghoul, Zombie Dedication

Focus Spells

Achaekek's Clutch, Buzzing Bites, Cinder Gaze, Electrified Crystal Ward, Euphoric Renewal, Frenzied Revelry, Glacial Heart, Hollow Heart, Inevitable Destination, Isolation, Over the Coals, Pact Broker, Purifying Veil, Return the Favor, Shaken Confidence, Shall Not Falter, Shall Not Rout, Silver's Refrain, Spirit Object, String of Fate, Victory Cry, Weaponize Secret, Wind Whispers, Wordsmith


Armageddon Orb, Avian Rage, Azure Lilies, Barzillai's Hounds, Button Mash, Collapsing Structure (Ebeshra), Crystal Pin, Deathly Dream, Dragon Pillar, Dragonstorm, Floating Flamethrower, Freezing Floor Tiles, Hallowed Wheel, Ileosa's Fifth Manifestation, Ileosa's Sixth Manifestation, Insistent Privacy Fence, Lesser Dragonstorm, Masks of Aroden's Guises, Maze of Mirrors, Night's Breath Trap, Nyrissa's Tempest, Ostovite Nest, Phantasmagoric Fog Trap, Phantom Bells, Planar Tear, Quaking Slither, Rogue Sphere, Shadow Heart, Shelyn's Shame, Soul-Draining Spirit Collectors, Storm Discharge, The Cleansing Hall, The Enmity Cycle, Time Rift, Tree of Dreadful Dreams, Vision of Dahak

Item Curses

Arrow Attracting, Arsonous, Backbiting, Bloodbiter, Degenerating, Dependent, Dreary, Erratic Transposing, Grandstanding, Overdramatic, Raucous, Ravenous, Staining, Withering


Akitonian, Ancient Osiriani, Androffan, Arcadian, Drooni, Elder Thing, Formian, Goloma, Grioth, Hwan, Ikeshti, Jistka , Kashrishi, Kovintal, Mi-Go, Minatan, Munavri, Okaiyan, Rasu, Ratajin, Samsaran, Sasquatch, Senzar, Shae, Shisk, Shobhad, Vanara, Vishkanya, Vishkanyan, Wayang, Wyrwood, Yithian


Adamantine Golem, Agradaemon, Aiudara Wraith, Akata, Alapolo, Alate Ant, Amalgamite, Ammut, Ancient Brine Dragon, Ancient Cloud Dragon, Ancient Crystal Dragon, Ancient Forest Dragon, Ancient Magma Dragon, Ancient Sea Dragon, Ancient Sky Dragon, Ancient Sovereign Dragon, Ancient Umbral Dragon, Ancient Underworld Dragon, Android Infiltrator, Angheuvore Flesh-Gnawer, Aolaz, Ararda, Arcane Living Rune, Azmakian Effigy, Baatamidar, Bastion Archon, Blackfrost Prophet, Blackfrost Zombie, Bone Ship, Brainchild, Bright Walker, Bugul Noz, Caligni Vanguard, Canopy Elder, Carbuncle, Caustic Monitor, Child of Urgathoa, Chromatic Ooze, Chyzaedu, Clockwork Amalgam, Clockwork Cannoneer, Clockwork Clock Tower, Clockwork Door Warden, Clockwork Dragon, Clockwork Sphinx, Cobblebone Swarm, Conqueror Worm, Contemplative Meditant, Contemplative Mentor, Corpselight, Corrupted Relic, Cranium Preserver, Crawling Slurry, Creeping Crone, Crimson Worm, Crossroads Guardian, Daelum, Danava Titan, Daqqanoenyent, Demilich, Demonic Rabble, Desecrated Guardian, Dirge Piper, Dreadsong Dancer, Drowned Mummy, Elder Sphinx, Elder Thing, Elder Thing Researcher, Elder Wyrmwraith, Elysian Titan, Eseneth, Etioling Blightmage, Facetbound Cascader, Factbound Nullifier, Fetch Behemoth, Fetch Stalker, Fleshforged Dreadnought, Fluxwraith, Formian Mageslayer, Fortune Eater, Fossil Golem, Gholdako, Ghoran Manipulator, Gliminal, Gray Death, Green Man, Grioth Cultist, Grisantian Lion , Gurgist Mauler, Guthallath, Hadi Mob, Hatred Siktempora, Hekatonkheires Titan, Horde Lich, Hound of Tindalos, Howling Spawn, Hurlilu, Id Ooze, Immortal Ichor, Imperfect Automaton, Inmyeonjo, Intellect Assemblage, Iroran Mummy, Jabberwock, Jitterbone Contortionist, Jotund Troll, Kadlaka, Kashrishi Evaluator, Kirin, Krampus Celebrant, Kuchisake-Onna, Lesser Death, Lich, Lifeleecher Brawler, Little Man in the Woods, Loreavor, Love Siktempora, Maharaja, Mezlan, Minchgorm, Misery Siktempora, Mithral Golem, Mothman, Mpeshi, Mummy Pharaoh, Munavri Spellblade, Mutant Desert Drake, Mutant Giant Toad, Muurfeli, Myroga, Myrucarx, Necrohusk, Norn, Nosferatu Overlord, Oil Living Graffiti, Oppali, Orochi, Ouroboros, Owb Prophet, Pale Sovereign, Pale Stranger, Peng, Phoenix, Pyronite Ooze, Quantium Golem, Queen Sluagh, Quintessivore, Qurashith, Ratajin Mastermind, Ravener, Ravener Husk, Ravenile, Red Commander Ant, Red Guard Ant, Relictner Eroder, Remnant of Barzillai, Rhevanna, Riekanoy, Rime Sludge, Risen Fetch, Rivka, Runecarved Lich, Sard, Scarecophagus, Scarlet Walker, Sceaduinar, Shabti Redeemer, Shadern Immolator, Shadow Worm, Shadowforged Guardian, Shimmernewt, Shoggoth, Shoony Hierarch, Shoony Militia Member, Shoony Tiller, Shuln, Siabrae, Simurgh, Slana, Slithering Pit, Smog Giant, Solar, Sorcerous Skull Swarm, Soul Slime, Spawn Of Kothogaz, Spirit Turtle, Spiritbound Aluum, Spring-Heeled Jack, Stheno Harpist, Stone Sister, Strigoi Progenitor, Summer Hora, Summer Hora Queen, Ta'apundo, Tallow Guardian, Tanglebones, Tenebric Giant, Terotricus, Terrorguard, Thanatotic Titan, Thrasfyr, Tidehawk, Tolokand, Toshigami, Trapjaw Tangle, Triumph Siktempora, Ulgrem-Lurann, Umbraex, Vargouille, Vazgorlu, Veiled Master, Vilderavn, Vilderavn Herald, Virulak Necromancer, Vishkanya Infiltrator, Vitalia, Void Zombie, Voidglutton, Water Orm, Wereant Disciple, Wereant Poisoner, Wheel Archon, Whimwyrm, Wight Commander, Wild Hunt Archer, Wild Hunt Horse, Wild Hunt Hound, Wild Hunt Monarch, Wild Hunt Scout, Wrath Riot, Wyrmwraith, Wyrwood Sneak, Xiuh Couatl, Xotanispawn, Xulgath Thoughtmaw, Yeast Ooze, Yithian, Zinba, Zuipnyrn


Amity Cycle, Asmodean Wager, Awaken Portal, Bathe in Blood, Blunt the Final Blade, Clone, Community Repair, Construct Mindscape, Corpse Communion, Create Demiplane, Empower Ley Line, Establish Nexus, Extract Brain, Fantastic Facade, Fey Abeyance, Form of the Sandpoint Devil, Incarnate Ancestry, Mind Swap, Mosquito Blight, Mother's Blessing, Ravenous Reanimation, Recall Past Life, Rite of the Blood Crown, Rite of the Red Star, Simulacrum, Split Shadow, Statuette, Tattoo Whispers, Waters of Prediction, Word of Recall


All is One, One is All, Antimagic Field, Aqueous Blast, Aromatic Lure, Blazing Blade, Catch Your Name, Compel True Name, Cyclone Rondo, Dawnflower's Light, Detect Creator, Dinosaur Fort, Divinity Leech, Forgotten Lines, Frost's Touch, Halcyon Infusion, Hypnopompic Terrors, Incendiary Fog, Infectious Ennui, Inkshot, Internal Insurrection, Invoke True Name, Lure Dream, Phantasmal Protagonist, Prismatic Shield, Rebounding Barrier, Return to Essence, Scorching Blast, Summon Ancient Fleshforged, Summon Irii, Summon Kaiju, Temporal Ward, Transcribe Conflict, Undertaker, Vision of Beauty, Word of Revision, Worm's Repast


Airship, Ambling Surveyor, Battery Tower, Cauldron of Flying, Clockwork Borer, Clockwork Bumblebee, Clockwork Castle, Helepolis, Hillcross Glider, Mobile Inn, Speedster, Steam Cart, Steam Giant, Steam Trolley, Titanic Stomper


Clockwork Macuahuitl, Shobhad Longrifle