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Infernal Contracts | Thrune Contracts

PFS RestrictedInfernal HealthItem 15

Source Legends pg. 10
You regain triple the normal number of Hit Points when resting (meaning you regain triple your Constitution modifier multiplied by your level). The healing you gain from long-term rest is similarly tripled. Once per day, from any distance, Abrogail Thrune II can recite a voidability clause in your Thrune contract as a 1-minute activity to prevent you from regaining Hit Points from resting for 1 day.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions command; Frequency once per day; Effect You recite a subclause regarding mandatory remediation from your Thrune contract. For 6 rounds, at the start of your turn each round, you recover 25 Hit Points unless you took good damage since the start of your previous turn.