Source Core Rulebook pg. 633
A character can wear only 10 magical items that have the invested trait. None of the magical effects of the item apply if the character hasn’t invested it, nor can it be activated, though the character still gains any normal benefits from wearing the physical item (like a hat keeping rain off their head).


Aeon Stone, Alchemist Goggles, Aluum Charm, Anklets of Alacrity, Armbands of Athleticism, Barding of the Zephyr, Bellflower Toolbelt, Belt of Giant Strength, Belt of the Five Kings, Berserker's Cloak, Blessed Tattoo, Boots of Bounding, Boots of Elvenkind, Boots of Speed, Bort's Blessing, Bracelets of Dashing, Bracers of Armor, Bracers of Missile Deflection, Breastplate of Command, Brooch of Shielding, Cape of the Mountebank, Cassock of Devotion, Celestial Armor, Channel Protection Amulet, Choker of Elocution, Circlet of Persuasion, Clandestine Cloak, Cloak of Elvenkind, Cloak of Repute, Cloak of the Bat, Collar of Empathy, Collar of Inconspicuousness, Coyote Cloak, Crafter's Eyepiece, Dancing Scarf, Daredevil Boots, Demon Armor, Demon Mask, Diadem of Intellect, Diplomat's Badge, Doubling Rings, Dragonplate, Dragonscale Amulet, Dread Blindfold, Druid's Vestments, Electric Eelskin, Eye of Fortune, Eye of the Wise, Eyes of the Eagle, Ghoul Hide, Gloves of Storing, Goggles of Night, Golden Legion Epaulet, Gorget of the Primal Roar, Hand of the Mage, Handwraps of Mighty Blows, Hat of Disguise, Hat of the Magi, Headband of Inspired Wisdom, Healer's Gloves, Heartstone, Horseshoes of Speed, Hunter's Arrowhead, Impenetrable Scale, Inexplicable Apparatus, Knapsack of Halflingkind, Lifting Belt, Magic Armor, Mail of Luck, Merchant's Guile, Messenger's Ring, Moonlit Chain, Necklace of Fireballs, Pactmaster's Grace, Pathfinder's Pouch, Pendant of the Occult, Persona Mask, Phylactery of Faithfulness, Plate Armor of the Deep, Rhino Hide, Ring of Climbing, Ring of Counterspells, Ring of Energy Resistance, Ring of Lies, Ring of Maniacal Devices, Ring of Minor Arcana, Ring of Spell Turning, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Swimming, Ring of the Ram, Ring of the Weary Traveler, Ring of Wizardry, Robe of Eyes, Robe of the Archmagi, Scroll Case of Simplicity, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Stalwart's Ring, Third Eye, Tracker's Goggles, Unmemorable Mantle, Ventriloquist's Ring, Voyager's Pack, Warrior's Training Ring, Wayfinder, Whisper of the First Lie, Winged Boots