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PFS StandardVestige LensesItem 3

Source Legends pg. 25
Price 40 gp
Usage worn eyepiece; Bulk L
These simple lenses are alchemically treated to detect the faint smoke trail from a piece of specially formulated sandalwood incense. This incense has an odor undetectable by most people and a long burn time, making it perfect for discreetly tracking individuals. A stick of this incense costs 1 sp and can safely burn for up to 8 hours. While wearing the lenses, you see alchemical fumes in a distinct green tint, granting you a +1 item bonus to Survival checks to Track a creature marked with the incense and to Perception checks to Seek any alchemical vapors. If the smoke is fresh, Tracking via the incense's fumes might use a lower DC than normal for tracking a creature walking on firm surfaces.