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PFS StandardSovereign SteelItem 0+

Source Legends pg. 77
Created by Black Sovereign Kevoth-Kul, this unique alloy of cold iron and the skymetal noqual can provide protection from magical assault. The process of cold-forging the two materials together is quite complicated and precise. Characters in search of sovereign steel weapons and armor will almost assuredly have to travel to Starfall to procure gear made from this rare alloy. While some believe it possible to craft shields of sovereign steel as well, in one of his fits, Kevoth-Kul yelled that he had no use for them and banned anyone from making such a thing. So far, his smiths have been too afraid to confirm whether or not it was a joke. All sovereign steel items (including weapon and armor below) have a +4 circumstance bonus on saves against magic that the item makes, and grant their bonus to saves the owner makes specifically to protect the item from magic (such as against the rusting grasp spell).

Soverign Steel Items

Soverign Steel ItemsHardnessHPBT
Thin Items

Material Uses

Sovereign Steel Armor
Sovereign Steel Weapon

PFS StandardSovereign Steel ChunkItem 0

Source Legends pg. 77
Price 700 gp
Bulk L

PFS StandardSovereign Steel IngotItem 0

Source Legends pg. 77
Price 7,000 gp
Bulk L

PFS StandardSovereign Steel Object (Standard-Grade)Item 9

Source Legends pg. 77
Price 500 gp (per Bulk)

PFS StandardSovereign Steel Object (High-Grade)Item 17

Source Legends pg. 77
Price 8,000 gp (per Bulk)