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PFS StandardStarshot ArrowItem 7+

Source Legends pg. 48
Ammunition arrow
Activate Interact
The metal of these arrows is said to have come from a star that ventured too close to Golarion and was shot down by a moonlit archer. When you activate and shoot a starshot arrow, you take no range penalties against any target that you can personally detect. There must be a line of effect between you and the target.

PFS StandardStarshot Arrow (Lesser)Item 7

Source Legends pg. 48
Price 55 gp
The target must be within the maximum range of your weapon.

PFS StandardStarshot Arrow (Greater)Item 14

Source Legends pg. 48
Price 800 gp
You can fire at any creature you can detect, regardless of range. The arrow travels instantly, hitting your target as soon as you fire the arrow. This is a teleportation effect.