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PFS StandardAll is One, One is AllSpell 8

Source Legends pg. 64
PFS Note If a target of all is one, one is all does not consent to the allocation of Hit Points resulting from this spell, they become an unwilling target and they (and their Hit Points) are removed from the spell’s effect. The spell can continue with any remaining targets.

Traditions arcane, primal
Cast Three ActionsThree Actions material, somatic, verbal
Range 60 feet; Targets you and up to 10 willing living allies
You meld the targets' matter and life force into one and then, in an instant, sift them back out into their component selves. When you separate the targets back into themselves, you can choose to switch the positions of any number of targets with the positions of other targets. Additionally, you can modulate the share of vital essence to share the burden of pain. Distribute the Hit Points of all targets however you choose, except that no target can receive fewer than 1 Hit Point or more than their maximum Hit Points.