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Arcane Tradition

Source Core Rulebook pg. 299
Arcane spellcasters use logic and rationality to categorize the magic inherent in the world around them. Because of its far-reaching approach, the arcane tradition has the broadest spell list, though it’s generally poor at affecting the spirit or the soul. Wizards are the most iconic arcane spellcasters, poring over tomes and grimoires, though arcane sorcerers study the secrets of their blood to unlock the power within themselves.

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Arcane Cantrips

Acid Splash (evo)H: Damage creatures with acid.
Chill Touch (nec)H: Your touch hurts the living or disorients undead.
Dancing Lights (evo): Create four floating lights you can move.
Daze (enc)H: Damage a creature's mind and possibly stun it.
Detect Magic (div)H: Sense whether magic is nearby.
Electric Arc (evo)H: Zap one or two creatures with lightning.
Ghost Sound (ill)H: Make false sounds.
Light (evo)H: Make an object glow.
Mage Hand (evo)H: Command a floating hand to move an object.
Message (ill)H: Speak a message to a distant creature, who can reply.
Prestidigitation (evo): Perform a minor magical trick.
Produce Flame (evo)H: Kindle small flames to attack close or at range.
Ray of Frost (evo)H: Damage a creature with cold.
Read Aura (div)H: Detect if an object is magical, and determine the school of its magic.
Shield (abj)H: A shield of magical force blocks attacks and magic missiles.
Sigil (tra)H: Leave a magical mark.
Tanglefoot (con)H: Conjure a vine to entangle a creature.
Telekinetic Projectile (evo)H: Fling an object at a creature.

Arcane 1st-Level Spells

Air Bubble (con): React to create air for a creature to breathe.
Alarm (abj)H: Be alerted if a creature enters a warded area.
Ant Haul (tra): Target can carry more.
Burning Hands (evo)H: A small cone of flame rushes from your hands.
Charm (enc)H: A humanoid becomes more friendly to you.
Color Spray (ill): Swirling colors dazzle or stun creatures.
Command (enc)H: Bid a creature to approach, run, release something, lie prone, or stand up.
Create Water (con): Conjure 2 gallons of water.
Exchange Image (ill)U: Trade appearances with the target.
Fear (enc)H: Frighten a creature, possibly making it flee.
Feather Fall (abj): React to slow a creature’s fall.
Fleet Step (tra): Make your Speed much faster.
Floating Disk (con): A disk of energy follows you, carrying objects.
Goblin Pox (nec): Infect a creature with goblin pox.
Grease (con): Coat a surface or object in slippery grease.
Grim Tendrils (nec)H: Creatures in a line take negative damage and bleed.
Gust of Wind (evo): Wind blows out fires and knocks back objects and creatures.
Hydraulic Push (evo)H: Damage and push a creature with a blast of water.
Illusory Disguise (ill)H: Make yourself look like a different creature.
Illusory Object (ill)H: Form a convincing illusion of an object.
Item Facade (ill)H: Disguise an item to look perfect or shoddy.
Jump (tra)H: Make an impressive leap.
Lock (abj)H: Make a lock hard to open.
Longstrider (tra)H: Increase your Speed for an hour.
Mage Armor (abj)H: Ward yourself with magical armor.
Magic Aura (ill)HU: Change how an item's magic appears to detecting spells.
Magic Missile (evo)H: Pelt creatures with unerring bolts of magical force.
Magic Weapon (tra): Make a weapon temporarily magical.
Mending (tra)H: Repair one non-magical item.
Negate Aroma (abj)H: Suppress a creature’s scent.
Pest Form (tra)H: Turn into a nonthreatening animal.
Ray of Enfeeblement (nec): Sap a creature's strength.
Shocking Grasp (evo)H: Zap a creature with electricity.
Sleep (enc)H: Cause creatures in a small area to fall asleep.
Snowball (evo)H: You throw a magically propelled and chilled ball of dense snow.
Spider Sting (nec): Damage a creature and afflict it with spider venom.
Summon Animal (con)H: Conjure an animal to fight on your behalf.
Summon Construct (con)H: Conjure a construct to fight on your behalf.
True Strike (div): Make your next attack especially accurate.
Unseen Servant (con): Create an invisible creature to help you.
Ventriloquism (ill)H: Throw your voice.

Arcane 2nd-Level Spells

Acid Arrow (evo)H: Magical arrow deals acid damage persistently.
Blur (ill): Cause a target's form to become blurry and hard to hit.
Comprehend Language (div)H: A creature understands one language.
Continual Flame (evo)H: A magical flame burns indefinitely.
Create Food (con)H: Conjure food that can feed multiple creatures.
Darkness (evo)H: Suppress all light in an area.
Darkvision (div)H: See in the dark.
Deafness (nec): Make a creature deaf.
Dispel Magic (abj): End a spell or suppress an item's magic.
Endure Elements (abj)H: Protect a creature from severe cold or heat.
Enlarge (tra)H: A creature grows in size.
False Life (nec)H: Gain temporary HP.
Flaming Sphere (evo)H: A ball of fire rolls about at your command.
Gentle Repose (nec)H: A corpse doesn't decay and can't become undead.
Glitterdust (evo): Sparkling dust breaks invisibility and impedes vision.
Hideous Laughter (enc): Fits of laughter make a creature unable to take all its actions.
Humanoid Form (tra)H: Take the shape of a humanoid.
Illusory Creature (ill)H: Form a convincing illusion of a creature.
Invisibility (ill)H: A creature can’t be seen until it attacks.
Knock (tra): Make a door, lock, or container easier to open, and possibly open it immediately.
Magic Mouth (ill): Make an illusory mouth appear to speak a message.
Mirror Image (ill): Illusory duplicates of you cause attacks to miss.
Misdirection (ill): Cause one creature’s auras to appear to be another’s.
Obscuring Mist (con): Conceal creatures in a cloud of mist.
Phantom Steed (con)H: Conjure a magical horse.
Resist Energy (abj)H: Protect a creature from one type of energy damage.
See Invisibility (div)H: See invisible creatures and objects.
Shrink (tra)H: Reduce a willing creature to Tiny size.
Spectral Hand (nec): Create a semicorporeal hand that touches creatures to target them with your spells.
Spider Climb (tra)H: Give a creature a climb Speed.
Summon Elemental (con)H: Conjure an elemental to fight on your behalf.
Telekinetic Maneuver (evo): Disarm, Shove, or Trip a creature telekinetically.
Touch of Idiocy (enc): Dull a target's mind with a touch.
Water Breathing (tra)H: Allow creatures to breathe underwater.
Water Walk (tra)H: Buoy a creature so it can walk on water.
Web (con)H: Form a web that keeps creatures from moving.

Arcane 3rd-Level Spells

Bind Undead (nec): Take control of a mindless undead.
Blindness (nec): Strike a target blind.
Clairaudience (div): Hear through an invisible magical sensor.
Dream Message (enc)H: Send a message that arrives in a dream.
Earthbind (tra): Bring a flying creature to the ground.
Enthrall (enc): Your speech makes creatures fascinated with you.
Feet to Fins (tra)H: Turn a creature's feet into fins, enabling it swim but slowing it on land.
Fireball (evo)H: An explosion of fire in an area burns creatures.
Ghostly Weapon (tra): Make a weapon affect incorporeal creatures.
Glyph of Warding (abj): Store a spell in a symbol to make a trap.
Haste (tra)H: Speed up a creature so it can attack or move more often.
Hypnotic Pattern (ill): Shifting colors dazzle and fascinate creatures.
Invisibility Sphere (ill)H: You and creatures near you become invisible as you explore.
Levitate (evo): Float an object or creature a few feet of the ground.
Lightning Bolt (evo)H: Lightning strikes all creatures in a line.
Locate (div)HU: Learn the direction to an object.
Meld into Stone (tra): Meld into a block of stone.
Mind Reading (div)U: Read a creature's surface thoughts.
Nondetection (abj)U: Protect a creature or object from detection.
Paralyze (enc)H: Freeze a humanoid in place.
Secret Page (ill): Alter the appearance of a page.
Shrink Item (tra): Reduce an object to the size of a coin.
Slow (tra)H: Make a creature slower, reducing its actions.
Stinking Cloud (con): Form a cloud that sickens creatures.
Vampiric Touch (nec)H: Deal negative damage and gain temporary HP with a touch.
Wall of Wind (evo): Create a wall of gusting winds that hinders movement and ranged attacks.

Arcane 4th-Level Spells

Aerial Form (tra)H: Turn into a flying combatant.
Blink (con)H: Flit between the planes, vanishing and reappearing.
Clairvoyance (div): See through an invisible magical sensor.
Confusion (enc)H: Befuddle a creature, making it act randomly.
Creation (con)H: Make a temporary object.
Detect Scrying (div)HU: Find out if scrying effects are in the area.
Dimension Door (con)H: Teleport yourself up to 120 feet.
Dimensional Anchor (abj): Keep a creature from teleporting or traveling to other planes.
Discern Lies (div)U: Expertly detect lies and falsehoods.
Fire Shield (evo)H: Flames protect you from cold and harm those that touch you.
Fly (tra)H: Cause the target creature to gain a fly Speed.
Forgotten Lines (div)HR: Restore destroyed or censored text.
Freedom of Movement (abj): A creature overcomes hindrances to its movement.
Gaseous Form (tra): Turn a willing creature into a flying cloud.
Globe of Invulnerability (abj)U: Magical sphere counteracts spells that would enter it.
Hallucinatory Terrain (ill)HU: A natural environment appears to be another kind of terrain.
Nightmare (ill): Plague a creature's dreams with disturbing nightmares.
Outcast's Curse (enc): Curse a creature to be off-putting and grating.
Phantasmal Killer (ill)H: Place a fearsome image in a creature's mind to scare and possibly kill it.
Private Sanctum (abj)U: Black fog prevents sensing, scrying, and mind-reading on anyone within.
Resilient Sphere (abj): Create a sphere of force that blocks anything that would come through.
Rope Trick (con)U: Animate a rope that rises to an extradimensional hiding place.
Shape Stone (tra): Reshape a cube of stone.
Solid Fog (con): Conjure heavy fog that obscures sight and is hard to move through.
Spell Immunity (abj): Name a spell to negate its effects on you.
Stoneskin (abj)H: Harden a creature's skin into durable stone.
Suggestion (enc)H: Suggest a course of action a creature must follow.
Telepathy (div)H: Communicate telepathically with any creatures near you.
Veil (ill)H: Disguise many creatures as other creatures.
Wall of Fire (evo)H: Create a blazing wall burns creatures that pass through.
Weapon Storm (evo)H: Multiply a weapon you hold and attack many creatures with it.

Arcane 5th-Level Spells

Banishment (abj)H: Send a creature back to its home plane.
Black Tentacles (con): Tentacles in an area grab creatures.
Chromatic Wall (abj)H: A wall of light offers a unique protection based on its color.
Cloak of Colors (ill): Bright colors dazzle creatures near the target, and attacks cause blinding flashes of light.
Cloudkill (nec)H: Poison creatures in a cloud that moves away from you.
Cone of Cold (evo)H: Bitter cold damages creatures in a cone.
Control Water (evo): Raise or lower water in a large area.
Crushing Despair (enc)H: Make a creature sob uncontrollably.
Drop Dead (ill)HU: The target appears to die but actually turns invisible.
Elemental Form (tra)H: Turn into an elemental.
False Vision (ill)U: Trick a scrying spell.
Hallucination (ill)H: A creature believes one thing is another, can’t detect something, or sees something that’s not really there.
Illusory Scene (ill)H: Create an imaginary scene containing multiple creatures and objects.
Mariner's Curse (nec): Infect a creature with the curse of the rolling sea.
Mind Probe (div)U: Uncover knowledge and memories in a creature's mind.
Passwall (con)HU: Form an earthen tunnel through a wall.
Prying Eye (div): An invisible eye transmits what it sees to you.
Sending (div): Send a mental message to a creature anywhere on the planet and get a reply.
Shadow Siphon (ill): React to lessen the damage from an enemy's spell by making it partially illusion.
Shadow Walk (con)U: Travel rapidly via the Shadow Plane.
Subconscious Suggestion (enc)H: Plant a mental suggestion that must be followed when a trigger occurs.
Summon Dragon (con)H: Conjure a dragon to fight on your behalf.
Telekinetic Haul (evo): Move a large object.
Telepathic Bond (div)U: Link minds with willing creatures to communicate telepathically at great distances.
Tongues (div)HU: Let a creature understand and speak all languages.
Wall of Ice (evo)H: Sculpt a foot-thick wall of ice that blocks sight and can chill creatures.
Wall of Stone (con)H: Shape a wall of stone.

Arcane 6th-Level Spells

Baleful Polymorph (tra): Transform a creature into a harmless animal.
Chain Lightning (evo)H: Lightning jumps from creature to creature.
Collective Transposition (con)H: Teleport up to two creatures to new positions near you.
Disintegrate (evo)H: Reduce a creature or object to dust.
Dominate (enc)HU: A humanoid must obey your orders.
Dragon Form (tra)H: Turn into a dragon.
Feeblemind (enc): Stupefy a creature permanently.
Flesh to Stone (tra): Turn a living creature into a stone statue.
Mislead (ill): Turn invisible and create a duplicate of yourself who acts like you.
Phantasmal Calamity (ill)H: Damage a creature mentally with visions of an apocalypse.
Purple Worm Sting (nec): Damage a creature and infect it with purple worm venom.
Repulsion (abj): Prevent creatures from approaching you.
Scrying (div)U: Spy on a creature.
Spellwrack (abj): Curse a creature to be harmed when a spell is cast on it and lower the duration of its spells.
Teleport (con)HU: Transport you and willing creatures a great distance.
True Seeing (div): See through illusions and transmutations.
Vampiric Exsanguination (nec)H: Draw blood and life force from creatures in a cone.
Vibrant Pattern (ill): Make a pattern of lights that dazzles and blinds.
Wall of Force (evo)H: Create an invisible and durable wall of magical force.

Arcane 7th-Level Spells

Contingency (abj)H: Set up a spell to trigger later under your choice of circumstances.
Dimensional Lock (abj)U: Prevent teleportation and planar travel.
Duplicate Foe (con)H: Create a temporary duplicate of an enemy that fights for you.
Eclipse Burst (nec)H: A globe of darkness deals cold damage, hurts the living, and overcomes light.
Energy Aegis (abj)H: A creature gains resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, and sonic.
Fiery Body (tra)H: Turn your body into living flame.
Magnificent Mansion (con)U: Conjure a secure dwelling in a demiplane.
Mask of Terror (ill)H: A creature’s fearsome illusory appearance frightens observers.
Plane Shift (con)U: Transport creatures to another plane of existence.
Power Word Blind (enc)HU: Utter a word that blinds a creature.
Prismatic Spray (evo): Shoot rainbow beams that have various effects on creatures in a cone.
Project Image (ill)H: Make an illusion of yourself you can cast spells through.
Reverse Gravity (evo)U: Flip the gravitational pull in an area.
Spell Turning (abj)U: Reflect spells back at their caster.
True Target (div): Make multiple attacks against a creature especially accurate.
Warp Mind (enc): Confuse a creature, possibly permanently.

Arcane 8th-Level Spells

Antimagic Field (abj)R: Magic doesn't function in an area around you.
Disappearance (ill): Make a creature invisible, silent, and undetectable by any and all senses.
Discern Location (div)U: Discover a target's exact location within unlimited range.
Dream Council (ill): Communicate through a shared dream.
Earthquake (evo)H: Shake the ground with a devastating earthquake.
Horrid Wilting (nec)H: Pull moisture from creatures, damaging them.
Maze (con): Trap a creature in an extradimensional maze.
Mind Blank (abj)U: Protect a creature from mental magic and some divinations.
Monstrosity Form (tra)H: Turn into a powerful monster.
Polar Ray (evo)H: Bitter cold damages and drains a creature.
Power Word Stun (enc)HU: Utter a word that stuns a creature.
Prismatic Wall (abj): Form a protective wall with seven chromatic layers.
Scintillating Pattern (ill): Cause an array of color that dazzles, confuses, and stuns.
Uncontrollable Dance (enc): Overcome a target with an all-consuming urge to dance.
Unrelenting Observation (div): You and other creatures use scrying to track a subject exactly.

Arcane 9th-Level Spells

Disjunction (abj)U: Deactivate or destroy a magic item.
Foresight (div): Sense when a creature is in danger and React to protect it with good fortune.
Implosion (evo)H: Make a creature collapse in on itself.
Massacre (nec)H: Instantly kill multiple creatures.
Meteor Swarm (evo)H: Call down four blazing meteors that explode.
Power Word Kill (enc)HU: Utter a word that slays a creature.
Prismatic Sphere (abj): Form a protective sphere composed of seven chromatic layers.
Resplendent Mansion (con): Conjure a mansion that lasts for a day.
Shapechange (tra): Transform into a form of your choice repeatedly.
Telepathic Demand (enc): Send a mental message that impels a creature toward a course of action.
Weird (ill): Frighten, deal mental damage, and possibly kill large numbers of creatures.

Arcane 10th-Level Spells

Cataclysm (evo): Call an instant, damaging cataclysm.
Gate (con)U: Tear open a portal to another plane.
Remake (con)U: Recreate a destroyed object.
Time Stop (tra): Briefly stop time for everything but you.
Wish (div): Make a wish to duplicate arcane spells.