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Source Core Rulebook pg. 408 2.0
A ritual is an esoteric and complex spell that anyone can cast. It takes much longer to cast a ritual than a normal spell, but rituals can have more powerful effects.

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H ritual has other effects when heightened
S ritual is from an adventure path or adventure and may have spoilers
U uncommon R rare Q unique

1st-Level Rituals

Abyssal PactU: You attempt to conjure other demons to assist you.
Angelic MessengerU: You transport yourself to either a celestial plane or a world on the Material Plane where worshippers of your patron can be found.
Daemonic PactU: You attempt to conjure daemons to assist you.
Div PactU: You call upon the powers of Abaddon to grant you the assistance of a div.
Elemental SentinelHU: You place a tiny elemental wisp within a single object, usually a mirror, statue, or other mundane-looking item, to serve as an alarm.
Fey AbeyanceRS: You ward an area with cold iron bells, protecting it from the influence of the first world.
Infernal PactU: You make an appeal to a powerful devil, asking it to bind some of its subordinates to your service.

2nd-Level Rituals

Animate ObjectU: You transform the target into an animated object.
ConsecrateHU: You consecrate a site to your deity, chanting praises and creating a sacred space.
Create UndeadU: You transform the target into an undead creature.
HeartbondHU: You create a magical bond between two willing creatures, who are secondary casters of the ritual and must share genuine affection for one another.
InveigleHU: You win over the target's mind, causing it to see you as a close and trusted friend and look upon your every suggestion as reasonable.
Purify Soul PathHU: You delve inward, spending extensive time contemplating the purity of your own soul and the actions of your past.

3rd-Level Rituals

Arcane WeavingSU: You and the secondary casters weave together spells in a complex ritual that combines magical learning with art, allowing all the participants to share spells they know with one another.
Awaken PortalRS: You attempt to reactivate a dormant gate, portal, or teleportation circle by infusing it with magical energies.
GeasHU: You enforce a magic rule on a willing target, forcing it to either perform or refrain from carrying out a certain act.
Guardian's AegisU: The guardian's aegis is a ritual used across numerous cultures to bind a chosen guardian and ward together so that they can complete a quest of great import.
Mystic CarriageHU: This ritual allows you and the other casters to conjure a magical carriage that transports you to a destination of your choice.
Owb PactU: You call upon an owb to assist you in a goal.
ReincarnateHU: You call forth the target's soul and attempt to incarnate it into a brand-new body.
Tattoo WhispersRS: You carefully tattoo the same design upon each secondary caster, which grants the ability to communicate over distances
Unseen CustodiansHU: You create a site-bound, long-lasting unseen servant spell effect, forming entities of pure force to carry out basic tasks at a fixed location.

4th-Level Rituals

AtoneHU: You attempt to help a truly penitent creature atone for its misdeeds, typically actions contrary to your deity's alignment or anathema to your deity.
BlightU: You twist and stunt plants in the area, causing them to wither.
Community RepairRS: You lead your community in repairing a public work, such as a bridge, well, or mural, through the power of memory and art.
Concealment's CurtainHU: Curse the target such that they are unable to see you in any way.
Extract BrainHRS: You perform a complex magical operation on a willing or restrained creature or a corpse, delicately cutting into the skull and removing the creature's brain without damaging the organ
Garden of DeathU: Typically associated with the less friendly fey or druids, this ritual calls all the poisonous, toxic, and venomous plants and animals of an area to congregate in a certain place, creating a beautiful but extravagantly deadly garden.
Plant GrowthU: You cause the plants within the area to be healthier and more fruitful.
Rest EternalU: You call upon gods, spirits, and stranger beings to bar a creature's spirit from ever returning.
SimulacrumR: You create an illusory duplicate of the target creature by animating ice or snow sculpted in its shape.

5th-Level Rituals

Astral ProjectionU: You project the targets' spiritual essences into the Astral Plane, leaving their inanimate physical forms behind.
Call SpiritU: You tear the veil to the afterlife and call a spirit from its final resting place.
Dread AmbienceHU: In some places, it always feels like something is observing you, as if the very land doesn't want you there.
Establish NexusR: You focus the power of the node's intersecting ley lines into a powerful confluent point known as a ley line nexus.
Heroes' FeastHU: You conjure otherworldly beings to serve you and your companions a feast with restorative properties.
Mind SwapHR: This ritual allows two subjects to exchange minds, fully inhabiting one another's bodies.
Planar AllyU: You call upon your deity to grant you aid in the form of a divine servitor.
Portrait of SpiteU: Using the target's blood, you compose a portrait of them though which they are cursed.
ResurrectHU: You attempt to call forth the target's soul and return it to its body.
The World's a StageU: This famous ritual is a sophisticated example of symbolic magic, binding fate and fortune to follow a prepared script.
Waters of PredictionR: You and the secondary casters peer into the still waters of a natural pool or lake to divine your collective future.

6th-Level Rituals

Asmodean WagerR: You facilitate a magically binding agreement between yourself and one or more additional secondary casters, wherein each participant stakes something of value on the outcome of an event that has yet to be determined.
Awaken AnimalU: You grant intelligence to the target, transforming it into a beast.
Awaken ObjectU: You imbue a single Small or smaller object with rudimentary awareness and consciousness, and it gains mental ability modifiers depending on the results of the ritual.
CommuneU: You call upon an unknown planar entity to answer questions.
Commune with NatureU: You call upon the primal spirits of nature to answer questions.
Create SkinstitchSU: You transform the target into a skinstitch, a hideous construct covered in the flesh of sentient humanoids.
Ideal MimicryHU: You craft a doll with care and quiet meditation on the target, and can damage the target through the doll.
Planar BindingU: You call forth an extraplanar creature.
Primal CallU: You craft a faerie circle to call a nearby creature of nature.
StatuetteRS: This ritual is a variant of the shrink item spell that allows for the transformation of significantly larger items
Terminate BloodlineSU: Bestow the target with a wasting disease that is contagious to their family members
Ward DomainHU: This ritual has long been used to guard the private sanctums of powerful rulers, spellcasters, and other figures of import.

7th-Level Rituals

Empower Ley LineR: You draw upon surrounding magical energy to empower a ley line, enhancing both its positive and negative effects.
Legend LoreU: You attempt to learn useful legends about a particular subject.
Ravenous ReanimationR: Transform yourself from a dragon into a ravener.
Teleportation CircleHU: You create a 10-foot-diameter circle on the ground, which acts as a portal to a destination determined at the time of the ritual.
Word of RecallHR: You bind yourself and your allies to the specific safe location where you perform the ritual.

8th-Level Rituals

Bathe in BloodR: You bathe in the freshly spilled blood of your people, whose lives and years you steal in the process.
Control WeatherHU: You alter the weather.
Create DemiplaneHR: A demiplane created with this ritual exists on the Astral or Ethereal Plane.
FreedomU: You perform a ritual to free a creature imprisoned, petrified, or otherwise put into stasis.
ImprisonmentHU: You perform a ritual to imprison a creature in one of several forms.

9th-Level Rituals

CloneR: You use a bit of flesh to grow a duplicate of the target's physical form that will house the target's soul upon death.
Fantastic FacadeHR: You draw a permanent series of complex illusions over the target settlement, choosing the look, sound, feel, and smell of the structures, terrain, and creatures within at the time the ritual is cast.