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Source Core Rulebook pg. 408 2.0
A ritual is an esoteric and complex spell that anyone can cast. It takes much longer to cast a ritual than a normal spell, but rituals can have more powerful effects.

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H ritual has other effects when heightened
S ritual is from an adventure path or adventure and may have spoilers
U uncommon R rare Q unique

1st-Level Rituals

Abyssal PactU: You attempt to conjure other demons to assist you.
Angelic MessengerU: You transport yourself to either a celestial plane or a world on the Material Plane where worshippers of your patron can be found.
Daemonic PactU: You attempt to conjure daemons to assist you.
Div PactU: You call upon the powers of Abaddon to grant you the assistance of a div.
Infernal PactU: You make an appeal to a powerful devil, asking it to bind some of its subordinates to your service.

2nd-Level Rituals

Animate ObjectU: You transform the target into an animated object.
ConsecrateHU: You consecrate a site to your deity, chanting praises and creating a sacred space.
Create UndeadU: You transform the target into an undead creature.
HeartbondHU: You create a magical bond between two willing creatures, who are secondary casters of the ritual and must share genuine affection for one another.
InveigleHU: You win over the target’s mind, causing it to see you as a close and trusted friend and look upon your every suggestion as reasonable.

3rd-Level Rituals

Awaken PortalRS: You attempt to reactivate a dormant gate, portal, or teleportation circle by infusing it with magical energies.
GeasHU: You enforce a magic rule on a willing target, forcing it to either perform or refrain from carrying out a certain act.
Owb PactU: You call upon an owb to assist you in a goal.
ReincarnateHU: You call forth the target's soul and attempt to incarnate it into a brand-new body.
Unseen CustodiansHU: You create a site-bound, long-lasting unseen servant spell effect, forming entities of pure force to carry out basic tasks at a fixed location.

4th-Level Rituals

AtoneHU: You attempt to help a truly penitent creature atone for its misdeeds, typically actions contrary to your deity’s alignment or anathema to your deity.
BlightU: You twist and stunt plants in the area, causing them to wither.
Plant GrowthU: You cause the plants within the area to be healthier and more fruitful.
Rest EternalU: You call upon gods, spirits, and stranger beings to bar a creature's spirit from ever returning.
SimulacrumR: You create an illusory duplicate of the target creature by animating ice or snow sculpted in its shape.

5th-Level Rituals

Astral ProjectionU: You project the targets' spiritual essences into the Astral Plane, leaving their inanimate physical forms behind.
Call SpiritU: You tear the veil to the afterlife and call a spirit from its final resting place.
Heroes' FeastHU: You conjure otherworldly beings to serve you and your companions a feast with restorative properties.
Planar AllyU: You call upon your deity to grant you aid in the form of a divine servitor.
ResurrectHU: You attempt to call forth the target’s soul and return it to its body.
Waters of PredictionR: You and the secondary casters peer into the still waters of a natural pool or lake to divine your collective future.

6th-Level Rituals

Awaken AnimalU: You grant intelligence to the target, transforming it into a beast.
CommuneU: You call upon an unknown planar entity to answer questions.
Commune with NatureU: You call upon the primal spirits of nature to answer questions.
Create SkinstitchSU: You transform the target into a skinstitch, a hideous construct covered in the flesh of sentient humanoids.
Planar BindingU: You call forth an extraplanar creature.
Primal CallU: You craft a faerie circle to call a nearby creature of nature.
StatuetteRS: This ritual is a variant of the shrink item spell that allows for the transformation of significantly larger items
Terminate BloodlineSU: Bestow the target with a wasting disease that is contagious to their family members
Ward DomainHU: This ritual has long been used to guard the private sanctums of powerful rulers, spellcasters, and other figures of import.

7th-Level Rituals

Legend LoreU: You attempt to learn useful legends about a particular subject.
Ravenous ReanimationR: Transform yourself from a dragon into a ravener.
Teleportation CircleHU: You create a 10-foot-diameter circle on the ground, which acts as a portal to a destination determined at the time of the ritual.
Word of RecallHR: You bind yourself and your allies to the specific safe location where you perform the ritual.

8th-Level Rituals

Control WeatherHU: You alter the weather.
Create DemiplaneHR: A demiplane created with this ritual exists on the Astral or Ethereal Plane.
FreedomU: You perform a ritual to free a creature imprisoned, petrified, or otherwise put into stasis.
ImprisonmentHU: You perform a ritual to imprison a creature in one of several forms.

9th-Level Rituals

CloneR: You use a bit of flesh to grow a duplicate of the target's physical form that will house the target's soul upon death.
Fantastic FaçadeHR: You draw a permanent series of complex illusions over the target settlement, choosing the look, sound, feel, and smell of the structures, terrain, and creatures within at the time the ritual is cast.