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Primal Tradition

Source Core Rulebook pg. 299
An instinctual connection to and faith in the world, the cycle of day and night, the turning of the seasons, and the natural selection of predator and prey drive the primal tradition. Druids are the most iconic primal spellcasters, calling upon the magic of nature through deep faith and a connection to the plants and animals around them, and primal sorcerers call upon their fey or beast blood to harness the same natural energies.

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Primal Cantrips

Acid Splash (evo)H: Damage creatures with acid.
Dancing Lights (evo): Create four floating lights you can move.
Detect Magic (div)H: Sense whether magic is nearby.
Disrupt Undead (nec)H: Damage undead with positive energy.
Electric Arc (evo)H: Zap one or two creatures with lightning.
Guidance (div): Divine guidance improves one roll.
Know Direction (div)H: Find true north.
Light (evo)H: Make an object glow.
Prestidigitation (evo): Perform a minor magical trick.
Produce Flame (evo)H: Kindle small flames to attack close or at range.
Ray of Frost (evo)H: Damage a creature with cold.
Read Aura (div)H: Detect if an object is magical, and determine the school of its magic.
Sigil (tra)H: Leave a magical mark.
Stabilize (nec): Stabilize a dying creature.
Tanglefoot (con)H: Conjure a vine to entangle a creature.

Primal 1st-Level Spells

Air Bubble (con): React to create air for a creature to breathe.
Alarm (abj)H: Be alerted if a creature enters a warded area.
Ant Haul (tra): Target can carry more.
Burning Hands (evo)H: A small cone of flame rushes from your hands.
Charm (enc)H: A humanoid becomes more friendly to you.
Create Water (con): Conjure 2 gallons of water.
Detect Poison (div)HU: Determine whether an object or creature is poisonous or venomous.
Fear (enc)H: Frighten a creature, possibly making it flee.
Feather Fall (abj): React to slow a creature’s fall.
Fleet Step (tra): Make your Speed much faster.
Goblin Pox (nec): Infect a creature with goblin pox.
Grease (con): Coat a surface or object in slippery grease.
Gust of Wind (evo): Wind blows out fires and knocks back objects and creatures.
Heal (nec)H: Positive energy heals the living or harms the undead, either a single creature or all in a burst.
Hydraulic Push (evo)H: Damage and push a creature with a blast of water.
Jump (tra)H: Make an impressive leap.
Longstrider (tra)H: Increase your Speed for an hour.
Magic Fang (tra): Make a creature's unarmed attacks magical temporarily.
Mending (tra)H: Repair one non-magical item.
Negate Aroma (abj)H: Suppress a creature’s scent.
Pass Without Trace (abj)H: Make your tracks hard to find.
Pest Form (tra)H: Turn into a nonthreatening animal.
Purify Food and Drink (nec): Make beverages and meals safe.
Shillelagh (tra): Make a club or staff temporarily magical, and deal more damage to unnatural creatures.
Shocking Grasp (evo)H: Zap a creature with electricity.
Snowball (evo)H: You throw a magically propelled and chilled ball of dense snow.
Spider Sting (nec): Damage a creature and afflict it with spider venom.
Summon Animal (con)H: Conjure an animal to fight on your behalf.
Summon Fey (con)H: Conjure a fey to fight on your behalf.
Summon Plant or Fungus (con)H: Conjure a plant or fungus to fight on your behalf.
Ventriloquism (ill)H: Throw your voice.

Primal 2nd-Level Spells

Acid Arrow (evo)H: Magical arrow deals acid damage persistently.
Animal Form (tra)H: Turn into a dangerous animal.
Animal Messenger (enc): Send a Tiny animal to deliver a message.
Barkskin (abj)H: Target's skin is covered in protective bark.
Continual Flame (evo)H: A magical flame burns indefinitely.
Create Food (con)H: Conjure food that can feed multiple creatures.
Darkness (evo)H: Suppress all light in an area.
Darkvision (div)H: See in the dark.
Deafness (nec): Make a creature deaf.
Dispel Magic (abj): End a spell or suppress an item's magic.
Endure Elements (abj)H: Protect a creature from severe cold or heat.
Enhance Victuals (tra)H: Improve food or drink and remove poisons.
Enlarge (tra)H: A creature grows in size.
Entangle (tra): Plants in an area grow to entangle and immobilize.
Faerie Fire (evo): Colorful light prevents creatures from being concealed or invisible.
Flaming Sphere (evo)H: A ball of fire rolls about at your command.
Gentle Repose (nec)H: A corpse doesn't decay and can't become undead.
Glitterdust (evo): Sparkling dust breaks invisibility and impedes vision.
Humanoid Form (tra)H: Take the shape of a humanoid.
Obscuring Mist (con): Conceal creatures in a cloud of mist.
Phantom Steed (con)H: Conjure a magical horse.
Remove Fear (enc)H: Free a creature from its fright.
Remove Paralysis (nec)H: Free a creature from paralysis.
Resist Energy (abj)H: Protect a creature from one type of energy damage.
Restoration (nec)H: Reduce a condition or lessen a toxin.
Restore Senses (nec)H: Remove a blinding or deafening effect.
Shape Wood (tra): Reshape unworked wood as you choose.
Shatter (evo)H: Shatter an object with a high-frequency sonic attack.
Shrink (tra)H: Reduce a willing creature to Tiny size.
Speak with Animals (div): Communicate with animals.
Spider Climb (tra)H: Give a creature a climb Speed.
Status (div)H: Keep track of a willing creature's location and well-being.
Summon Elemental (con)H: Conjure an elemental to fight on your behalf.
Tree Shape (tra): Turn into a tree.
Water Breathing (tra)H: Allow creatures to breathe underwater.
Water Walk (tra)H: Buoy a creature so it can walk on water.
Web (con)H: Form a web that keeps creatures from moving.

Primal 3rd-Level Spells

Animal Vision (div): Project your senses through an animal.
Blindness (nec): Strike a target blind.
Earthbind (tra): Bring a flying creature to the ground.
Feet to Fins (tra)H: Turn a creature's feet into fins, enabling it swim but slowing it on land.
Fireball (evo)H: An explosion of fire in an area burns creatures.
Glyph of Warding (abj): Store a spell in a symbol to make a trap.
Haste (tra)H: Speed up a creature so it can attack or move more often.
Insect Form (tra)H: Turn into a dangerous giant insect.
Lightning Bolt (evo)H: Lightning strikes all creatures in a line.
Meld into Stone (tra): Meld into a block of stone.
Neutralize Poison (nec): Cure a poison afflicting a creature.
Nondetection (abj)U: Protect a creature or object from detection.
Remove Disease (nec): Cure a disease afflicting a creature.
Searing Light (evo)H: A ray of burning light deals extra damage to undead and counteracts darkness.
Slow (tra)H: Make a creature slower, reducing its actions.
Stinking Cloud (con): Form a cloud that sickens creatures.
Wall of Thorns (con)H: Grow a wall of brambles.
Wall of Wind (evo): Create a wall of gusting winds that hinders movement and ranged attacks.

Primal 4th-Level Spells

Aerial Form (tra)H: Turn into a flying combatant.
Air Walk (tra): Walk on air as though it were solid ground.
Creation (con)H: Make a temporary object.
Dinosaur Form (tra)H: Turn into a dinosaur.
Fire Shield (evo)H: Flames protect you from cold and harm those that touch you.
Fly (tra)H: Cause the target creature to gain a fly Speed.
Freedom of Movement (abj): A creature overcomes hindrances to its movement.
Gaseous Form (tra): Turn a willing creature into a flying cloud.
Hallucinatory Terrain (ill)HU: A natural environment appears to be another kind of terrain.
Hydraulic Torrent (evo)H: Force creatures back with a damaging line of water.
Shape Stone (tra): Reshape a cube of stone.
Solid Fog (con): Conjure heavy fog that obscures sight and is hard to move through.
Speak with Plants (div): Communicate with plants and plant creatures.
Stoneskin (abj)H: Harden a creature's skin into durable stone.
Vital Beacon (nec)H: Radiate vitality that heals creatures that touch you.
Wall of Fire (evo)H: Create a blazing wall burns creatures that pass through.
Weapon Storm (evo)H: Multiply a weapon you hold and attack many creatures with it.

Primal 5th-Level Spells

Banishment (abj)H: Send a creature back to its home plane.
Cloudkill (nec)H: Poison creatures in a cloud that moves away from you.
Cone of Cold (evo)H: Bitter cold damages creatures in a cone.
Control Water (evo): Raise or lower water in a large area.
Death Ward (abj): Protect a creature against negative energy.
Elemental Form (tra)H: Turn into an elemental.
Mariner's Curse (nec): Infect a creature with the curse of the rolling sea.
Moon Frenzy (tra)H: Give willing creatures fangs and claws, and send them into a frenzy.
Passwall (con)HU: Form an earthen tunnel through a wall.
Plant Form (tra)H: Turn into a dangerous plant creature.
Summon Giant (con)H: Conjure a giant to fight on your behalf.
Tree Stride (con)HU: Teleport from tree to tree.
Wall of Ice (evo)H: Sculpt a foot-thick wall of ice that blocks sight and can chill creatures.
Wall of Stone (con)H: Shape a wall of stone.

Primal 6th-Level Spells

Baleful Polymorph (tra): Transform a creature into a harmless animal.
Chain Lightning (evo)H: Lightning jumps from creature to creature.
Dragon Form (tra)H: Turn into a dragon.
Field of Life (nec)H: Create a positive energy field that heals those within.
Fire Seeds (evo)H: Make four explosive acorns.
Flesh to Stone (tra): Turn a living creature into a stone statue.
Purple Worm Sting (nec): Damage a creature and infect it with purple worm venom.
Stone Tell (evo)U: Speak to spirits within natural stone.
Stone to Flesh (tra): Turn a creature turned to stone back to flesh.
Tangling Creepers (con): Entangle creatures in a burst and concentrate to lash out with immobilizing vines.
True Seeing (div): See through illusions and transmutations.

Primal 7th-Level Spells

Eclipse Burst (nec)H: A globe of darkness deals cold damage, hurts the living, and overcomes light.
Energy Aegis (abj)H: A creature gains resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, and sonic.
Fiery Body (tra)H: Turn your body into living flame.
Finger of Death (nec)H: Point at a creature to deal negative damage and possibly kill it instantly.
Mask of Terror (ill)H: A creature’s fearsome illusory appearance frightens observers.
Plane Shift (con)U: Transport creatures to another plane of existence.
Regenerate (nec)H: Cause a creature to heal over time, regrow organs, and reattach body parts.
Sunburst (evo)H: A globe of sunlight deals fire damage, hurts undead, and overcomes darkness.
Unfettered Pack (abj)H: Let creatures avoid environmental hindrances.
Volcanic Eruption (evo)H: Cause massive lava sprays that burn creatures and encase them in rock.

Primal 8th-Level Spells

Earthquake (evo)H: Shake the ground with a devastating earthquake.
Horrid Wilting (nec)H: Pull moisture from creatures, damaging them.
Moment of Renewal (nec): Give a day's recovery in an instant.
Monstrosity Form (tra)H: Turn into a powerful monster.
Polar Ray (evo)H: Bitter cold damages and drains a creature.
Punishing Winds (evo): A cyclone inhibits fight and traps creatures.
Wind Walk (tra): Turn creatures into swift-moving clouds.

Primal 9th-Level Spells

Disjunction (abj)U: Deactivate or destroy a magic item.
Implosion (evo)H: Make a creature collapse in on itself.
Massacre (nec)H: Instantly kill multiple creatures.
Meteor Swarm (evo)H: Call down four blazing meteors that explode.
Nature's Enmity (enc): Turn animals, plants, and weather against creatures of your choice.
Shapechange (tra): Transform into a form of your choice repeatedly.
Storm of Vengeance (evo)H: Create a massive, dangerous storm.

Primal 10th-Level Spells

Cataclysm (evo): Call an instant, damaging cataclysm.
Nature Incarnate (tra): Turn into a massive avatar of nature.
Primal Herd (tra): Transform willing creatures into mammoths.
Primal Phenomenon (div): Request for nature to duplicate primal spells.
Remake (con)U: Recreate a destroyed object.
Revival (nec): Heal creatures in an area and return the dead to life temporarily.