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Sorcerer Focus Spells

Sorcerer 1st-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardAncestral Memories (div)HU: The memories of long-dead spellcasters grant you knowledge in a specific skill.
PFS StandardAngelic Halo (abj)HU: You gain an angelic halo with an aura that increases allies’ healing from the heal spell.
PFS StandardDiabolic Edict (enc)U: You issue a diabolic edict, demanding the target perform a particular task and offering rewards for its fulfillment.
PFS StandardDragon Claws (tra)HU: Vicious claws grow from your fingers.
PFS StandardElemental Toss (evo)HU: With a flick of your wrist, you fling a chunk of your elemental matter at your foe.
PFS StandardFaerie Dust (enc)HU: You sprinkle magical dust in the spell’s area, making those within easier to trick.
PFS StandardGlutton's Jaw (nec)HU: Your mouth transforms into a shadowy maw bristling with pointed teeth.
PFS StandardJealous Hex (nec)U: You draw forth a hag’s innate jealousy to deny a target its greatest attribute.
PFS StandardTentacular Limbs (tra)HU: Your arms turn into long, pliable tentacles, increasing your reach when you’re delivering touch range spells and making unarmed Strikes with your arms.
PFS StandardUndeath's Blessing (nec)HU: You instill within a creature the touch of the grave.

Sorcerer 3rd-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardAberrant Whispers (enc)HU: You utter phrases in an unknown tongue, assaulting the minds of those nearby.
PFS StandardAngelic Wings (evo)HU: Wings of pure light spread out from your back, granting you a fly Speed equal to your Speed.
PFS StandardDragon Breath (evo)HU: You spew draconic energy from your mouth.
PFS StandardDrain Life (nec)HU: You close your hand and pull life energy from another creature into yourself.
PFS StandardElemental Motion (evo)HU: You call upon your element to propel you, improving your Speed depending on your element.
PFS StandardEmbrace the Pit (tra)HU: Devil horns grow from your skull.
PFS StandardExtend Spell (div)U: You call upon your blood’s knowledge of the ancients to extend your magic.
PFS StandardFey Disappearance (enc)HU: You become invisible and ignore natural difficult terrain.
PFS StandardHorrific Visage (ill)HU: You briefly transform your features into the horrific visage of a hag, striking fear into your enemies.
PFS StandardSwamp of Sloth (con)HU: Ground in the area turns swampy and fetid.

Sorcerer 5th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardAbyssal Wrath (evo)HU: You evoke the energy of an Abyssal realm.
PFS StandardArcane Countermeasure (abj)U: You undermine the target spell, making it easier to defend against.
PFS StandardCelestial Brand (nec)HU: A blazing symbol appears on the target, marking it for divine justice.
PFS StandardDragon Wings (tra)HU: Draconic wings sprout from your back.
PFS StandardElemental Blast (evo)HU: You gather elemental energy and blast your foes.
PFS StandardFey Glamour (ill)U: You call upon fey glamours to cloak an area or the targets in illusion.
PFS StandardGrasping Grave (nec)HU: Hundreds of skeletal arms erupt from the ground in the area, clawing at creatures within and attempting to hold them in place.
PFS StandardHellfire Plume (evo)HU: You call forth a plume of hellfire that erupts from below.
PFS StandardUnusual Anatomy (tra)HU: You transform your flesh and organs into a bizarre amalgam.
PFS StandardYou're Mine (enc)HU: You manipulate the target’s emotions, potentially allowing you to control it for a brief instant.