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Source Core Rulebook pg. 255
All kinds of experiences and training can shape your character beyond what you learn by advancing in your class. Abilities that require a degree of training but can be learned by anyone—not only members of certain ancestries or classes—are called general feats.

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Additional Lore1General, Skilltrained in LoreBecome trained in another Lore subcategory.
Adopted Ancestry1GeneralGain access to ancestry feats from another ancestry.
Alchemical Crafting1General, Skilltrained in CraftingCraft alchemical items.
Arcane Sense1General, Skilltrained in ArcanaCast detect magic at will as an arcane innate spell.
Armor Proficiency1GeneralBecome trained in a type of armor.
Assurance1General, Fortune, Skilltrained in at least one skillReceive a fixed result on a skill check.
Bargain Hunter1General, Skilltrained in DiplomacyEarn Income by searching for deals.
Battle Medicine1General, Healing, Manipulate, Skilltrained in MedicineHeal yourself or an ally in battle.
Breath Control1GeneralHold your breath longer and gain benefits against inhaled threats.
Canny Acumen1GeneralBecome an expert in a saving throw or Perception.
Cat Fall1General, Skilltrained in AcrobaticsTreat falls as shorter than they are.
Charming Liar1General, Skilltrained in DeceptionImprove a target's attitude with your lies.
Combat Climber1General, Skilltrained in AthleticsFight more effectively as you Climb.
Courtly Graces1General, Skilltrained in SocietyUse Society to get along in noble society.
Diehard1GeneralDie at dying 5, rather than dying 4.
Different Worlds1General, Uncommonability to select ancestry feats from multiple ancestriesCreate a second identity for yourself with a different name, history, and background.
Dubious Knowledge1General, Skilltrained in a skill with the Recall Knowledge actionLearn true and erroneous knowledge on failed check.
Experienced Professional1General, Skilltrained in LorePrevent critical failures when Earning Income.
Experienced Smuggler1General, Skilltrained in StealthConceal items from observers more effectively.
Experienced Tracker1General, Skilltrained in SurvivalTrack at your full Speed at a –5 penalty.
Fascinating Performance1General, Skilltrained in PerformancePerform to fascinate observers.
Fast Recovery1GeneralConstitution 14Regain more HP from rest, recover faster from disease and poisons.
Feather Step1GeneralDexterity 14Step into difficult terrain.
Fleet1GeneralIncrease your Speed by 5 feet.
Forager1General, Skilltrained in SurvivalForage for supplies to provide for multiple creatures.
Group Coercion1General, Skilltrained in IntimidationCoerce multiple targets simultaneously.
Group Impression1General, Skilltrained in DiplomacyMake an Impression on multiple targets at once.
Hefty Hauler1General, Skilltrained in AthleticsIncrease your Bulk limits by 2.
Hobnobber1General, Skilltrained in DiplomacyGather Information rapidly.
Impressive Performance1General, Skilltrained in PerformanceMake an Impression with Performance.
Incredible Initiative1General+2 to initiative rolls.
Intimidating Glare1General, Skilltrained in IntimidationDemoralize a creature without speaking.
Lengthy Diversion1General, Skilltrained in DeceptionRemain hidden after you Create a Diversion.
Lie to Me1General, Skilltrained in DeceptionUse Deception to detect lies.
Multilingual1General, Skilltrained in SocietyLearn two new languages.
Natural Medicine1General, Skilltrained in NatureUse Nature to Treat Wounds.
Oddity Identification1General, Skilltrained in Occultism+2 to Occultism checks to Identify Magic with certain traits.
Pickpocket1General, Skilltrained in ThieverySteal or Palm an Object more effectively.
Quick Coercion1General, Skilltrained in IntimidationCoerce a creature quickly.
Quick Identification1General, Skilltrained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism or ReligionIdentify Magic in 1 minute or less.
Quick Jump1General, Skilltrained in AthleticsHigh Jump or Long Jump as a single action.
Quick Repair1General, Skilltrained in CraftingRepair items quickly.
Quick Squeeze1General, Skilltrained in AcrobaticsMove swiftly as you Squeeze.
Read Lips1General, Skilltrained in SocietyRead the lips of people you can see.
Recognize Spell1General, Secret, Skilltrained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion Identify a spell as a reaction as it's being cast.
Ride1GeneralAutomatically succeed at commanding your mount to move.
Secret Speech1General, Skill, Uncommontrained in DeceptionLearn the secret language of a society.
Shield Block1GeneralWard off a blow with your shield.
Sign Language1General, Skilltrained in SocietyLearn sign languages.
Skill Training1General, SkillIntelligence 12Become trained in a skill.
Snare Crafting1General, Skilltrained in CraftingCraft snares.
Specialty Crafting1General, Skilltrained in CraftingGain bonuses to Craft certain items.
Steady Balance1General, Skilltrained in AcrobaticsMaintain your balance in adverse conditions.
Streetwise1General, Skilltrained in SocietyUse Society to Gather Information and Recall Knowledge.
Student of the Canon1General, Skilltrained in ReligionMore accurately recognize the tenets of your faith or philosophy.
Subtle Theft1General, Skilltrained in ThieveryYour thefts are harder to notice.
Survey Wildlife1General, Skilltrained in SurvivalIdentify nearby creatures through signs and clues.
Terrain Expertise1General, Skilltrained in Survival+1 to Survival checks in certain terrain.
Terrain Stalker1General, Skilltrained in StealthSneak in certain terrain without attempting a check.
Titan Wrestler1General, Skilltrained in AthleticsDisarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip larger creatures.
Toughness1GeneralIncrease your maximum HP and reduce the DCs of recovery checks.
Train Animal1General, Downtime, Manipulate, Skilltrained in NatureTeach an animal a trick.
Trick Magic Item1General, Manipulate, Skilltrained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or ReligionActivate a magic item you normally can't activate.
Underwater Marauder1General, Skilltrained in AthleticsFight more effectively underwater.
Virtuosic Performer1General, Skilltrained in Performance+1 with a certain type of performance.
Weapon Proficiency1GeneralBecome trained in a weapon type.
Automatic Knowledge2General, Skillexpert in a skill with the Recall Knowledge action, Assurance in that skillRecall Knowledge as a free action once per round.
Backup Disguise2General, Skill, Uncommonexpert in DeceptionYou have a specific disguise that you keep at the ready, worn underneath your outer garment.
Bonded Animal2General, Downtime, Skillexpert in NatureAn animal becomes permanently helpful to you.
Confabulator2General, Skillexpert in DeceptionReduce the bonuses against your repeated lies.
Connections2General, Skillexpert in Society, Courtly GracesLeverage your connections for favors and meetings.
Continual Recovery2General, Skillexpert in MedicineTreat Wounds on a patient more often.
Eye of the Arclords2General, Skill, Uncommonexpert in Arcana, Arcane Sense; The Arclords of Nex have achieved a unique mastery of magic.
Glad-Hand2General, Skillexpert in DiplomacyMake an Impression on a target you've just met.
Godless Healing2General, SkillBattle Medicine, can’t have a patron deityWith limited access to divine healing magic, Rahadoumi often become adept at using ordinary medicine for when dangerous situations arise.
Intimidating Prowess2General, SkillStrength 16, expert in IntimidationGain a bonus to physically Demoralize a target.
Lasting Coercion2General, Skillexpert in IntimidationCoerce a target into helping you longer.
Magical Crafting2General, Skillexpert in CraftingCraft magic items.
Magical Shorthand2General, Skillexpert in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or ReligionExpert in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, Learn spells quickly and at a reduced cost.
Nimble Crawl2General, Skillexpert in AcrobaticsCrawl at a faster rate.
Powerful Leap2General, Skillexpert in AthleticsJump farther and higher.
Quick Disguise2General, Skillexpert in DeceptionSet up a disguise in only half the time.
Quiet Allies2General, Skillexpert in StealthRoll a single Stealth check when sneaking with allies.
Rapid Mantel2General, Skillexpert in AthleticsPull yourself onto ledges quickly.
Robust Recovery2General, Skillexpert in MedicineGreater benefits from Treat Disease and Treat Poison.
Sow Rumor2General, Secret, Skill, Uncommonexpert in DeceptionYou spread rumors, which may or may not be true, about a specific subject.
Tweak Appearances2General, Skill, Uncommonexpert in CraftingYou can alter a creature's clothing to improve their social impact.
Unmistakable Lore2General, Skillexpert in LoreRecall Knowledge about your Lore more effectively.
Ward Medic2General, Skillexpert in MedicineTreat several patients at once.
Wary Disarmament2General, Skillexpert in Thievery+2 to AC or saves against devices or traps you trigger while disarming.
Wilderness Spotter2General, Skill, Uncommonexpert in SurvivalUse Survival for your Initiative when in a specific terrain.
Ancestral Paragon3GeneralGain a 1st-level ancestry feat.
Untrained Improvisation3GeneralBecome more adept at using untrained skills.
Battle Cry7General, Skillmaster in IntimidationDemoralizes foes when you roll for initiative.
Bizarre Magic7General, Skillmaster in OccultismYour magic becomes more difficult to identify.
Entourage7General, Rare, Skillmaster in Diplomacy, HobnobberYou have a small group of admirers who tend to follow you around while you’re in civilized settlements.
Expeditious Search7Generalmaster in PerceptionSearch areas in half the time.
Foil Senses7General, Skillmaster in StealthTake precautions against special senses.
Impeccable Crafter7General, Skillmaster in Crafting, Specialty CraftingSpecialty Crafting Craft items more efficiently.
Inventor7General, Downtime, Skillmaster in CraftingUse Crafting to create item formulas.
Kip Up7General, Skillmaster in AcrobaticsStand up for free without triggering reactions.
Planar Survival7General, Skillmaster in SurvivalUse Survival to Subsist on different planes.
Quick Climber7General, Skillmaster in AthleticsClimb swiftly.
Quick Recognition7General, Skillmaster in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion; Recognize SpellMaster in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, Identify spells as a free action.
Quick Swim7General, Skillmaster in AthleticsSwim quickly.
Quick Unlock7General, Skillmaster in ThieveryPick a Lock with 1 action.
Shameless Request7General, Skillmaster in DiplomacyMake Requests of others with lesser consequences.
Slippery Secrets7General, Skillmaster in DeceptionEvade attempts to uncover your true nature.
Swift Sneak7General, Skillmaster in StealthMove your full Speed while you Sneak.
Terrified Retreat7General, Skillmaster in IntimidationCause foes you Demoralize to flee.
Wall Jump7General, Skillmaster in AthleticsJump of walls.
Incredible Investiture11GeneralCharisma 16Invest up to 12 magic items.
Cloud Jump15General, Skilllegendary in AthleticsJump impossible distances.
Craft Anything15General, Skilllegendary in CraftingIgnore most requirements for crafting items.
Divine Guidance15General, Skilllegendary in ReligionFind guidance in the writings of your faith.
Legendary Codebreaker15General, Skilllegendary in SocietyQuickly Decipher Writing using Society.
Legendary Linguist15General, Skilllegendary in Society, MultilingualCreate pidgin languages to communicate with anyone.
Legendary Medic15General, Skilllegendary in MedicineRemove disease or the blinded, deafened, doomed, or drained condition.
Legendary Negotiation15General, Skilllegendary in DiplomacyQuickly parley with foes.
Legendary Performer15General, Skilllegendary in Performance, Virtuosic PerformerGain renown for your Performance Virtuosic Performer.
Legendary Professional15General, Skilllegendary in LoreGain renown for your Lore.
Legendary Sneak15General, Skilllegendary in Stealth, Swift SneakHide and Sneak without cover or being concealed.
Legendary Survivalist15General, Skilllegendary in SurvivalSurvive extreme conditions.
Legendary Thief15General, Skilllegendary in Thievery, PickpocketSteal what would normally be impossible to steal.
Reveal Machinations15General, Rare, Skilllegendary in DeceptionYou convince a creature that you played a minor but recurring role in its life.
Scare to Death15General, Death, Emotion, Fear, Incapacitation, Skilllegendary in IntimidationScare a target so much, they might die.
Unified Theory15General, Skilllegendary in ArcanaUse Arcana for checks for all magical traditions.