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General Feats (No Skill Feats)

Source Core Rulebook pg. 255 2.0
All kinds of experiences and training can shape your character beyond what you learn by advancing in your class. Abilities that require a degree of training but can be learned by anyone—not only members of certain ancestries or classes—are called general feats.

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PFS StandardAdopted Ancestry1GeneralGain access to ancestry feats from another ancestry.
PFS StandardArmor Proficiency1GeneralBecome trained in a type of armor.
PFS StandardBreath Control1GeneralHold your breath longer and gain benefits against inhaled threats.
PFS StandardCanny Acumen1GeneralBecome an expert in a saving throw or Perception.
PFS StandardDiehard1GeneralDie at dying 5, rather than dying 4.
PFS LimitedDifferent Worlds1General, Uncommonability to select ancestry feats from multiple ancestriesCreate a second identity for yourself with a different name, history, and background.Age of Ashes
PFS StandardFast Recovery1GeneralConstitution 14Regain more HP from rest, recover faster from disease and poisons.
PFS StandardFeather Step1GeneralDexterity 14Step into difficult terrain.
PFS StandardFleet1GeneralIncrease your Speed by 5 feet.
PFS StandardIncredible Initiative1General+2 to initiative rolls.
PFS StandardRide1GeneralAutomatically succeed at commanding your mount to move.
PFS StandardShield Block1GeneralWard off a blow with your shield.
PFS StandardToughness1GeneralIncrease your maximum HP and reduce the DCs of recovery checks.
PFS StandardWeapon Proficiency1GeneralBecome trained in a weapon type.
PFS StandardAncestral Paragon3GeneralGain a 1st-level ancestry feat.
PFS StandardHireling Manager3GeneralCharisma 14Hirelings gain +2 to skill checks.
PFS StandardImprovised Repair3GeneralQuickly patch a broken item.
PFS StandardKeen Follower3GeneralImprove bonuses when you Follow the Expert.
PFS StandardPick up the Pace3GeneralConstitution 14Your group can Hustle for up to 20 minutes longer.
PFS StandardPrescient Planner3GeneralProcure a piece of adventuring gear.
PFS StandardSkitter3GeneralFleet; Dexterity 16Crawl up to half your Speed.
Steel Your Resolve3General, StaminaRegain Stamina Points equal to half your maximum.
PFS StandardThorough Search3Generalexpert in Perception+2 to Perception when you spend twice as long Searching.
PFS StandardUntrained Improvisation3GeneralBecome more adept at using untrained skills.
PFS StandardExpeditious Search7Generalmaster in PerceptionSearch areas in half the time.
PFS StandardNumb to Death7GeneralDiehard; you have died at least onceYour past has left you numb to death’s call
PFS StandardPrescient Consumable7GeneralPrescient PlannerProcure consumable items with Prescient Planner.
PFS StandardSupertaster7Generalmaster in PerceptionGain secret checks to detect poison by taste.
PFS LimitedA Home in Every Port11General, DowntimeCharisma 16Spend downtime to gain free lodging for a night.
PFS StandardCaravan Leader11GeneralPick up the Pace; Constitution 18Your group can Hustle for much longer.
PFS StandardIncredible Investiture11GeneralCharisma 16Invest up to 12 magic items.
PFS StandardIncredible Scout11Generalmaster in PerceptionGrant allies +2 to initiative rolls when Scouting.
PFS StandardTrue Perception19General, Revelationlegendary in PerceptionGain constant effects of true seeing.