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Society Feats

Source Core Rulebook pg. 255 2.0
All kinds of experiences and training can shape your character beyond what you learn by advancing in your class. Abilities that require a degree of training but can be learned by anyone—not only members of certain ancestries or classes—are called general feats.

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PFS StandardCourtly Graces1Skill, Generaltrained in SocietyUse Society to get along in noble society.
PFS StandardEye for Numbers1Skill, Generaltrained in Society+2 to Decipher Writing about math and count items quickly.
PFS StandardGlean Contents1Skill, Generaltrained in SocietyDecipher Writing even when you can’t see the document well.
PFS StandardMultilingual1Skill, Generaltrained in SocietyLearn two new languages.
PFS StandardRead Lips1Skill, Generaltrained in SocietyRead the lips of people you can see.
PFS StandardSign Language1Skill, Generaltrained in SocietyLearn sign languages.
PFS StandardStreetwise1Skill, Generaltrained in SocietyUse Society to Gather Information and Recall Knowledge.
PFS LimitedConnections2Skill, General, UncommonCourtly Graces; expert in SocietyLeverage your connections for favors and meetings.
PFS LimitedCriminal Connections2Skill, General, UncommonStreetwise; expert in SocietyLeverage your underworld connections for favors from criminals.
PFS StandardQuick Contacts2Skill, GeneralConnections or Underworld Connections; expert in SocietySpend only 1 day to use Connections or Underworld Connections.
PFS LimitedUnderground Network2Skill, General, UncommonStreetwise; expert in SocietyGather Information without drawing attention and gain a bonus to Recall Knowledge about that subject.
PFS StandardKreighton's Cognitive Crossover4Skill, General, UncommonKreighton teaches his students that an agile mind can glean clues leading to the truth, even from the most unlikely of sources
PFS LimitedBiographical Eye7Skill, General, Secretmaster in SocietyIntuit details about someone’s profession and residence.
PFS StandardLegendary Codebreaker15Skill, Generallegendary in SocietyQuickly Decipher Writing using Society.
PFS StandardLegendary Linguist15Skill, GeneralMultilingual; legendary in SocietyCreate pidgin languages to communicate with anyone.