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Source Core Rulebook pg. 441
The following domains are used by the primary deities of Golarion.

NameDescriptionDomain SpellAdvanced Domain Spell
AirYou can control winds and the weather.Pushing GustDisperse into Air
AmbitionYou strive to keep up with and outpace the competition.Blind AmbitionCompetitive Edge
CitiesYou have powers over urban environments and denizens.Face in the CrowdPulse of the City
ConfidenceYou overcome your fear and project pride.Veil of ConfidenceDelusional Pride
CreationYou have divine abilities related to crafting and art.Splash of ArtArtistic Flourish
DarknessYou operate in the darkness and take away the light.Cloak of ShadowDarkened Eyes
DeathYou have the power to end lives and destroy undead.Death's CallEradicate Undeath
DestructionYou are a conduit for divine devastation.Cry of DestructionDestructive Aura
DreamsYou have the power to enter and manipulate dreams.Sweet DreamDreamer's Call
DutyNo information provided yet for this domain.
EarthYou control soil and stone.Hurtling StoneLocalized Quake
FamilyYou aid and protect your family and community more effectively.Soothing WordsUnity
FateYou see and understand hidden inevitabilities.Read FateTempt Fate
FireYou control flame.Fire RayFlame Barrier
FreedomYou liberate yourself and others from shackles and constraints.Unimpeded StrideWord of Freedom
HealingYour healing magic is particularly potent.Healer's BlessingRebuke Death
IndulgenceYou feast mightily and can shake off the effects of overindulging.OverstuffTake its Course
KnowledgeYou receive divine insights.Scholarly RecollectionKnow the Enemy
LuckYou’re unnaturally lucky and keep out of harm’s way.Bit of LuckLucky Break
MagicYou perform the unexpected and inexplicable.Magic's VesselMystic Beacon
MightYour physical power is bolstered by divine strength.Athletic RushEnduring Might
MoonYou command powers associated with the moon.MoonbeamTouch of the Moon
NatureYou hold power over animals and plants.Vibrant ThornsNature's Bounty
NightmaresYou fill minds with horror and dread.Waking NightmareShared Nightmare
PainYou punish those who displease you with the sharp sting of pain.Savor the StingRetributive Pain
PassionYou evoke passion, whether as love or lust.Charming TouchCaptivating Adoration
PerfectionYou strive to perfect your mind, body, and spirit.Perfected MindPerfected Form
ProtectionYou ward yourself and others.Protector's SacrificeProtector's Sphere
SecrecyYou protect secrets and keep them hidden.Forced QuietSafeguard Secret
SunYou harness the power of the sun and other light sources, and punish undead.Dazzling FlashPositive Luminance
ToilYou work constantly and refuse to let anything stand in your way.Practice Makes PerfectTireless Worker
TravelYou have power over movement and journeys.Agile FeetTraveler's Transit
TrickeryYou deceive others and cause mischief.Sudden ShiftTrickster's Twin
TruthYou pierce lies and discover the truth.Word of TruthGlimpse the Truth
TyrannyYou wield power to rule and enslave others.Touch of ObedienceCommanding Lash
UndeathYour magic carries close ties to the undead.Touch of UndeathMalignant Sustenance
WaterYou control water and bodies of water.Tidal SurgeDownpour
WealthYou hold power over wealth, trade, and treasure.Appearance of WealthPrecious Metals
ZealYour inner fire increases your combat prowess.Weapon SurgeZeal for Battle