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Source Core Rulebook pg. 437 3.0
Anyone can worship a deity, but those who do so devoutly should take care to pursue the faith’s edicts (behaviors the faith encourages) and avoid its anathemas (actions considered blasphemous). Each deity below has their alignment listed in parentheses after their name, followed by a short description and their edicts, anathemas, and the alignments permitted for followers. Following that are benefits available to the most ardent devotees of the deities. You get these benefits only if you’re a cleric of the deity or some other rule specifically gives you a devotee benefit.

NameCategoryAlignmentFollower AlignmentsDivine FontDomainsFavored Weapon
PFS StandardAbadarGods of the Inner SeaLNLG, LN, LEharm/healCities, Duty, Earth, Travel, Wealthcrossbow
PFS StandardAsmodeusGods of the Inner SeaLELEharmConfidence, Duty, Fire, Glyph, Trickery, Tyrannymace
PFS StandardCalistriaGods of the Inner SeaCNCG, CN, CEharm/healPain, Passion, Secrecy, Trickerywhip
PFS StandardCayden CaileanGods of the Inner SeaCGNG, CG, CNhealCities, Freedom, Indulgence, Mightrapier
PFS StandardDesnaGods of the Inner SeaCGNG, CG, CNhealDreams, Luck, Moon, Star, Travel, Voidstarknife
PFS StandardErastilGods of the Inner SeaLGLG, NG, LNhealDuty, Earth, Family, Nature, Wealthlongbow
PFS StandardGorumGods of the Inner SeaCNCN, CEharm/healConfidence, Destruction, Might, Zealgreatsword
PFS StandardGozrehGods of the Inner SeaNNG, LN, N, CN, NEhealAir, Cold, Lightning, Nature, Travel, Watertrident
PFS StandardIomedaeGods of the Inner SeaLGLG, NGhealConfidence, Duty, Might, Truth, Zeallongsword
PFS StandardIroriGods of the Inner SeaLNLG, LN, LEharm/healChange, Knowledge, Might, Perfection, Truth, Vigilfist
PFS StandardLamashtuGods of the Inner SeaCECEharm/healChange, Family, Might, Nightmares, Trickeryfalchion
PFS StandardNethysGods of the Inner SeaNNG, LN, N, CN, NEharm/healDestruction, Glyph, Knowledge, Magic, Protectionstaff
PFS StandardNorgorberGods of the Inner SeaNEN (see entry), LE, NE, CEharmDeath, Secrecy, Trickery, Wealthshortsword
PFS StandardPharasmaGods of the Inner SeaNNG, LN, NhealDeath, Fate, Healing, Knowledge, Soul, Time, Vigildagger
PFS StandardRovagugGods of the Inner SeaCENE, CEharmAir, Destruction, Earth, Swarm, Void, Zealgreataxe
PFS StandardSarenraeGods of the Inner SeaNGLG, NG, CGhealFire, Healing, Repose, Sun, Truthscimitar
PFS StandardShelynGods of the Inner SeaNGLG, NG, CGhealCreation, Family, Passion, Protection, Reposeglaive
PFS StandardToragGods of the Inner SeaLGLG, LNhealCreation, Duty, Earth, Family, Protectionwarhammer
PFS StandardUrgathoaGods of the Inner SeaNELE, NE, CEharmDecay, Indulgence, Magic, Might, Plague, Swarm, Undeathscythe
PFS StandardZon-KuthonGods of the Inner SeaLELN, LE, NEharmAmbition, Darkness, Destruction, Pain, Voidspiked chain
PFS LimitedAchaekekOther GodsLELN, LE, NEharmDeath, Might, Trickery, Zealsawtooth saber
PFS RestrictedAhrimanOther GodsNELE, NE, CEharmDarkness, Death, Destruction, Trickerywhip
PFS StandardAlsetaOther GodsLNLG, LN, NhealChange, Magic, Protection, Timedagger
PFS StandardApsuOther GodsLGLG, NG, CGhealCreation, Protection, Travel, Wyrmkinjaws or staff
PFS StandardArazniOther GodsNECG, LN, N, CN, NEharmConfidence, Freedom, Pain, Protection, Sorrowrapier
PFS StandardArquerosOther GodsLGLG, NG, LNhealDuty, Family, Might, Protection, Zealspear
PFS StandardBesmaraOther GodsCNCG, CN, CEharm/healDestruction, Trickery, Water, Wealthrapier
PFS StandardBrighOther GodsNNG, LN, N, CN, NEharm/healCreation, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Timelight hammer
PFS StandardCasandaleeOther GodsNNG, LN, N, CN, NEharm/healAmbition, Creation, Freedom, Knowledge, Lightning, Perfectionpolytool
PFS StandardChaldiraOther GodsNGLG, NG, CGhealConfidence, Luck, Trickery, Zealshortsword
Conqueror WormOther GodsNo AlignmentLE, NE, CEharmAmbition, Earth, Secrecy, Trickery, Tyrannydagger
PFS StandardDahakOther GodsCECEharmDestruction, Fire, Wyrmkin, Zealjaws or whip
PFS StandardErecuraOther GodsLNLG, LN, Nharm/healFate, Secrecy, Trickery, Truthlight mace
PFS StandardFollowers of FateOther GodsLNLG, LN, LEharm/healFamily, Fate, Knowledge, Truthshears
PFS StandardGendowynOther GodsCNCG, N, CN, CEhealEarth, Family, Luck, Naturewhip
PFS StandardGhlaunderOther GodsCENE, CEharmAir, Decay, Plague, Swarmspear
PFS StandardGreen ManOther GodsNNG, N, NEhealHealing, Might, Nature, Protectionsickle
PFS StandardGroetusOther GodsCNCN, CEharmDarkness, Decay, Destruction, Nightmares, Voidwar flail
PFS StandardGyronnaOther GodsCENE, CEharmAmbition, Nightmares, Pain, Zealdagger
PFS StandardHanspurOther GodsCNCG, N, CN, CEharmDeath, Travel, Water, Wealthtrident
PFS StandardJaidiOther GodsNGLG, NG, NhealFamily, Might, Nature, Sunscythe
PFS StandardKazutalOther GodsNGLG, NG, CGhealCities, Family, Freedom, Might, Protectionmachete
PFS RestrictedKitumuOther GodsCENE, CEharmDestruction, Indulgence, Nightmares, Swarmdagger
PFS StandardKurgessOther GodsNGLG, NG, CG, NhealAmbition, Might, Truth, Zealjavelin
PFS StandardLissalaOther GodsLELN, LEharmFate, Glyph, Magic, Toilwhip
LorthactOther GodsLELE, NEharmMagic, Time, Trickery, Tyrannystaff
PFS StandardMilaniOther GodsCGNG, CG, CNhealChange, Destruction, Freedom, Zealmorningstar
PFS StandardNaderiOther GodsNNG, N, NEharmDeath, Passion, Sorrow, Waterdagger
PFS StandardNivi RhombodazzleOther GodsNNG, LN, N, CNharm/healConfidence, Earth, Family, Luck, Trickery, Wealthlight hammer
PFS StandardNocticulaOther GodsCNCG, N, CNhealChange, Creation, Darkness, Traveldagger
PFS LimitedRavithraOther GodsLNLG, LN, N, LEharmAmbition, Fate, Naga, Sorrow, Soul, Truthjaws or light mace
PFS StandardSivanahOther GodsNNG, LN, N, CN, NEharm/healDelirium, Glyph, Magic, Secrecy, Trickerybladed scarf
PFS StandardThamirOther GodsCENE, CEharmAmbition, Confidence, Trickery, Wealthdagger
PFS StandardYdersiusOther GodsCELE, NE, CEharmAmbition, Indulgence, Might, Zealdagger
PFS StandardZyphusOther GodsNENE, CEharmDeath, Sorrow, Soul, Undeathpick
PFS StandardAnubisAncient Osirian Gods LNLG, LN, Nharm/healDeath, Protection, Soul, Vigilflail
PFS StandardBastetAncient Osirian Gods CNCG, N, CNhealNature, Passion, Protection, Trickeryclaw or tekko-kagi
PFS StandardBesAncient Osirian Gods NGLG, NG, CGhealEarth, Family, Luck, Protectionmambele
PFS StandardHathorAncient Osirian Gods CGNG, CGhealFamily, Passion, Sun, Wealthshortsword
PFS StandardHorusAncient Osirian Gods LNLG, NG, LN, NhealAir, Moon, Protection, Sunkhopesh
PFS StandardIsisAncient Osirian Gods NGLG, NG, CGhealFamily, Healing, Magic, Passionstaff
PFS StandardMa'atAncient Osirian Gods LNLG, LN, NhealKnowledge, Protection, Star, Truthstarknife
PFS StandardOsirisAncient Osirian Gods LGLG, NGhealChange, Healing, Nature, Soulflail
PFS StandardRaAncient Osirian Gods LNLG, LN, NhealFire, Nature, Sun, Timespear
PFS StandardSekhmetAncient Osirian Gods CNCG, N, CN, CEharm/healDestruction, Healing, Indulgence, Mightclaw or battle axe
PFS StandardSelketAncient Osirian Gods CGNG, CG, CNhealHealing, Magic, Nature, Protectionwhip
PFS RestrictedSetAncient Osirian Gods NELE, NE, CEharmDarkness, Death, Dust, Lightningspear
PFS StandardSobekAncient Osirian Gods CNCG, N, CN, CEharm/healMight, Protection, Water, Wyrmkinfalchion
PFS StandardThothAncient Osirian Gods LNLG, LN, Nharm/healGlyph, Knowledge, Magic, Moonsickle
PFS StandardWadjetAncient Osirian Gods LGLG, NGhealProtection, Travel, Water, Zeallight mace
PFS RestrictedBaalzebulArchdevils LELEharmAir, Ambition, Magic, Trickeryspear
PFS RestrictedBarbatosArchdevils LELEharmMagic, Nature, Travel, Tyrannystaff
PFS RestrictedBelialArchdevils LELEharmChange, Passion, Trickery, Zealranseur
PFS RestrictedDispaterArchdevils LELN, LEharmCities, Confidence, Duty, Tyrannymace
PFS RestrictedGeryonArchdevils LELEharmMight, Truth, Water, Wyrmkinwar flail
PFS RestrictedMammonArchdevils LELEharmAmbition, Creation, Toil, Wealthspear
PFS RestrictedMephistophelesArchdevils LELEharmGlyph, Knowledge, Secrecy, Tyrannytrident
PFS RestrictedMolochArchdevils LELEharmDestruction, Duty, Fire, Mightwhip
PFS RestrictedAbraxasDemon Lords CENE, CEharmDestruction, Knowledge, Magic, Wyrmkinwhip
PFS RestrictedBaphometDemon Lords CECN, CEharm/healIndulgence, Might, Secrecy, Zealglaive
PFS RestrictedCyth-V'sugDemon Lords CECEharmChange, Decay, Nature, Plaguescimitar
PFS RestrictedDagonDemon Lords CECN, CEharmChange, Destruction, Water, Zealtrident
PFS StandardGoguntaDemon Lords CECEharmIndulgence, Might, Tyranny, Waterwhip
PFS RestrictedKabririDemon Lords CENE, CEharmIndulgence, Knowledge, Undeath, Vigiljaws or flail
PFS RestrictedKostchtchieDemon Lords CENE, CEharmCold, Destruction, Might, Zealwarhammer
PFS RestrictedNurgalDemon Lords CENE, CEharmDestruction, Dust, Fire, Sunmace
PFS RestrictedOrcusDemon Lords CENE, CEharmMagic, Might, Undeath, Zealmace
PFS RestrictedPazuzuDemon Lords CECEharmAir, Swarm, Trickery, Tyrannylongsword
PFS RestrictedShaxDemon Lords CENE, CEharmAmbition, Death, Pain, Trickerydagger
PFS RestrictedSifkeshDemon Lords CENE, CEharmNightmares, Pain, Sorrow, Trickerywar razor
PFS StandardTreerazerDemon Lords CENE, CEharm/healDestruction, Nature, Nightmares, Tyrannybattle axe
PFS RestrictedZevgavizebDemon Lords CENE, CEharmDestruction, Might, Nature, Wyrmkinspiked gauntlet
PFS RestrictedZuraDemon Lords CENE, CEharmDelirium, Indulgence, Nightmares, Undeathrapier
PFS StandardAngraddDwarven Gods LGLG, LNhealFate, Fire, Protection, Zealgreataxe
PFS StandardBolkaDwarven Gods NGLG, NG, CGhealConfidence, Family, Healing, Passionmace
PFS StandardDranngvitDwarven Gods LNLN, LEharm/healKnowledge, Might, Travel, Vigillight pick
PFS StandardDroskarDwarven Gods NELE, NE, CEharmAmbition, Duty, Earth, Fire, Toil, Trickery, Tyrannylight hammer
PFS StandardFolgritDwarven Gods LGLG, NG, LNhealCities, Family, Protection, Reposestaff
PFS StandardGrundinnarDwarven Gods LGLG, NGhealConfidence, Family, Protection, Truthlight hammer
PFS StandardKolsDwarven Gods LNLG, LNharm/healConfidence, Duty, Glyph, Knowledge, Might, Secrecy, Truthlight hammer
PFS StandardMagrimDwarven Gods LNLG, LN, NhealDeath, Duty, Fate, Glyphwarhammer
PFS StandardTruddDwarven Gods NGLG, NGhealConfidence, Duty, Might, Protectionwarhammer
PFS StandardCount RanalcEldest CNCG, N, CN, CEharm/healConfidence, Darkness, Sorrow, Travelrapier
PFS StandardImbrexEldest LNLN, N, LEharm/healDreams, Earth, Family, Mightwar flail
PFS StandardMagdhEldest LNLN, Nharm/healFate, Glyph, Knowledge, Truthscythe
PFS StandardNgEldest NNharm/healKnowledge, Magic, Secrecy, Travelgauntlet
PFS StandardRagadahnEldest CECN, NE, CEharm/healDestruction, Vigil, Water, Wyrmkinwhip
PFS StandardShykaEldest NNG, LN, N, CN, NEharm/healDecay, Delirium, Fate, Timelight mace
PFS StandardThe Green MotherEldest NENE, CEharm/healDecay, Indulgence, Nature, Passionsickle
PFS StandardThe Lantern KingEldest CNCN, CEharm/healChange, Delirium, Passion, Trickerydagger
PFS StandardThe Lost PrinceEldest NNG, Nharm/healKnowledge, Repose, Sorrow, Vigilstaff
PFS StandardAtreiaElemental Lords NGLG, NG, CG, NhealFire, Healing, Protection, Sunkatar
PFS StandardAyrzulElemental Lords NEN, LE, NE, CEharmDestruction, Earth, Might, Secrecymorningstar
PFS StandardHshurhaElemental Lords NEN, LE, NE, CEharmAir, Cold, Destruction, Dustlongbow
PFS StandardKelizandriElemental Lords NEN, LE, NE, CEharmDestruction, Nightmares, Travel, Watertrident
PFS StandardLysianassaElemental Lords NGLG, NG, CG, NhealChange, Fate, Nature, Waterspear
PFS StandardRanginoriElemental Lords NGLG, NG, CG, NhealAir, Freedom, Lightning, Travelwhip
PFS StandardSairazulElemental Lords NGLG, NG, CG, NhealEarth, Family, Toil, Wealthpick
PFS StandardYmeriElemental Lords NEN, LE, NE, CEharmDestruction, Dust, Fire, Zeallongsword
PFS StandardFindeladlaraElven Gods CGNG, CG, N, CNhealCities, Creation, Family, Starstaff
PFS StandardKetephysElven Gods CGNG, CGhealDarkness, Moon, Nature, Secrecylongbow
PFS StandardYuelralElven Gods NGLG, NG, CG, NhealCreation, Earth, Knowledge, Magicdagger
PFS StandardAndolettaEmpyreal Lords LGLG, NGhealFamily, Knowledge, Protection, Sorrowstaff
PFS StandardArsheaEmpyreal Lords NGLG, NG, CGhealConfidence, Freedom, Passion, Perfectionflail
PFS StandardAshavaEmpyreal Lords CGNG, CGhealDarkness, Moon, Repose, Soulbladed scarf
PFS StandardBlack ButterflyEmpyreal Lords CGNG, CGhealFreedom, Secrecy, Star, Voidstarknife
PFS StandardCernunnosEmpyreal Lords CGLG, NG, CGhealLightning, Nature, Passion, Zeallongbow
PFS StandardDammerichEmpyreal Lords LGLGharm/healDeath, Duty, Truth, Vigilgreataxe
PFS StandardEritriceEmpyreal Lords NGLG, NG, CGhealConfidence, Glyph, Knowledge, Truthdagger
PFS StandardFalaynaEmpyreal Lords LGLG, NG, CGhealCreation, Family, Freedom, Might, Perfection, Wealthlongsword
PFS StandardHalcamoraEmpyreal Lords NGLG, NG, NhealIndulgence, Luck, Nature, Swarmclub
PFS StandardIrezEmpyreal Lords NGLG, NG, CG, NhealFate, Glyph, Luck, Magicdart
PFS StandardJaidzEmpyreal Lords NGLG, NG, CG, NhealConfidence, Nightmares, Protection, Travelshortsword
PFS StandardKoradaEmpyreal Lords NGNG, NhealChange, Healing, Magic, Protectionfist
PFS StandardLymnierisEmpyreal Lords LGLG, NG, CGhealChange, Passion, Protection, Reposelongsword
PFS StandardPuluraEmpyreal Lords CGNG, CGhealCold, Darkness, Sorrow, Starsling
PFS StandardRagathielEmpyreal Lords LGLGharm/healAmbition, Confidence, Destruction, Duty, Fire, Might, Zealbastard sword
PFS StandardSheiEmpyreal Lords NGLG, NG, CGhealFamily, Freedom, Healing, Perfectionsickle
PFS StandardSoralyonEmpyreal Lords NGLG, NG, CG, NhealCreation, Earth, Magic, Protectionpick
PFS StandardSuyuddhaEmpyreal Lords LNLG, NG, LN, N, LEharm/healDuty, Perfection, Swarm, Travel, Trickery, Zealtekko-kagi
PFS StandardTanagaarEmpyreal Lords LGLG, LNhealDarkness, Duty, Nature, Zealkukri
PFS StandardVildeisEmpyreal Lords LGLGharm/healDuty, Pain, Sorrow, Zealdagger
PFS StandardWinlasEmpyreal Lords LGLG, NG, LNhealGlyph, Knowledge, Protection, Vigilmace
PFS StandardYlimanchaEmpyreal Lords NGLG, NG, CG, NhealAir, Nature, Travel, Waterlongbow
PFS StandardZohlsEmpyreal Lords LGLG, NG, LNhealAmbition, Cities, Knowledge, Truthheavy crossbow
PFS StandardApollyonHorsemen NELE, NE, CEharmAir, Decay, Plague, Swarmscythe
PFS StandardCharonHorsemen NELE, NE, CEharmDeath, Knowledge, Soul, Waterstaff
PFS StandardSzurielHorsemen NELE, NE, CEharmAmbition, Destruction, Fire, Mightgreatsword
PFS StandardTrelmarixianHorsemen NELE, NE, CEharmDecay, Dust, Earth, Nightmaresspiked gauntlet
PFS StandardBarzahkMonitor Demigods NNG, N, CNhealDeath, Knowledge, Travel, Vigilclub
PFS StandardImotMonitor Demigods NLN, N, NEharm/healDeath, Destruction, Fate, Glyphshield boss
PFS StandardKerkamothMonitor Demigods LNLN, Nharm/healDarkness, Decay, Destruction, Voidwarhammer
PFS StandardMonadMonitor Demigods NLN, Nharm/healCreation, Knowledge, Truth, Voidfist
PFS StandardMother VultureMonitor Demigods NNG, N, NEhealChange, Death, Decay, Naturesickle
PFS StandardNarakaasMonitor Demigods NNG, LN, NhealChange, Death, Pain, Sorrowgreataxe
PFS StandardNarriseminekMonitor Demigods CNCG, CNharm/healDelirium, Freedom, Knowledge, Perfectionhatchet
PFS StandardOtolmensMonitor Demigods LNLG, LNhealCreation, Fate, Knowledge, Perfectionmace
PFS StandardSalocMonitor Demigods NNG, N, NEhealChange, Death, Freedom, Knowledgeguisarme
PFS StandardValmallosMonitor Demigods LNLG, LNharm/healFate, Glyph, Knowledge, Magickukri
PFS StandardYdajiskMonitor Demigods CNCG, CN, CEharm/healChange, Glyph, Knowledge, Trickeryjaws or greatclub
PFS StandardAdanyeMwangi GodsLGLG, NG, CG, LNhealConfidence, Duty, Family, Fire, Protection, Reposeclaw or kukri
PFS RestrictedAngazhanMwangi GodsCECEharmDestruction, Indulgence, Might, Nature, Tyranny, Zealfist or spear
PFS StandardBalumbdarMwangi GodsNNG, N, NEhealMight, Nature, Perfection, Protectiongreatclub
PFS StandardGrandmother SpiderMwangi GodsNNG, CG, N, CNharm/healChange, Creation, Darkness, Family, Fate, Trickerybola
PFS StandardKalekotMwangi GodsCNCG, N, CN, CEharmDarkness, Death, Nature, Nightmares, Secrecy, Wyrmkinjaws or dagger
PFS StandardLubaikoMwangi GodsCNCG, N, CN, CEharm/healAmbition, Change, Destruction, Fire, Lightning, Zeallongspear
PFS StandardMazludehMwangi GodsNGLG, NG, CGhealCities, Duty, Family, Knowledge, Nature, Perfectionshield boss
PFS StandardUvukoMwangi GodsCGNG, CG, N, CNhealAir, Change, Cold, Creation, Healing, Wyrmkinmaul
PFS RestrictedWalkenaMwangi GodsLELN, LEharmDuty, Family, Fire, Freedom, Sun, Tyrannyspear
PFS StandardChoharOld Sun GodsLGLG, NG, LNhealCities, Duty, Family, Fire, Sun, Toil, Vigil, Zealstarknife
PFS LimitedDajermubeOld Sun GodsCGLG, NG, CG, CNharm/healAmbition, Cities, Freedom, Freedom, Moon, Star, Sun, Zealgreatpick
PFS StandardLuharOld Sun GodsLNLG, LN, LEharmCities, Darkness, Dreams, Fate, Soul, Star, Sun, Zealspiked chain
PFS StandardTleharOld Sun GodsNGLG, NG, CGhealChange, Cities, Creation, Healing, Passion, Sun, Vigil, Zealmorningstar
PFS RestrictedAzathothOuter Gods and Great Old Ones CNCN, CEharmDecay, Destruction, Nightmares, Voidwarhammer
PFS RestrictedHasturOuter Gods and Great Old Ones CENE, CEharmGlyph, Secrecy, Void, Wealthrapier
PFS RestrictedNhimbalothOuter Gods and Great Old Ones CECEharmAbomination, Decay, Delirium, Nature, Undeath, Voidflail
PFS StandardNyarlathotep (Haunter in the Dark)Outer Gods and Great Old Ones CENE, CEharmDarkness, Knowledge, Nightmares, Trickerykukri
PFS RestrictedNyarlathotep (The Crawling Chaos)Outer Gods and Great Old Ones CENE, CEharmKnowledge, Magic, Nightmares, Trickerystaff
PFS RestrictedXhamen-DorOuter Gods and Great Old Ones NENE, CEharmChange, Decay, Dreams, Naturespear
PFS RestrictedYog-SothothOuter Gods and Great Old Ones CNCN, CEharmKnowledge, Time, Travel, Voiddagger
Cosmic CaravanPantheons CGNG, CG, CNharm/healDarkness, Fate, Freedom, Moon, Star, Voidstarknife
PFS StandardDemon BringersPantheons LGLG, NG, CG, LNhealCities, Creation, Duty, Family, Might, Protectionkhopesh
PFS StandardDwarven PantheonPantheons LGLG, NG, LN, NhealCreation, Duty, Family, Glyph, Protection, Wealthwarhammer
PFS StandardElven PantheonPantheons CGNG, CG, CNhealCreation, Magic, Moon, Naturelongbow or shortbow
PFS StandardGravelady's GuardPantheons NNG, CG, LN, N, CNhealConfidence, Death, Fate, Protectiondagger
PFS StandardKeepers of the HearthPantheons NGLG, NG, CG, LNhealFamily, Freedom, Might, Protectionlight hammer
PFS StandardPillars of KnowledgePantheons NLN, N, CNharm/healCreation, Glyph, Knowledge, Perfection, Secrecy, Time, Truthlight hammer
PFS StandardSky KeepersPantheons NGLG, NG, CGhealAir, Change, Freedom, Lightning, Protection, Wyrmkinlongbow
PFS StandardSorrow's SwordPantheons LGLG, CG, CNharm/healConfidence, Duty, Fire, Might, Sorrow, Zealbastard sword
PFS StandardThe Endless RoadPantheons NGLG, NG, CG, N, CNhealConfidence, Knowledge, Travel, Truthstarknife
PFS StandardThe Freeing FlamePantheons CNNG, CG, N, CNharm/healAmbition, Change, Destruction, Freedom, Might, Protection, Zealsword cane
PFS StandardThe GodclawPantheons LNLG, LN, LEharm/healDuty, Perfection, Protection, Tyranny, Zealmorningstar
PFS StandardThe Path of the HeavensPantheons CGNG, CG, CNhealMoon, Star, Sun, Toil, Travel, Voidstarknife
PFS StandardThe Prismatic RayPantheons NGLG, NG, CGhealCreation, Family, Healing, Moon, Protection, Sun, Travelshortsword
PFS StandardTouch of the SunPantheons NGLG, NG, CG, LNhealChange, Family, Healing, Passion, Sun, Vigil, Zealrapier
PFS StandardWards of the PharaohPantheons NGNG, CG, LN, Nharm/healFamily, Glyph, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Protectionstaff
PFS RestrictedArdad LiliQueens of the NightLELN, LE, NEharmCreation, Darkness, Passion, Wyrmkindagger
PFS RestrictedDolorasQueens of the NightLELE, NEharmCreation, Pain, Repose, Sorrowkukri
PFS RestrictedEisethQueens of the NightLELEharmAmbition, Destruction, Might, Zeallongbow
PFS RestrictedMahathallahQueens of the NightLELN, LE, NEharmFate, Trickery, Truth, Undeathbola
PFS StandardAlglenweisSarkorian GodsCGNG, CG, CNhealCold, Creation, Might, Soulwar flail
PFS StandardStag Mother of the Forest of StonesSarkorian GodsNLG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN, LE, NEhealFamily, Healing, Nature, Painranseur
PFS StandardSturovenenSarkorian GodsLGLG, NG, LNhealAir, Confidence, Passion, Sunmain-gauche
PFS StandardDaikitsuTian GodsNNG, LN, N, CNhealChange, Creation, Family, Natureflail
PFS StandardFumeiyoshiTian GodsNELE, NE, CEharmAmbition, Destruction, Earth, Undeathnaginata
PFS StandardGeneral SusumuTian GodsLELN, LEharmConfidence, Destruction, Might, Zeallongbow
PFS StandardHei FengTian GodsCNCG, CN, CEharm/healAir, Destruction, Indulgence, Lightning, Travel, Waternine-ring sword
PFS StandardKofusachiTian GodsCGNG, CGhealLuck, Passion, Travel, Wealthstaff
PFS StandardLady JingxiTian GodsNGNG, NhealCreation, Glyph, Knowledge, Reposefighting fan
PFS StandardLady NanbyoTian GodsCENE, CEharmDestruction, Fire, Plague, Waterwarhammer
PFS StandardLao Shu PoTian GodsNEN, LE, NE, CEharmDarkness, Luck, Swarm, Trickerydagger
PFS StandardNalinivatiTian GodsNNG, LN, N, NEharm/healGlyph, Magic, Passion, Wyrmkinjaws or urumi
PFS StandardQi ZhongTian GodsNGLG, NG, CG, NhealHealing, Knowledge, Magic, Protectionheavy mace
PFS StandardShizuruTian GodsLGLG, NG, LNhealDuty, Perfection, Sorrow, Sun, Vigilkatana
PFS StandardSun WukongTian GodsCNCG, CN, CEharm/healIndulgence, Might, Nature, Trickerybo staff
PFS StandardTsukiyoTian GodsLGLG, NG, CG, LN, NhealChange, Delirium, Moon, Repose, Soulspear
PFS StandardYaezhingTian GodsLELE, NEharmDeath, Duty, Pain, Trickeryshuriken
PFS StandardYamatsumiTian GodsNNG, LN, N, CNharm/healCold, Earth, Fire, Mightgreatclub
PFS StandardArundhatVudrani Gods NGLG, NG, CG, NhealHealing, Magic, Nature, Protectionstaff
PFS StandardAshukharmaVudrani Gods CNCG, N, CNharm/healEarth, Might, Protection, Reposegreatsword
PFS StandardChamiduVudrani Gods NNG, N, NEharm/healHealing, Lightning, Nature, Nightmaresspear
PFS StandardDhalaveiVudrani Gods LELE, NEharm/healDestruction, Knowledge, Secrecy, Trickerytemple sword
PFS StandardDiomazulVudrani Gods LELN, LEharm/healDestruction, Earth, Water, Zealscimitar
PFS StandardGruhasthaVudrani Gods LGLG, NGhealGlyph, Knowledge, Nature, Perfection, Travel, Truthshortbow
PFS StandardLahkgyaVudrani Gods CECEharmIndulgence, Nature, Swarm, Trickeryjaws or battle axe
PFS StandardLikhaVudrani Gods NNG, LN, N, CNharm/healCreation, Knowledge, Passion, Sorrowhatchet
PFS StandardMatravashVudrani Gods LNLG, LN, NhealCities, Nature, Travel, Waterwhip
PFS StandardRagdyaVudrani Gods NNG, LN, N, CNhealAir, Confidence, Might, Perfectionmace
PFS StandardRaumyaVudrani Gods NENG, N, LE, NEharm/healConfidence, Knowledge, Might, Wealthtrident
PFS LimitedBergelmirMammoth Lord GodsNGLG, NG, CG, LNhealFamily, Knowledge, Repose, Vigilstaff
PFS LimitedFandarraMammoth Lord GodsNLG, NG, LN, N, LE, NEhealDeath, Family, Knowledge, Naturedagger
PFS LimitedImmonhielMammoth Lord GodsCGLG, NG, CGhealCreation, Healing, Nature, Reposehatchet
PFS LimitedRowdroshMammoth Lord GodsNGLG, NG, CGhealFamily, Nature, Protection, Travelstaff
PFS LimitedSkodeMammoth Lord GodsCGLG, NG, CG, N, CNhealAmbition, Confidence, Protection, Zeallongbow

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