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Hearty Purple SoupMeal 16

Legacy Content

Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 116
Recipe Price 500 gp
Ingredients 6 basic, 3 special
Preparation DC 40 Cooking Lore or DC 42 SurvivalRequirements legendary in Nature
Favorite Meal The bonus against poison and disease effects increases to +4.
Purple worm meat is not particularly flavorful. Yet when one takes a dose of the worm's poison and distills it in a way that reduces its toxicity, the hearty purple soup that results can be a significant panacea against poisons and diseases.

Critical Success The meal grants immunity to diseases and poisons of level 15 or lower. In addition, the meal grants a +3 status bonus to saving throws against poison and disease effects. Any saving throws attempted against cave worm poison or any poison of level 15 or lower are rolled twice, using the higher result as the actual result; this is a fortune effect.
Success As critical success, except that the fortune effect only applies to cave worm poison, not to other poisons of level 15 or lower.
Critical Failure Instead of protecting from poison, the soup is poison itself. The eater becomes enfeebled 3; every 24 hours, this enfeebled condition diminishes by 1. This is a poison effect.