Source Core Rulebook pg. 630 4.0
An action with this trait requires a degree of mental concentration and discipline.


Arcane Cascade, Badger Rage, Blend into the Night, Bolster Confidence, Borrow an Arcane Spell, Camp Management, Change Shape, Change Shape, Change Shape, Clue In, Coerce, Collect Spirit Remnant, Command an Animal, Cover Tracks, Dawnflower's Blessing, Decipher Writing, Demoralize, Detect Magic, Devise a Stratagem, Discover, Dismiss, Enhance Campfire, Enhance Weapons, Enter the Harrow Court, Fling Magic, Follow the Expert, Forgive Foe, Hunt Prey, Identify Alchemy, Identify Magic, Impersonate, Influence, Intensify Vulnerability, Intimidating Posture, Investigate, Learn a Spell, Learn from a Companion, Lie, Make an Impression, Manifest Eidolon, Map the Area, Mesmerizing Performance , Perform, Pointed Question, Prepare Campsite, Prove Peace, Provide Aid, Psychic Defense, Pursue a Lead, Rage, Ready, Recall Knowledge, Recenter, Reconnoiter, Refocus, Repeat a Spell, Request, Scout, Search, Seek, Seething Frenzy, Sense Motive, Set Alarms, Share Senses, Sustain a Spell, Sustain an Activation, Tap Ley Line, Tell Campfire Story, Track, Undead Guardians, Water Hazards, Wilderness Survival, Wyrm's Breath


Detect Magic, Follow the Expert, Investigate, Repeat a Spell, Scout, Search


Accompany, Animal Rage, Aquatic Adaptation, Archer's Aim, Aura Sight, Automatic Writing, Awesome Blow, Bat Form, Beastmaster's Call, Benevolent Spirit Deck, Blazing Aura, Blessed Spell, Blood in the Air, Bon Mot, Bone Swarm, Call and Response, Call Bonded Item, Cast Down, Cast Out, Cat Nap, Catchy Tune, Caterwaul, Cleansing Light, Come and Get Me, Command Undead, Community Knowledge, Conceal Spell, Connect the Dots, Consecrate Spell, Coordinated Distraction, Core Cannon, Courageous Advance, Courageous Assault, Courageous Onslaught, Courageous Opportunity, Cruelty, Cryptic Spell, Crystal Luminescence, Current Spell, Dance of Thunder, Dead Reckoning, Deadeye, Defensive Coordination, Defensive Recovery, Determination, Detonating Spell, Devil in Plain Sight, Disarming Smile, Dragon Transformation, Dragon's Rage Breath, Duo's Aim, Eat Fortune, Ebb and Flow, Echoes in Stone, Echoing Channel, Echoing Spell, Eclectic Sword Mastery, Educate Allies, Eerie Proclamation, Eerie Traces, Elaborate Flourish, Elemental Assault, Emotional Surge, Energize Wings, Energy Fusion, Expand Aura, Familiar's Eyes, Favorable Winds, Ferocious Gust, Final Form, Flame Jump, Flourishing Finish, Focused Juggler, Focused Shot, Foresee Danger, Forestall Curse, Form of the Bat, Ghost Blade, Giant's Lunge, Grovel, Guide the Timeline, Harmonize, Headshot, Heroic Recovery, Holy Light, Hunter's Aim, Hydraulic Deflection, Hydraulic Maneuvers, Hypnotic Lure, Incredible Aim, Incredible Ricochet, Inner Strength, Inspirit Hazard, Instant Opening, Into the Future, Juggle, Just the Tool, Knockback Strike, Leyline Conduit, Liberate Soul, Long-Nosed Form, Melodious Spell, Mercy, Metamagic Channel, Mind Shards, Miraculous Repair, Mistaken Identity, Moment of Clarity, Muscle Mimicry, Nanite Shroud, Nanite Surge, Necrotic Infusion, Night's Warning, No Cause for Alarm, No! No! I Created You!, One for All, Orc Superstition, Ostentatious Arrival, Overwhelming Breath, Perfect Clarity, Phase Out, Pit of Snakes, Planar Sidestep, Play to the Crowd, Plot the Future, Prayer Attack, Project Persona, Psi Burst, Psi Catastrophe, Purge of Moments, Purifying Spell, Quickened Attunement, Quickened Casting, Radiant Circuitry, Radiant Infusion, Rat Form, Reach Spell, Reactive Distraction, Read Psychometric Resonance, Reading the Signs, Reconstruct the Scene, Recover Spell, Reflexive Catch, Remediate, Renewed Vigor, Repair Module, Resounding Finale, Reveal Hidden Self, Reveal True Name, Ricochet Shot, Safeguarded Spell, Saoc Astrology, Scintillating Spell, Sepulchral Sublimation, Shake it Off, Shared Sight, Shrink Down, Silent Spell, Sniper's Aim, Soul Flare, Sow Spell, Spell Relay, Spell Shroud, Spell Tinker, Spiral Sworn, Spirit's Wrath, Spiritual Guides, Split Hex, Split Shot, Steam Spell, Storm Shroud, Summoner's Call, Sunder Spell, Tap Vitality, Targeting Shot, Terraforming Spell, Terrain Form, Their Master's Call, Through Spell, Tidal Shield, Timeline-Splitting Spell, Towering Presence, Transpose, Triangle Shot, Trickster's Ace, True Gaze, True Shapeshifter, Turn Back the Clock, Turn to Mist, Unlimited Potential, Unusual Composition, Uzunjati Storytelling, Vessel's Form, Vigorous Inspiration, Voice Cold as Death, Wandering Thoughts, Warped Reflection, Watchful Gaze, What Could Have Been, Wild Winds Gust, Wind-Tossed Spell, Work Yourself Up

Focus Spells

Beastmaster Trance, Diviner's Sight


Borrow an Arcane Spell, Coerce, Command an Animal, Cover Tracks, Demoralize, Identify Alchemy, Impersonate, Lie, Make an Impression, Perform, Request, Track

Skills (General)

Decipher Writing, Identify Magic, Learn a Spell, Recall Knowledge, Tap Ley Line