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Chapter 8: Playing the Game / Rules Overview


Source Player Core pg. 398
During an encounter, you get 3 actions and 1 reaction per turn (page 435). Icons indicate whether your abilities take a single action [one-action] , 2 actions [two-actions] , 3 actions [three-actions] , a reaction [reaction] , or a free action [free-action] . Reactions have triggers (page 414), allowing you to take them whenever they come up. The Ready basic action (page 417) lets you prepare to use a single action as a reaction. Free actions can have triggers like reactions; a free action with no trigger can be used like a single action, but don't cost any of your actions for the turn.

The most important actions to learn are the basic actions (page 416). Specialty basic actions come up less frequently, and you typically won't look them up until you need them. Speaking (page 419) normally doesn't take an action.

Related: Activities (page 414), disrupting actions (415)