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PFS StandardDaeodon

Where the typical boar is merely ill-tempered and generally unfriendly, the towering daeodon is legitimately hateful and ruthlessly violent. Although omnivorous, the daeodon (known in some regions simply as a giant boar) prefers to feed on flesh. Primarily a scavenger, the daeodon isn’t adverse to attacking creatures it encounters while searching for easier meals, or to protect any perceived encroachment into its lair or feeding grounds. Particularly brave or skilled orcs are fond of using daeodons as mounts or war-trained battle beasts; orc cavalry mounted on daeodons is a fearsome force indeed.

A typical adult daeodon is 10 feet long and 7 feet tall at the shoulder. It weighs approximately 2,000 pounds.

Recall Knowledge - Animal (Nature): DC 19
Unspecific Lore: DC 17
Specific Lore: DC 14

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

DaeodonCreature 4

N Large Animal 
Source Bestiary pg. 43
Perception +12; low-light vision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet
Skills Acrobatics +8, Athletics +12, Survival +10
Str +6, Dex +0, Con +3, Int -4, Wis +2, Cha -1
AC 21; Fort +13, Ref +9, Will +10
HP 60
Speed 40 feet
Melee tusk +14 [+9/+4], Damage 2d8+6 piercingDaeodon Charge The daeodon Strides twice and then makes a tusk Strike. As long as it moved at least 20 feet, it gains a +2 circumstance bonus to its attack roll. A Medium or smaller creature struck by this attack must succeed at a DC 19 Reflex save or be knocked prone by the force of the blow.

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Source Bestiary pg. 43
While domesticated pigs are a staple of farm life, wild boars are much more dangerous. Foul-tempered warthogs are relatively common, while the lumbering, primeval beasts known as daeodons are less so. Voracious eaters, boars can ravage the countryside in which they live. Boars breed freely, and a pair of boars can rapidly grow to a large family. Boars are a particular nuisance to farmers, as they break into food stores and root through gardens to sate their hunger.

Sidebar - Locations Boar Locations

Boars can be found in almost any environment, from forests to deserts, warm or cold, including even high-altitude mountainous regions. They tend to prefer forests, marshes, and meadows. Daeodons are likewise found in such regions but generally prefer remote reaches far from civilization.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Boar Resources

A boar's carcass typically provides enough meat for 100 meals or more, as well as hide and bristles that can be used for crafting.