Source Core Rulebook pg. 637 3.0
A rules element with this trait is one-of-a-kind. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to creatures with this trait is increased by 10.


Addictive Exhaustion


Ancestral Embrace, Aroden's Hearthstone, Axe of the Dwarven Lords, Blackaxe, Blade of the Black Sovereign, Book of Lost Days, Candlecap, Cane of the Maelstrom, Cooperative Blade, Devil's Trident, Eclipse, Essence Prism, Eye of the Wise, Fulcrum Lattice, Fulcrum Lenses, Gauntlight, Grail of Twisted Desires, Grimoire of Unknown Necessities, Guiding Chisel, Habu's Cudgel, Hex Blaster, Horns of Naraga, Hunter's Brooch, Hunter's Dawn, Hunter's Hagbook, Hyldarf's Fang, Iris of the Sky, Jax, Kortos Diamond, Life's Last Breath, Lini's Leafstick, Mammoth Bow, Mantle of the Grogrisant, Metuak's Pendant, Miogimo's Mask, Mirror of Sorshen, Mountain to the Sky, Mountebank's Passage, Old Tillimaquin, Orb of Dragonkind, Overloaded Brain Grenade, Piereta, Planar Ribbon, Primordial Flame, Radiant Spark, Reaper's Grasp, Reaper's Lancet, Redeemer's Pistol, Ridill, Rowan Rifle, Serithtial, Shadowed Scale, the Jungle Secret, Spear of the Destroyer's Flame, Spellcutter, Starless Scope, Tears of the Last Azlanti, Thresholds of Truth, Void Mirror, Wyrm Drinker


Abyss-Warped Trees, Air Rift, Broken Rebus Attack, Brooding Fvalthahalia, Call of the Void, Dahak's Shell, Dahak's Skull, Echoes of Betrayal, Entropy Choir, Final Flight, Footsteps of Legends, Hall of Mirrors, Hungry Cottage, Kepgeda's Keening Cauldron, Keystone Trap, Paradox Engine, Punishing Altar, Tylegmut's Last Meal


Ainamuuren, Cuetzmonquali , Desert's Howl, Dragonshard Guardian, Fafnheir, Grendel, Grim Reaper, Grogrisant, Iffdahsil, Kallas Devil, Kothogaz, Dance Of Disharmony, Krampus, Kuworsys, Lorthact, Melfesh Monster, Mosquito Witch, Sandpoint Devil, SiƩ Goluo, Somnalu, Somnalu Oculus, Spectral Devil, Taljjae, Tarrasque, Tehialai-Thief-Of-Ships , Temteki, The Stabbing Beast, Treerazer, Ulgrem-Axaan, Ulistul, Xotani


Chea, Duhgik, Edolpho Phinelli, Ekene, Eleukas, Gristleburst, Kalaggi Nakutu, Lisavet, Morlibint, Muruwa, Pr'rall, Ufi, Urok, Wendlyn, Zane Ikundi, Zhang Yong


Raga of Remembrance, Summerland Spell


Bunta, Vonthos's Golden Bridge