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PFS StandardAberrant

Legacy Content

Source Core Rulebook pg. 195 4.0
Something speaks to you from beyond the stars or below the earth. Ancient and unknowable, this alien influence presses against your mind.

Spell List occult
Bloodline Skills Intimidation, Occultism
Granted Spells cantrip: daze, 1st: spider sting, 2nd: touch of idiocy, 3rd: vampiric touch, 4th: confusion, 5th: black tentacles, 6th: feeblemind, 7th: warp mind, 8th: uncontrollable dance, 9th: unfathomable song
Bloodline Spells initial: tentacular limbs, advanced: aberrant whispers, greater: unusual anatomy
Blood Magic Aberrant whispers shield one target’s mind or your own, granting a +2 status bonus to Will saving throws for 1 round.