Source Core Rulebook pg. 628 4.0
Effects with the air trait either manipulate or conjure air. Those that manipulate air have no effect in a vacuum or an area without air. Creatures with this trait consist primarily of air or have a magical connection to that element. Planes with this trait consist mostly of open spaces and air with various degrees of turbulence, though they also contain rare islands of floating stone and other elements and energies.


Aerial Cloak, Atmospheric Staff, Blight Breath, Bottled Air, Clockwork Diving Suit, Draconic Toxin Bottle, Effervescent Decoction, Everair Mask, Extra Lung, Fan of Soothing Winds, Fan of the Four Winds, Five-Feather Wreath, Frost Breath, Jaathoom's Scarf, Nightbreeze Machine, Nimbus Breath, Sky Serpent Bolt, Skyrider Sword, Spiral Chimes, Spun Cloud, Storm Arrow, Storm Breath, Tornado Trompo, Wayfinder, Whirlwind Vial, Wind at Your Back, Wind Ocarina, Wisp Chain


Aerial Boomerang, Air Cushion, Air Shroud, Ash Strider, Body of Air, Clear as Air, Crowned in Tempest's Fury, Cyclonic Ascent, Desert Wind, Favorable Winds, Ferocious Gust, Flinging Updraft, Four Winds, Ghosts in the Storm, Infinite Expanse of Bluest Heaven, Lightning Dash, Lightning Rod, Rising Hurricane, Storm Spiral, Tree of Duality, Walk on the Wind, Whisper on the Wind, Wild Winds Gust, Wiles on the Wind, Wind-Tossed Spell, Wind-Tossed Spell

Focus Spells

Disperse into Air, Dust Storm, Parch, Powerful Inhalation, Pushing Gust, Speaking Sky, Steal the Sky, Storm Lord, Stormwind Flight, Tempest Surge, Thunderburst, Unfolding Wind Blitz, Unfolding Wind Buffet, Unfolding Wind Crash, Updraft, Wild Winds Stance, Wind Jump


Air Rift


Adult Cloud Dragon, Air Mephit, Air Wisp, Ancient Cloud Dragon, Anemos, Belker, Blustering Gale, Cloud Giant, Comozant Wyrd, Despairing Pall, Djinni, Dust Mephit, Elemental Hurricane, Flickerwisp, Ice Mephit, Inmyeonjo, Invisible Stalker, Jaathoom Shuyookh, Jann Shuyookh, Kirin, Living Thunderclap, Living Whirlwind, Melody On The Wind, Muurfeli, Peng, Picture-in-Cloud, Sand Wolf, Spark Bat, Storm Hag, Storm Lord, Thunderbird, Uthul, Veiled Current, Veldenar, Voidglutton, Whimwyrm, Will-o’-Wisp, Young Cloud Dragon, Zephyr Hawk


Plane of Air


Sky Signs


Air Bubble, Air Walk, Airburst, Airlift, Ash Cloud, Blast of the Bellows, Blastback, Blazing Dive, Bralani Referendum, Buffeting Winds, Cataclysm, Cleanse Air, Cloud Dragon's Cloak, Cyclone Rondo, Deep Breath, Elemental Annihilation Wave, Elemental Confluence, Flame Vortex, Gale Blast, Gentle Breeze, Gritty Wheeze, Gust of Wind, Lashunta's Life Bubble, Petal Storm, Phantom Orchestra, Pressure Zone, Propulsive Breeze, Punishing Winds, Shock to the System, Slashing Gust, Stifling Stillness, Storm of Vengeance, Tempest Cloak, Unseasonable Squall, Vacuum, Voice on the Breeze, Wall of Wind, Whirlwind, Wind Walk, Wisdom of the Winds, Zephyr Slip