Source Core Rulebook pg. 632 4.0
A hazard with this trait is a spiritual echo, often of someone with a tragic death. Putting a haunt to rest often involves resolving the haunt’s unfinished business. A haunt that hasn’t been properly put to rest always returns after a time.


Angry Dead, Anguished Sarenite, Avernal Flashback, Barzillai's Hounds, Benefactor's End, Blood Tears, Blood-Soaked Soil, Bloodthirsty Toy, Bloodthirsty Urge, Bounding Hounds, Broken Rebus Attack, Cannibalistic Echoes, Cold Spot, Confounding Betrayal, Damurdiel's Vengeance, Dance of Death, Demilich Skull, Desperate Hunger, Disembodied Voices, Echoes of Betrayal, Echoes of Faith, Ectoplasmic Grasp, Endless Elven Aging, Endless Struggle, Entombed Spirit, Entropy Choir, Eternal Flame, Etward's Nightmare, Explosive Entrance, Final Flight, Final Words, Flensing Blades, Flood of Spirits, Footsteps of Legends, Frenetic Musician, Ghost Stampede, Ghostly Choir, Glimpse Grave, Grasp of the Damned, Grasping Currents, Grasping Dead, Hall of Fiery Doom, Hall of Mirrors, Hands of the Forgotten, Host of Spirits, Huanted Aiudara, Ileosa's Fifth Manifestation, Ileosa's Sixth Manifestation, Jealous Abjurer, Kepgeda's Keening Cauldron, Locking Door, Lonely Machine Spirit, Malevolent Mannequins, Offended Epitaphs, Phantom Bells, Phantom Footsteps, Phantom Jailer, Phantom Soldiers, Pit of Toil, Plummeting Doom, Pouncing Tiger Haunt, Raving Spirit, Revisit Past Pains, Sadistic Conductor, Sand Whirlwind, Shattered Window, Shelyn's Shame, Shrieking Souls, Shrouded Assailant, Siphoning Spirit, Smith's Skull, Spectral Archers, Spectral Reflection, Spirit Cyclone, Spirit Window, Suffering Xulgaths, Test of the God Caller, The Fight, The Flight, The Power of Faith, Toppling Furniture, Tylegmut's Last Meal, Violent Shove, Weight of Guilt, Wrathful Dinosaur, Wronged Monk's Wrath, Zogototaru