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Wilderness (Stability)

Legacy Content

Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 530
Wilderness measures how well the kingdom manages its natural resources, integrates with the natural ecosystem, and handles dangerous wildlife. It also reflects the kingdom’s ability to anticipate, prevent, and recover from natural disasters, in much the same way the Defense skill protects against other threats.
Item Bonuses for Wilderness - Common Items

Related Feats

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Wilderness Untrained Actions

Gather Livestock

Downtime Region 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 530
Attempt a basic check to gather excess livestock from local wildlife, ranches, and farms. This generates a number of Food commodities.

Critical Success Gain 1d4 Food commodities.
Success Gain 1 Food commodity.
Failure Gain no Food commodities.
Critical Failure Lose 1d4 Food commodities to spoilage. If you have no Food to lose, you instead gain 1 Unrest.